Sabotage and inappropriate waste of tax payers’ money – Green Taliban at it again

Instead of acting like a responsible Government in Waiting, the New Zealand Green Party continue to fall back to their hippy protest roots – except these days they think nothing of using, abusing and wasting your money to do it.

They’re calling their latest stunt ‘Creative’. ?I call it a deliberate act of attempted sabotage.

The Green Party has placed a competing bid against companies seeking permits to undertake deep-sea exploratory oil drilling off New Zealand.

Yesterday was the last day oil companies could make submissions to the Government for permits to be able to conduct exploratory oil drilling off the coast.

The Greens, along with New Zealand surfing champion Mischa Davis, placed their protest bid on behalf of 14,000 New Zealanders who had signed it.

Speaking to a crowd before placing the submission with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Greens energy spokesman Gareth Hughes said the point of making the submission was to protect New Zealand’s beaches

Why aren’t they protesting air airports to protect New Zealand’s air quality?

Everything we do as humans has an inherent risk and an opportunity cost.

The Green Taliban would rather have us all poor rather than take advantage of our natural wealth. ?If we dairy it is dirty, if we fish it is unsustainable, if we drill it will cause spills, if we make roads it is irresponsible…

…when are they going to act like people who would be trusted to run a stable Government?