Will Labour be able to deliver for the unions?

David Farrar has pointed out the obvious. The Labour leadership contenders have been bribing the unions to win votes.

Claire Trevett at NZ Herald?reports:

Cunliffe has had a dramatic, but possibly short-lived, transformation into a middle-class Che Guevara. He has decried the dirty freemarket, the crony capitalists, and the neo-liberal agenda and promised world domination to the unions and jobs and lucre for all. ?

This leadership contest is like Christmas and Easter rolled into one for the unions. Anything they ask for, they receive. National?s changes abolished ? done. A living wage for all ? done. Part 6A extended to all industries ? done. National Awards back from the 1970s ? done

They need a reality check.

None of this can be delivered with Labour?s current polling without the support of Winston Peters. Someone needs to ask Winston where he stands on letting the new Labour Prime Minister deliver on his leadership election bribes.?