You’d think the Herald could find their own lines

Yesterday Judith Collins commented to the DomPost about opening hours for drinking establishments.

Responding to The Dominion Post yesterday, Ms Collins said 4am was a reasonable hour for people to go home.

“Nothing good is going to happen with people drinking in bars at 5am.”

The council will now look at extra overnight trains or buses so people can get out of the city after 4am.?

This morning in the Herald editorial starts off with:

Nothing much good comes in the hour between 3am and 4am on the streets of central Auckland. Police, street cleaners and taxi drivers aside, most people there are either up too late or too early to do themselves or others any real good. The so-called Golden Mile of Queen St is no advertisement for early-hours socialising and the entertainment precincts of Britomart, the Viaduct and Karangahape Rd can also fail to distinguish themselves at this time.

Oh how original.