Today’s Trivia




Gilligan’s Island only actually ran for 3 seasons. (source)


There has been one successful, unsolved act of air piracy in US history. It involves extortion, 200k cash, and a parachute escape in 1971. (source)


There is a giant fish in the Congo, which can weigh over 50kg and has been known to attack crocodiles.?(source)


Rates of drug addiction in the US have been basically static since 1970. Total spend on ‘Drug Control’ is estimated to have been somewhere between 800 billion and 1.5 trillion dollars over the same period. (source)


The ‘Mpemba Effect’ is the as yet unexplained phenomenon whereby a volume of very hot water can freeze before an equal volume of cold water. The story of how this question was introduced to the scientific community is great. I’m going to test the phenomenon for myself.?(source)