October 2013

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WW1 Combat in Colour 1914-1918

You have to wonder what makes humankind do these things

Today’s Trivia


It snows metal on Venus. (source)


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How to carve a pumpkin / Blast-O-Lantern

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Two 6 point bull elk fight


Silly females


Back to Back to the Future.

Labour’s ongoing social engineering plans

Labour wants a man ban, they also want quotas for gays and now they want to teach your kids about sexual orientation right from the start of school at age 5.

Sex education could be significantly changed under a future Labour Government.

The issues to be covered in policy proposals will be debated at the Party’s annual conference this weekend.

It’s proposed Labour enacts a national sex and sexuality education programme.  Read more »

Not bad eh? 5th on prosperity index

More good news for the government, that despite the claims of the opposition things are actually going pretty well for us kiwis.

The NZ Herald reports:

New Zealand has been rated the fifth most prosperous nation to live in, according to an international report.

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The 2013 Legatum Prosperity Index ranks 142 nations on their “wealth and wellbeing” in eight categories, including health, education, safety and security, and economy.  Read more »

A tourism idea for Auckland Council

A reader sent in this in. It is a proposal for a tourism idea that I think has some merit.

He tells me he has sent it to the Auckland Council

Kia Ora.

I am writing this email to seek permission and assistance from the Auckland City Council and the Mayor’s Office for a paid tour proposal. The venture is a private one, and all costs associated would be met by the tour operator. I am based in Palmerston North but I have several associates in Auckland City (ratepayers) who are looking to run the tour on a daily basis. We are looking to run and promote the tour in the same vein as the immensely successful Lord of the Rings and Hobbit tours that have proved so popular with both local and overseas visitors.   Read more »