The way others see us

Check out how other people see Kiwis.

Quite a bit different from how the Labour party would like people to see us.

?[T]he Kiwis will keep the party going in San Francisco. And local sailing fans will enjoy the Cup while they?can.

“I love that the America’s Cup is here and I wish it would stay here,” said?Michael Stoner, 47, of Menlo Park. “But going to Auckland also sounds good. I just wish it were more?competitive.”

Others will simply enjoy the?party.

“I have Kiwi fever,” said?Lisa Gordon, also of Menlo Park. “I love ’em. Their spirit. Their sense of adventure. Their friendliness. And they like to?party.”?

And there it is: the kernel of truth at the bottom of the America’s Cup barrel. San Francisco has always been a hardscrabble town that will fight for its right to party. And, certainly, most definitely, San Franciscans never walk away from a?fight.

Team New Zealand is a publicly funded entity, fighting for the pride of a nation of 4.4 million with a GDP smaller than that of?Colorado.

Simply put, Team New Zealand is a lot more San Francisco than Larry Ellison will ever?be.

So, you may want to get down to the America’s Cup village, party with the Kiwis and take a picture of the trophy soon. It might not be around much?longer.