Unions own goal with Simon Bridges Bill

With Labour swinging to the left under CV padder Silent T, unions like the SFWU will be hoping all their efforts will all be paid off in November next year.

A lot of hoopla has been made over Simon Bridges pressing ahead with his Employment Relations Amendment Bill.

We?ve seen?tears from SFWU members?complaining that they?ll lose their jobs cleaning Parliament?s 130 loos. Even Tau?s coped it in the chops for telling it how it is.


What hasn?t been asked is why the dodgy SFWU isn?t doing a better job representing them. ?

The Owl has found these?cleaners may be getting tucked multiple times for membership fees. Not tidy. Not tidy at all.

But that?s not all. These SFWU members/cleaners are employed by Spotless Cleaning Service who has the contract with Parliamentary Services to clean up after very messy politicians. Spotless are also members of the cartel like?Building Service Contractors (BSC) that agreed to pay its cleaners $14.10 per hour.

Yet, Mareta Sinoti – same cleaner crying in front of the committee,?is saying she?s still on $13.85 an hour.

So you have the BSC claiming they represent the cleaning industry, yet their very own members could well be taking the piss and not living up to the MECA agreement their so-called industry body has negotiated with the SFWU.

You would think that the SFWU (who clearly have the best interests of the cleaners at heart) would have a crack at Spotless Cleaning Service to get them to pay their cleaners more.? You?d also expect Parliamentary Services to get in on the act and seek an explanation from Spotless Cleaning Services. Maybe then the tears would dry up.

But one thing looks certain. With the unions flinging dung against the fan, Spotless Cleaning Services and its Australian directors should have taken the chance to?pick up a cheque for $500,000 by winding up the BSC. They didn?t, and will be coughing up more to pay their cleaners.

With this sort of mess going on, Simon Bridges is now emerging as the champion and white knight of these so-called vulnerable employees. By sorting out the Bill and removing the likes of Part6A, the only reason employees will be vulnerable is if they stay with the SFWU and listen to the bleating of communists like Helen Kelly.