50 Shades of Brown – and stay tuned for 1530 post

Tui have struck with a billboard.


UPDATE: New post at 1530 updating information.

Stay Tuned.


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  • Thomas

    ??? more gossip?

  • patrickstarr

    funny listening to many of the media defending this. Since when is having phone sex and wanking yourself off in your office during business hours considered acceptable behaviour?

    • Col

      When you have a Wanker on the other end?

      • jb

        Col, that is brilliant.

  • Gaynor

    Even John Minto thinks Len Brown should resign. Crazy times when I agree with him.

    • Morrissey

      You don’t agree with standing up for human rights and democracy. Why not?

      • Patrick

        Minto gave that one up years ago, haven’t heard a peep out of him re Zimbabwe human rights breaches, Mugabe slaughtering thousands, where is that great advocate for human rights on that one?

        • Morrissey

          You’re utterly ignorant. Minto has repeatedly spoken out against Mugabe’s regime, and even tried to get the NZ cricket team to boycott the country.

          • Cadwallader

            …between bullying young Israeli tennis players you mean?

          • Morrissey

            She was a serving member of the IDF, and while in this country she made incendiary statements in support of Israel’s murderous rampage in Gaza. Stop trying to portray her as a victim.

          • Liz


          • Morrissey

            Examples of what? Israeli crimes or Shahar Peers’ cruel endorsement of them?

          • Liz

            your comment

            ” She was a serving member of the IDF, and while in this country she made incendiary statements in support of Israel’s murderous rampage in Gaza. Stop trying to portray her as a victim”

            What did she say?

          • longjohn

            You were obviously Mintos campaign manager. Remind me how many votes did he get in the Mayoral campaign?

      • Bob Murphy

        Brown was standing up alright.

        • Morrissey

          Good one Bob. I see what you’re doing there!

  • Gobe1

    Hes gone

  • Honcho

    What is with the delays Cam? Getting your ducks in a row? Busy doing interviews with the msm? Seeking legal advice?

    Anyway the suspense is killing me! And the server by the way this site has been performing since the story broke!

  • Col

    That’s what we have been waiting for, WO leaves the best for last, bring it on.

  • conwaycaptain

    I see Rudman is slamming Slater Pere et Fils in the Horrid.

  • conwaycaptain

    One thing that was drummed into me at Conway and by my Mum and Dad (both ex RN Officers, Mum was a cypher officer on Lord Louis’ staff) “you always behave as befitting your position and if you are an officer you set an example”.
    You could get away with something as a Junior Officer but not as Master.
    Loopy is in COMMAND of a v v v large enterprise, Auckland City, and he has to meet, greet and discuss matters with people of some substance and in this you have to be like Caesar’s Wife, pure as the driven snow.
    How are people going to respect him when all this has come out. He is a laughing stock. Going ga ga over a 30 something bird.
    He should do the honourable thing and fall on his sword but I do not think he has any knowledge as to what an honourable Roman would do.

    • James Growley

      Yes, I can just imagine dignitary’s reaching for the hand sanitiser after they shake hands with the fornicator….

      • LabTested

        After they shake hands with the wanker with knob rot.

    • Mark

      Bit hard to fall on his sword when BC is on top of it…

    • TAJ Burton

      Len Brown should not fall on his sword he hasn’t got one but he could pull himself to pieces that shouldn’t take him more than a couple of minutes.

  • Agent BallSack

    When you’ve made a Tui billboard you’ve reached the nadir of infamy.

  • Jmac

    I just agreed with John Minto.

    I need to get off this ride.

    • jcpry

      Yes I just did a little shiver when I agreed with his comment. As for the Councillors – a more gutless pack of wretches I have yet to see.

    • Morrissey

      What don’t you like about supporting democracy and human rights? Why is that a ride you don’t want to get on?

    • I honestly don’t care what he does in his private life — the number of politicians who have rooted around is huge. But when he does it at work… erk, no.

  • Andy

    According to the media, shagging your co-workers in the meeting room is completely average behaviour.

    However, calling a waiter a dickhead is completely unacceptable.

