Spending like drunken sailors

The 3 Labour contenders are promising massive spending, borrowing and cost increases on the nation as they out do each other for the hard left and union votes.

The pork barrels have been rolled out in the Labour Party leadership battle, with Grant Robertson promising to introduce a “living wage” of more than $18 an hour for all government workers.

He told 350 party members and unionists in Levin yesterday that he would set a timeframe to phase in the living wage, which is currently set at $18.40 an hour for a family to live without suffering poverty.

He also pledged to lift the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour and repeal all of National’s industrial relations laws. 

Has he costed this? Nope, not even close.

Robertson later said he did not yet know the full cost of his promise, and that would determine how soon it could be introduced.

“It will have to happen over time because it will be costly.”

How utterly irresponsible, promising something that has not even been costed. How can he pretend to want to lead the country when he just pulls offers out of his arse?

These chumps are going to horse trade themselves into the big chair and promise to spend up large using other people’s money.


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  • opusx

    Dangerous….just plain dangerous. Muppet.

  • MrAuz1989

    Reminds me of a quote about an American presidential hopeful (Teddy Roosevelt, I think),”If there was a sizable body of Cannibals in the Country, he’d promise them an unlimited supply of Missionaries, fattened at Government expense” .

  • Pissedoffyouth

    raising the minimum wage is stealth way to get poor people to pay more tax.

    how about making the first 10k tax free, then you’d raise everyone’s wage

    • rockape

      Works well in the UK and involves a lot less paperwork for the tax office.In the uk they dont pay tax now on the first 21000$ so all beneficiareies and most pensioners are now out of the tax loop. I always thought it silly in NZ that we employ people to pay pensions and then employ more to take some of it away again!

      • AngryTory

        This explains why 10% of the country pays for everything for everyone else. And that’s got to stop!

    • AngryTory

      raising the minimum wage is stealth way to get poor people to pay more tax.

      That’s the only good thing about it!

      how about making the first 10k tax free, then you’d raise everyone’s wage

      Because that would be even more fucking communist that what we have now!! We need to get to a flat tax – so everyone pays the same, say $5000 per year. Or at least we should cap tax rates so that my income over $100000 is tax free. But this kind of threshold moves in precisely in the wrong direction.

    • Richard McGrath

      Exactly. Libz Party policy for some time has been to make the first $50k of income tax free, coupled with massive cuts in government spending (such as abolishing the Ministry for Ugly Wimmin, etc.). The Australian Tax Office let people keep the first $18k they earn, and pillage the rest.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    These fools are doing exactly what Rudd has always done and for which he now has been exposed. Policy on the run
    I hope the three of them watch the great Labor bonfire on Saturday as their cousins across the way are cremated.

  • rockape

    Oh God JK will be bragging out that”Show me the monet “line. Lets hope he can come uwith something more origional!

  • Brendan

    From One person/One vote to One unelected special person/Twenty votes. What could possibly go wrong?

  • johnbronkhorst

    So maths is not his strong point. Let me help you mr Robertson.
    A= high enforced wages
    B= high enforced taxes
    A + B = U N E M P L O Y M E N T.
    B(eA) = economic failure
    A x B + B(eA) = unsustainable national debt

  • MarcWills

    Oh my, just lost the entire Hamilton voter base – they had already been exposed to this “living wage” nonsense proposal, but recoiled in horror when the cost was actually worked out for them. What a loser (strategy). Notice he also speaks the weasel words “It will have to happen over time because it will be costly.” … so in 10 – 20 years time maybe? When inflation and productivity have enabled this anyway. And bread will be, say $10 – 15 per loaf too.

  • maninblack

    those wankers- i wondered how long it would be before labour started buying votes again.

  • GazzW

    Not to be outdone by the wannabe party leaders Jacinda has announced a review of WFF because it’s not fair for beneficiaries who are currently missing out on the bonanza.

    Can’t wait for a “Show me the money.” statement from JK some time soon. (EDIT)

  • SJ00

    If he is pulling numbers out his arse without costing, why doesn’t he just say $40 an hour or $100 and that way no one will ever be poor. Dick.

    Who sets this living wage? I thought it was a number made up by the gweens to prove some bullshit point. Show us the calculation behind this living wage. Who is going to set it? Is it going to go up every year? Is Aucklands living wage going to be more than Invercargills (or less?).

    And why have a minimum wage and a living wage? Why not make them the same? Why not eliminate this level of separation. And how about you then come up with a living wage for small business owners that will now have to absorb this living wage and either pay themselves less or put their prices up. Because this extra cost has to come from somewhere. Or maybe if they fire 1 person his wages could be used to pay the others the extra increase. Of course then you’ll have to pay a living Beneficiary wage because those poor people won’t be able to afford the new price of goods and there will be more of them because unemployment went up.

    And of course, the idiots who think like this will think this is a great idea and vote for this moron and his half baked and unfordable ideas. Surely he knows this is bullshit and won’t work? If he doesn’t he shouldn’t be an MP. If he does and is still going to run with it, he should end up in jail for misleading the public or driving this country to economic ruin.

  • cows4me

    Watching the dorks on Q&A . Look like three noddys arguing over who is best to captain a rugby team in the third division.

    • johnbronkhorst

      It appears, with all their “Policy’s”, that they are prepared to burn the whole country down, just so they can be king of the ashes!

      • cows4me

        Clearly they’re quite insane john, I wonder if it’s possible to get them committed?

    • Patrick

      & none of the three softcocks want to play in the front row – might hurt their ears.

  • Patrick

    “The 3 Labour contenders are promising massive spending, borrowing and cost increases on the nation”

    Of course they are – they no nothing else.

    Spending other people’s money, the Labour Party mantra

    • Richard McGrath

      They’re “OPiuM” addicts – hooked on Other People’s Money, which comes from U and I.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    They will do what they did last time they were in Govt, spend up large without costing it, boost the public service and spend everything in the public purse. They then get kicked out and dump all the problems on someone else. Mass spending must be where Len Brown gets it from.

  • TreeCrusher

    Wait for the flood gates to Aussie to open back up.

  • Col

    Bloody hell, there go all the small business, and the unemployment will jump sky high.
    Better to employ someone at $14 give them the chance to work, they can move on if they wish once they have the skills, or stay and get a pay increase if they are any good.
    I would like to employ an other person but the line is so fine even if it was $14 dollars, and that’s doing dishes.

  • Rodger T

    The only poverty in this country is a poverty of personal responsibility.
    And no matter what the Labia Faction say ,we can`t buy our way out of it.

  • blokeintakapuna

    It’s easy to promise all kinds of things when you know you never really will be called upon to do just that…

  • Rodger T

    The Congress has been misnamed,should be changed to Labia Party Caucus,

  • James Growley

    Why in gods name do we still put up with this garbage……Politicians from every Party promise us virtually everything they know we want to get elected, then once elected they suffer brain fade or find that it is not affordable and nothing happens.

    I say all politicians should be subject to the Consumers Guarantee Act. If they promise something and don’t deliver, they should be prosecuted and if found guilty, given a life time ban from ever again holding any position in the public arena.

  • BigDes

    when he just pulls offers out of his arse

    Hate to say it, buts he’s prolly pulled worse things out of his arse.

  • snakebit

    yeah thats crazy but on a more serious note….why is it illegal to buy ninja stars in nz?? seriously they’re just darts really…you could kill anyone with a ninja star so why cant I buy one?