Silent T plays the gay card

Grant Robertson and his partner, Alf Kaiwai.

Grant Robertson and his partner, Alf Kaiwai.

He has been pretty sneaky about it but he is for sure playing the gay card on Grant Robertson.

David Cunliffe is legendary for jealously guarding the privacy of his wife, environmental lawyer Karen Price. Nothing has changed since he put his hand up for the Labour leadership.

After the Sunday Star-Times approached the three candidates and their partners to talk about the race Cunliffe has been on the phone, telling Jones he and Robertson had a “gentleman’s agreement” not to involve their families.

Cunliffe is unapologetic about that.

“Shane’s got a different approach to this; that’s fine; Grant and I have got a gentlemen’s agreement we’re not going to showcase family and that’s partly out of respect for his circumstances and that’s that.” 

Can you believe the wording of that statement? …”his circumstances”…What is that supposed to mean? It can only be a slur on Grant Robertson.

I’m liking Shane Jones more and more.

He is very upfront about his personal life and whereas David Cunliffe won’t talk about his unless it is to make up shit about breast feeding, he is quite happy to give a subtle backhander to Grant Robertson.

I see Tracy Watkins and Andrea Vance have called him on his twice stated desire to never be Prime Minister:

But obviously a lot has changed since he told The Listener in 2008 he had no interest being prime minister.

“It’s a bastard of a job and I have a young family. I don’t think the two would go together,” he said then.

So what has change Cunners?


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  • Chiefsfan73

    DCIAFC is the answer to that

  • conwaycaptain

    The photo of Grant and Alf is PUKE making.
    You would never see a husband and wife (female) in a photo like that

    • Andrei

      Remember when John Howard got slammed for being photographed holding his wife’s hand at the funeral of a close friend?

      • Mitch82

        Remember when Christians got thrown to the lions for being.. just like you? :)

  • Macca

    What a fucken joke! Sinse when was willingly taking another man in the arse designated as a circumstance? If ever proof was needed of how ridiculous the gay bill is, surely this is it! Say it as it is – he’s a poofta – end of!

  • Josh Metcalfe

    Oh Cunliffe, I love how he is just a prick to everyone. It’s a comical farce this leadership election.

  • John Q Public

    Why don’t Labour just call a halt on this charade and pick two of them to lead the party. Just like that other mob.

  • Mr_V4

    Can you believe the wording of that statement? …”his circumstances”…What
    is that supposed to mean? It can only be a slur on Grant Robertson.

    This reeks of taking offence on behalf of other people.
    If Grant has a problem with the comment he should say so.

  • kevin

    After I see him in TV interviews and watch old TV replays, the word ‘narcissist’ springs to mind… Then the Avondale market video of cunliffe with the Mana party turns up… boom… gone burger.

  • Patrick

    All three need to have their personal circumstances revealed to some degree of scrutiny. After all potentially one of the three could be Prime Minister at some point in the future. Cunliffe is using Robertson to hide behind, why is that? Is there something in Cunliffe’s family background that he finds unpalatable? He has absolutely no regard for anyone else in his pursuit of the top job so why is he so “understanding” of Robertson? Something smells fishy & Shearer it ain’t.

    • BJ

      There certainly needs to be more scrutiny of their backgrounds for sure – like any good Primary. The voters need to know what motivates and what moves these three wannabe leaders – as well as any ‘annoying ticks’ and unpleasant vises they may have, not to mention their level of emotional intelligence, financial literacy and ability to be a half decent human being.

      While purporting to be sensitive to Grant Robertson’s “circumstances” (IOW – his domestic situation, love life, approach to life) and therefore implying he won’t be using it as leverage, does indeed give Cunliffe a ‘game rule’ to hide behind – never mind his disingenuousness by unnecessarily adding to the “gentlemen’s agreement”, – “that’s partly out of respect for his circumstances and that’s that.”

    • Chiefsfan73

      Is he NZ’s answer to KRudd. Be the leader no matter the cost. The same vainglorious streak runs strong in the silent one also

  • steve and monique

    Put the 3 of them in a ring,and let them bash the shit out of each other. Winner takes all.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Bros – What changed? Curryleaf has now realised Kiwis are asking him to come save the country…as a true warrior, he is now marching ahead to save this country from the three headed monster called John Key….

  • cows4me

    So Cunny’s wife’s name is Karen Price, can’t really blame her I wouldn’t want to change my name either.

  • Mitch82

    Look.. as much as every man and his dog (or goat, goldfish or other conservatively disapproved significant other mammal) wants to weigh in and piss on their parade, this is like asking, “Who is the most popular pedophile”. Just stop crying and focus on what can be improved.

  • drummerboy

    The majority of NZ doesn’t want a a gay prime minister, and Cunliffe might come across to much of a dick. wouldn’t be surprised if Shane Jones pulls one out of the hat.

    • Mr_V4

      He’ll be pulling something, that much is guaranteed.