What does a $10 million bra look like?

I found this article from?News.com.au?that you all might be interested in.

VICTORIA’S Secret recently unveiled its 2013 Fantasy Bra as well as the lucky model who gets to parade around in the $10 million item, the beautiful Candice Swanepoel.

Behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot reveals close-ups of the luxury piece of lingerie, which is adorned with over 4,200 gems including rubies, diamonds and yellow sapphires.

At four times the cost of last year’s bra – a $2.5m number worn by Alessandra Ambrosio – it’s little wonder the pricey piece comes with its very own set of security guards.

“Everyone asks whats it’s like to wear $10 million dollars. It does make me pose a little bit better”, the 25-year-old South African stunner admits.

Now here is a tip for Lyin’ Len Brown, who as we know is cheap when it comes to lingerie. ?

Had he decided to go shopping properly for the lust of his old life, he would have simply called Victoria’s Secret, and asked for the Swanepoel Bra for his mistress Bevan.?? Yes, one in her size please, but a good and considerate lover would have done many things differently.?? Firstly, he would have treated her with respect, and been kind.?? Secondly he would have known her sizes, quickly checked as he removed her attire article by article.

But no, it seems our two minute mayor can?t even get that right, didn?t take the time, and didn?t do the research, and finally, he was too tight to get something really nice.?? That is one of the issues Len, if you can?t get an affair right, and can?t even get the sizes right, how can you run a city the size of Auckland.

Humour us Len, how many Sq Km does Auckland cover Len, and where is Honeysuckle Lane, oh and Len, where is Polkinghornes Bay.