SFWU living high on the Living Wage – Observation by the Owl

SFWU has spent $5 on this campaign

SFWU has spent $538,697 on this campaign

The Service and Food Workers union are powerful, so powerful that the 3 stooges begging for their vote are agreeing to implement the Living Wage that they keep banging on about.

Well The Owl has analysed the union’s accounts and found a sea of red ink as a result of the Living Wage campaign.

The SFWU have filed their 2013 Accounts.

Normally the Owl would write a narration but today the Owl will let the numbers do the talking.

Loss for the Year $(148,446) taking the combined losses over the last 4 years to $(516,476)  

Note 16: The SFWU has a total Visa credit card limit of $120,000 (2012:$120,000).

Note 13: Members were Levied $52,070 for Living Wage Levy ($0.20 per members per week)

Note 13: SFWU spent $538,697.00 on Living Wage Campaign.

Observation by the Owl

$538,697.00 on a campaign for what? If I was a member I would be asking for a breakdown?

I’d suggest that the $538,697 has been spent buying a leader for the Labour party.


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  • AngryTory

    Which is corrupt. Surely it is time to deregister the union, cancelling all the contracts they “negotiated” – read extorted with threats of violence – and do the same to the Labour Party & Expell all its MP.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Stop dreaming AT. There must be an logical explanation bro…Wait for uncle Matt to come up with an explanation….

  • Richard McGrath

    Hell, that’s a high credit card limit. What are they doing, using the credit card to pay for hookers?

    • interested

      Richard you are a liberTarianz man..what do you think of the Owls observations?

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      120K limit is nothing these days bro…

  • cows4me

    Reads more like crime incorporated. When you hear people like Willy Jackson and Matt Mccarten defending the antics of their beloved unions it makes you spew. They claim to speak for the workers, hollow bastards, they have become the very things they accuse the filthy capitalists of, living off the backs of the workers.

  • BJ

    This makes me feel inclined to join the SFWU just to confront them over all these suspect issues that no members seem to be asking questions about. Can one be a member without being employed in the SFW job sector?

  • Patrick

    Dear Mr Owl, can I suggest you keep digging into SFWU, particularly around the sums of money “given” to the Labour Party over the years, around election times for instance. 2005 election being of particular interest. Also the grants subsequently given by Labour back to SFWU. BTW the expose by Wishart some years ago around break ins, stolen emails & other dirty deeds at SFWU had a large amount of truth to it. Fenton, John Ryall etc have interesting history.

    • owl


  • Time For Accountability

    Matt will probably be unable to pay for his employees paye again.
    But is alright the IRD will do a deal again.
    If only a SMB could get a similar deal.