Wednesday General Debate PLUS – EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – Larry Ellison punk’d by Kiwi Ninjas

?EXCLUSIVE:?Larry Ellison was punk’d this morning by the Kiwi Ninjas. One of the Ninjas is a regular correspondent.

[Youtube link]

Kiwi Ninjas Spread the Love from Andrew Somervell on Vimeo.

UPDATE: The Herald has jumped on board and as usual got several facts wrong.

Oracle owner Larry Ellison’s “party house” was apparently given a Kiwi makeover this morning.

A home was decorated with New Zealand flags in a dawn “ninja” attack, filmed and posted online by keen Team New Zealand fans in San Francisco.

Titled “Kiwi ninjas spread the love”, the video shows three men jogging up to the property on a quiet suburban street – listed as the tech mogul’s “party house”.

Three men? Was Heather McCracken looking through beer goggles when she wrote that…there is clearly a woman in one of the suits…and that is just from watching the video…I happen to know ?that there was a woman involved…the middle one in this image.


The builder, the lawyer and someone from Hawkes Bay

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If you need any inspiration, today?s Debating Topic is:

Freedom of expression is more important than religious sensitivities.