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  • Garbageman

    Hmmm Cam we know what explaining is dont we lol
    Damn suspense is killing me

  • conwaycaptain

    He has got to go. Every time he turns up somewhere there will be someone poking the borax.
    Imagine what will happen if he turns up at his inaugartion there will be people outside singing and slinging le merde He will have Madame et les filles in tow and he will subject them to this.
    He is a SHIT.
    I trust Madame will give him his marching orders and tell him ” to sling ‘is ‘ook

  • Col

    Bugger, I need to work, I miss out on all the good stuff, boo hoo.
    Len Dorkland has been chasing more pussy?
    What ever it is, will be worth it.

  • Sidey

    My theory is there are more woman out there who can contribute to this death-by-a-thousand-cuts, and if they haven’t gone media shy they’ll be trotted out one by one until Lenny finally does the right thing.

    Or Cam’s going to out with a post saying it was all a terrible misunderstanding, and Len is indeed a solid family man.

  • Sidey

    I wonder if every F5 hit to refresh the screen counts as a new page view? Because I doubt I’m the only one doing it…

  • Callum

    Oo oo I hope its more muck raking. What am I saying? Of course it’s going to be more muck raking.

    That’s all this website seems to do.

    Oh I despair at the state of the right. What have we become?

    • Sidey

      And yet here you are!

      • Callum

        Yes, hoping, incorrectly it seems, that I might find some positive & constructive debate about how our party could stop the rot. Have you not seen the polls? Labour will be a shoe in next year unless JK can think of something. And I doubt he will, he’s looking more tired and less full of ideas than ever before.

    • Callum

      Just to be clear, there are two people posting under the same name here. Personally anyone campaigning on their church and family values must expect to be held to those standards, obviously Len disagrees though.

  • jaundiced

    What has been revealed is that Len is a dirty rooter, and people can judge him and his ability to be mayor on that. But what doesn’t appear to have been asked is why has the mistress decided to go public on this? Why now, and why in such detail? Its got to be more than feeling she has been treated badly, or that he hasn’t returned her texts? And is WhaleOil just being used as a willing participant? Being threatened is a factor, but someone clearly knew that this was going to happen. What’s the real story, or is it just pissed off ex going nuclear? And in the process self-destructing her own credibility and reputation

    • Facts is facts Jaundiced!!!

      • jaundiced

        Thanks – that clears things up

    • James Growley

      You mean USELESS rooter, don’t you……………