Today’s Trivia




The El Gordo lottery is the world’s largest, “The Fat One”. In 2010 inhabitants of Granen, a practically broke town of about 2000 people, picked up around EUR700m in prize money. (source)


Relatively speaking the most devastating military actions in history are the collective invasions of the Mongol Conquests. Over the 13th and 14th centuries these accounted for the deaths of an estimated 17% of the global population. (source)


George Washington was bled to death by his doctors. Over the course of just a few hours of ‘blood letting’ treatment they’d removed about half his blood. That’s always going to be tough to come back from. (source)


A movie starring Paul Walker and Denise Richards was made in 1994. It involves love, death, wild animals, brain harvesting and a giant robotic T-Rex. (Source – TRAILER)


The word ‘trivia’ comes from the ancient definition of the ‘liberal arts’. Grammar, logic and rhetoric were the ‘trivial’, while arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy were considered the ‘quadrivial’. (source)