    Jeez in Scotland someone is in court for staring at an MP for too long, I am not kidding!

    • If it was Fenton he could plead insanity!!!!

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Yes, and they seem to think having a wank in the office is perfectly acceptable behaviour too. I think I shall avoid the public service until they have updated their Health & Safety manuals.

      • Andy

        Does Len have his PC optimised for left-handed operation?

  • sheppy

    Browns dropped off “latest news” on the TVNZ app – MSM protecting one of their own as usual!

  • Morrissey

    As embarrassing as all of this is for Len Brown, let’s not forget he’s done nothing illegal. Unlike THIS reprobate….


    • patrickstarr

      Not illegal huh?
      Crimes Act S125; Indecent act in public place. (1)Every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years who wilfully does any indecent act in any place to which the public have or are permitted to have access, or within view of any such place.

      (The Town hall is a public place)

      • Morrissey

        Ha! Good luck with that, my desperate friend!

        Meantime, shouldn’t you be writing a letter of support to the disgraced Banksy, who’s just been forced to resign after being sent to trial for a REAL crime?

        • patrickstarr

          meantime, perhaps you could go a shake Lens hand (he’ll even toss you a tissue afterward)

          • Morrissey

            Whatever Len has done, it was not criminal. Banks, on the other hand, is looking at a lengthy custodial sentence.

          • patrickstarr

            I dont give a fat rats arse about Banks. – but attempting to divert attention away from one failed Mayor with the yet to be judged actions of another does not make it acceptable for a public official to sit at his desk during work hours having phone sex whilst wanking himself off.
            Any lessor person would probably have been arrested for it

          • Morrissey

            “I don’t give a fat rats arse about Banks”. You don’t care about politicians breaking the law?

          • patrickstarr

            “yet to be judged” whether he broke the law or not – but my point was I dont care about him anyway. If he broke the law (it was so insignificant that the police weren’t interested), he will receive the appropriate penalty if found guilty.
            It still doesnt detract from the fact Len Brown wanks himself off in the Town Hall during work hours

          • Morrissey

            Lying to parliament is insignificant? Luckily, our independent judiciary takes it seriously, even if you don’t. Interesting, indeed disturbing, to see you citing police inaction as some sort of ballast for your case.

          • patrickstarr

            If your trying to make this into a competition between the 2 you’ve clearly left out the toys, groceries, insect repellent, Hotels, stereo and $810 family dinner this lying and cheating Mayor Brown felt entitled provide himself with on public money, when he’s not wanking himself off during work hours in the town hall

          • Morrissey

            “Competition”? There’s no competition—one is a criminal, just as his parents were, and the other is simply a foolish philanderer. Unless you want to live in Saudi Arabia or Iran, I don’t think that’s exactly a crime.

          • patrickstarr

            You lefties are always so desperate to divert attention away from your mates – “Hey look over there. They do it too”

            This post is about Len Bown – who wanks himself off in the Town Hall during work hours !!

            If you want to complain about Banks – do it on a thread about him

          • Morrissey

            What Len Brown did was foolish and immoral, but not illegal. What the other bloke did was foolish, immoral and criminal. It’s interesting that you are getting all worked up about something that was not and is not illegal.

            Perhaps you would be happier in a more congenial environment…..

          • patrickstarr

            hey Im not getting worked up – unlike you. You seem to acting like Gollum with John Banks as the ring.

            As I already pointed out to you; This post is about Len Bown – who wanks himself off in the Town Hall during work hours !!

  • Guest

    Anyone else note that the Herald didn’t like the 69% resign result from their first poll.. so they have started another..


    Title of split is once again misleading.. as the split was 69% for rather than split down the middle as I read the implication.

  • Gaz

    Banks is guilty you national dicks are fooked Bevan Chlamydia Chwung cant help.

  • Gaz

    John Banks cant remember who handed him the cash nah its not going to fly campers lol.

  • Roksteddie

    Cameron Slater, you are a lame news maker. Stooping low by publishing texts even. And threatened by Len Brown’s team, that’s why it had to get in the open? Boohoo cry whale boy cry