Thursday nightCap


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  • LabTested

    Is there any religion, that is not fundamentalist, that have a ‘look at me’ fashion element to it. I do not care what someones religion is but I do not want to see it when I walk down the street.

    Be a God botherer or a Muslim or whatever, but leave the costumes at home when you walk out the door

    • P1LL

      I was out having a curry for lunch last weekend, there were two Indian guys dining across from me , one was dressed like an average Kiwi and one was dressed like a Sikh. They both seemed like normal guys , laughing etc. I thought to myself , why would a religion force its followers to wear a turban and grow a wispy beard in a country that does not practice this as the norm.
      I felt sorry for him , but he did not give a [email protected] .
      It did however make me feel like I could be offending him sipping away on my beer.
      I agree with you Lab Tested , leave your costumes at home.
      if religion has a place in your life then go for it but please do not wear a sign telling me what you choose to believe in & make me question if having a beer will offend you .

  • Orange

    Sounds like you two are racists.

    • LabTested

      Not at all. I have mixed race kids

      • Orange

        So? Sounds like it to me. Never mind, just pretend I’m wearing a hat so you can put me in the bad box.