World’s most liveable city? How is that working out for us?

Len Brown claims to want the world’s most liveable city, it is his mantra, it is his catch cry, he repeats it over and over and yet what has he delivered after 3 years as Mayor?

Well the headlines tell us clearly that Len Brown has delivered something else, that is a far cry from the world’s most liveable city.

He has delivered corruption:

Corruption1 corruption2 corrutpion3

He has delivered and escalation in violent crime in the CBD:

Crime1 Crime2


He has delivered beggars increasingly frequenting the CBD:


He has delivered increased street prostitution:



He has delivered out of control drunks in the CBD:

binge3 binge2 binge1 binge


Len Brown’s legacy isn’t looking quite so flash is it now?

What we really need is a mayor who has a bit more depth than a carpark puddle and something more meaningful to say other than bumper sticker slogans and some silly hip hop songs to bore us witless with.

About the only thing he hasn’t done is run one up multiple mistresses or behave like Anthony Weiner.