Theatre ends 50 years of bludging

What bludgers like Brian Rudman don?t understand is that theatres are at least four generations of technology behind the times. Radios, Movies, TV and the Internet have all superseded theatre and theatre is not sustainable without dirty great big handouts.

Wellington’s longest running professional theatre, Downstage, will close its doors for good at the end of the week after a decision by Creative New Zealand to stop funding it next year.

The theatre had presented shows for 50 years.

The board had not taken the decision lightly, said Downstage Theatre Trust chairman Allan Freeth.?

“In recent years the theatre has pursued a new model – based on partnerships with artistic companies, taking risks on new works, and creating a supportive environment for artists.

“It is not possible to continue this work without adequate and stable funding.”

The theatre closure will take place?on Saturday?at the end of the season of Live at Six, which is currently showing.

If there was a market for performing arts they would be able to sustain themselves without bludging off ratepayers and taxpayers.

New Zealanders should not have to pay for the hobbies of liberal elite wankers like David Farrar.

Thankfully his arts posts should come to an end and he can concentrate on something useful like fighting pinkos.