Rudd’s election night bombast proving an ongoing joke

Kevin Rudd proclaimed victory on election night:

I?m also proud of the fact that despite the pundits?we appear to have held every seat in Queensland.

Labor has now conceded defeat in one seat with the prospect of another going blue:

The LNP has won the central Queensland seat of Capricornia, which now confines Labor’s federal seats to the state’s south-east.

Labor has conceded defeat in Capricornia, which is a seat it had held since 1998.

Former MP Kirsten Livermore retired at this election.

It is the first time since 1996 Labor has not held a seat outside the state’s south-east.?

The Australian Electoral Commission is yet to officially declare the result, with 86 per cent vote counted.

The LNP’s new MP, Michelle Landry, has flown to Canberra to meet party leaders.

She says postal votes were in her favour.

“Yesterday we sort of had a swing of 1,000 votes towards us,” she said.

That was one…then there is Petrie:

ABC election analyst Antony Green says it is the first regional whitewash for Labor since 1996.

“When the tide goes out for Labor in Queensland, they lose all their regional seats,” he said.

Premier Campbell Newman says Labor’s performance at the federal election is a sign of support for his State Government.

Labor is also set to lose Petrie, north-east of Brisbane, leaving the party with only six of the 30 seats in Queensland.

Mr Newman says the ALP has tried to put a positive spin on its performance in Queensland.

“The Labor Party said this was a referendum on Tony Abbott and the Newman Government here in Queensland – the result speaks for itself,” he said.

“Queenslanders want a grown-up government in George Street in Brisbane and they want a grown-up government in Canberra and they’ve got them.”