WTF? Cunliffe would lower taxes? How will he pay for the living wage?

The big spending promises of the 3 stooges as they beg for support from the hard left and unions really don;t match up with David Cunliffe’s past public utterances.

Silent T, the man who cannot tell a lie appears to be saying in this clip that if taxes are raised in one area, taxes should be reduced elsewhere.

So if he cannot tell a lie, what tax cuts would he make if he ever gets the chance to impose Labour’s ‘rich prick taxes’ CGT, and emissions taxes?

Or is he lying here ya think?

Just the other day he was claiming he was going raise taxes…with his infamous “You bet” statement when Corin Dann asked him about raising income tax.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    More labour gobbledegook.
    Shifting the tax thresh holds, means with inflation and wage growth, you would have to “shift the tax thresh holds”, several times a year. to keep it “fair” for all.
    Imagine the complexity and compliance costs for business!
    Simplifying taxation is the only way to go!

  • kevin

    Mr ‘BuzzWords’ = desperate, anything goes.

  • Josh Metcalfe

    He’ll raise taxes at the top and lower them at the bottom, effectively capping income and he’ll send us back to 1960’s Britain.

    • Mr_Blobby

      You have missed something there.

      The bottom 43% don’t pay TAX how do you go about lowering their TAX rate.

      • Mr_V4

        More Benny-fits.

  • Mr_V4

    I’d be more worried about Robertsons $18.40/hr for govt employees.

    • johnbronkhorst

      I am as worried! not more!

    • If it was a cap I think it has merit

  • That ‘famous’ “you bet” comment probably lost him far more support than he expected to gain. Quintessential Silent T.
    The man is an accomplished fool!

    • johnbronkhorst

      So…which is the village………missing it’s idiot?

      • Euan Ross-Taylor

        New Lynn is missing its’ idiot – can now be found in Herne Bay.

        • thor42

          Yeah – what BS that was about Silent T saying that he lived there because his wife “needed to breastfeed close to work”.

          He *really* lives there because its nice and it’s away from the *icky proles* in his electorate.

          • Ducky

            it must be embarassing for curryleaf to “apologize” for living in Herne Bay…Why do you have to apologize because of where you live? Just tell the truth ” I live here because I want to get away from the low class areas. I am a high class Labia politician, future leader of the pack. so my status equates where I live”…

  • GazzW

    Once labour has all of their taxation ‘reforms’ in place they won’t have to worry about devaluation of the Kiwi as international market forces will do it for them. Even allowing for a CGT our real estate and assets will be an even bigger bargain for offshore speculators. Well done labour!

  • Patrick

    Raising taxes on the productive & lowering taxes on the non productive,that is a recipe for what Mr Cunliffe?
    A. Mr Cunliffe garners enough votes to lead Labour.
    B. Mr Cunliffe thinks he never has to worry about his pledge becoming reality because enough voters will see through his ruse.
    C. Mr Cunliffe becomes Prime Minister & puts his pledge into law.
    D. Those productive tax payers that can, purchase one way airline tickets to Australia & leave Mr Cunliffe to his two bit socialist paradise.
    E. After an IMF bailout Mr Cunliffe is deposed & the productive masses return with their Australian dollars & purchase NZ assets at knockdown prices paying NZ pesetas.

    • johnbronkhorst

      aren’t the Spanish on euro’s now…how is that going for then…OH yeah they’re broke!

    • Mr_Blobby

      F. Productive TAX payers who want to stay will opt out and join the non productive sector and ride out the storm.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Here’s what you’re in for.

    Edit: “…and my advise for those who die
    ………….declare the pennies on your eyes”

    • Super_Guest

      That’s one for you, nineteen for “the most vulnerable”.

      • thor42

        Well, then I guess the “most vulnerable” should get themselves educated and make themselves a bit *less* vulnerable.

  • kehua

    Reality is not one of the three can tell his arse from his elbow, Labour unfortunately for them find themselves in the same position as Auckander Ratepayers that is in no obvious credible leader to Vote for.

    • Patrick

      Why do they actually need a leader? They have bumbled along for the last little while since they rolled Goff, falling deeper into irrelevance so why bother? Jones, Robertson & Cunliffe would better serve the country if they just walked away from this mess. Reminds me of the Conservatives slogan in the UK some years back, “Labour isn’t working.” It surely isn’t in NZ.

  • unitedtribes

    Im trying to find something I like about Cunliffe but every time I get to the point he is just another cunt. Without the silent T,

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Bros very simple. Tax the rich pricks to death. Make the first 10,000 tax free except for rich pricks. Introduce WFF for dole bludgers….

    • cows4me

      I think the rich pricks pay most of the real tax now sir. What upsets me is that both right and left in this country use tax to divide and conquer. Personally I’m sick of the money grubbing bullshit artists. I say and always will a flat tax is the way to go. Of course government would then have to set a real budget, the bastards would not be able to play favourites or spend beyond their means. Politicians claim they stand to serve, be fucked they do, it’s about power and privilege.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        More….sir I want some more…of your money… me more…

      • AngryTory

        A real flat tax would be great. Not a single-rate proportional tax – if I earn only $100,000 I pay say $10,000 but if I earn $1,000,000 I have to pay $100,000. That’s not flat: that’s not fair.

        A real flat tax is pay $10,000 however much you earn. Earn $10,000,000 pay $10,000. Earn $100,000 pay $10,000. Earn $10,000 pay $10,000. Have kids – pay $10,000 per kid.

        That’s flat: that’s fair!

  • snakebit

    Just in case i suggest we all buy some gold. If these retards keep this up the mere possibility of a labour government in 2014 will reduce us to being the Zimbabwe of the south pacific…$10,000 NZD for a loaf of bread anyone?

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Norman’s clean green jobs will ensure everybody is employed bro.

  • thor42

    In order to counteract the Labour BS, Key has GOT to *keep it simple*.

    Labour would need to borrow to the max to fund its promises – tax increases alone would be NOWHERE near enough – so Key MUST use the “credit card” analogy. Even the *dopiest* people in the country have an understanding that hammering the credit card gets you in big trouble down the line.

    All Key needs to do is to keep using that analogy – “Labour will max out the country’s credit card” – and the Labour BS can be easily fended off.

    • AngryTory

      Or Key could actually enact some real policies:
      Cut or better still cap the top rax rate
      Cut benefit rates

      There’s still time for a big teachers or nurses strike: a 20% pay cut should do it.
      There’s still time for the Whale Army to charge the strikers march on QueenSt and 1951 the cunts.