Scumbag lowlife of the Week: Jesmond Albert Mosen

Jesmond Albert Mosen has lost name suppression for this particular despicable act

After his second attempt at killing his unborn son a Whanganui man told his partner “that’s done it” before making himself a cup of coffee, a court has heard.

Jesmond Albert Mosen, 27, was today sentenced to three year’s jail for a series of “extraordinarily dangerous” and “cruel” attacks on the partner, Ilana Te Huia.

A protection order was also imposed, meaning Mosen will not be able to contact her.

The jail term will be served on top of a two-year sentence imposed for separate offending.

How do the readers feel about a three year sentence for repeated attempts at murdering an unborn child?

I think it’s remarkably light. ?Out in a year and a half for good behaviour.

The High Court in Whanganui was told that on June 4 last year, the pair were arguing and Mosen told Te Huia to have an abortion, or he would “do it”.

He punched her twice in the stomach, before slapping her head and pushing his hand into her stomach, leaving her in terrible pain.

“Mrs Te Huia told you she would have an abortion in order to stop the assault,” Justice Joe Williams told Mosen.

Four days after that attack the pair were again arguing. Te Huia threatened to leave, Mosen stopped her, pushing her on to a bed.

“You told her the foetus would be aborted now,” the judge said.

As the argument continued, Mosen punched Te Huia “full force” in the stomach.

“She crouched to protect both her and of course the unborn baby,” the judge said.

“You then grabbed her by the hair and dragged her on the bed and punched her twice in the stomach.

“You said to her you hope that’s done it.”

Still not finished, Mosen punched Te Huia in the face and then made a cup of coffee, while she dialled 111, the judge said.

It reads like a script for Once Were Warriors II, to be honest.

Makes me feel sick.

Three years? ? Really?