Troughers eyeing up new targets

Veteran?troughers like Shane Kawenata Bradbrook?must be wondering how they can keep themselves in the public trough as funding for anti smoking rorts is surpassed by funding for anti obesity ?initiatives? via Tony Ryall?s Ministry of Health. See Tony?s Ministry do-gooders dole out over $100m a year to troughers.

The universities have been quick to leap on the taxpayer funded gravy train, and?Otago University clearly has eyes on the trough, equally matched by researchers from Auckland University. So much so that they?ve ?teamed? up to bring you a two-day symposium on sugar, sugar sweetened beverages or as troughers are now calling them ?SSBs?.


I?m wondering where the FiSS comes from as they?ve missed out a key word from the logo. It makes you wonder if they were a bit sugar deficient when they designed it, because shouldn?t it be ?FSISD??

As it currently reads the ?Fighting in Soft Drinks? which sounds more like a 80s porn movie. Maybe they got ahead of themselves when designing the logo after watching too many war movies one night, particularly with the SS bit at the end.

But whatever the case, these troughers are just like every other trougher – desperate to tell you how to live your lives.

But they actually don?t care about you.?They?re more concerned about lobbying politicians and embarrassing them so they direct more money into their trough?of self-appointed experts.