Abbott making great progress in stopping the boats

Tony Abbott’s government has slowed the flow of boats to a bare trickle, not so you’d notice in the media who are still trying to hang the man on semantics.

Nonetheless the boats are stopping and the Indonesian government is cooperating with mass arrests and busts of people smugglers.

INDONESIAN police have disrupted 17 people-smuggling operations since the September 7 election, stopping 550 people getting on boats and arresting three “high value” suspects, in a crackdown for which Australian authorities are claiming credit. 

After a week in which only one boat arrived in Australian waters, the Australian Federal Police said an Indonesian court had ordered the arrest of an alleged smuggling kingpin…

Former Labor immigration minister Tony Burke insisted the number of disruptions by Indonesian police were “consistent” with those recorded even before he was appointed in July.

Labor can spin all they like, the simple fact is the boats are being stopped and turned back.


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  • thor42

    Kevin Rudd’s government did *huge* damage to Australia in its six years in power, allowing tens of thousands of Muslims into the country where they have formed outfits like the Muslim Brotherhood Movement bikie gang.

    • suites

      next he has to find a PC way to stop all the coloured folk from NZ going over there

      • Martin White

        Why would we want to stop that trans-migration?

        • peterwn

          Some years back, Sydney Morning Herald ran a feature on the Maori prisoners in NSW jails. Whole thing was put in perspective when someone pointed out there were more Maori prison officers in NSW than Maori prisoners.

        • Dave

          They have already stopped a lot of non desirable kiwis going, ZERO benefits ,and being denied citizenship, kiwis need to think very very deeply before coming to Aussie permanently, and also have very deep pockets. That kinda stops 95% of bludgers. You can thank Helen for that move!

          • Martin White

            I am sure the Aussies would rather the boat people from NZ than the recruits for bikie gangs and proponents of sharia law that have been pouring in since 2007 – 50000 of them at last count who typically breed 5-8 children (at least they do in United Kingdom and Norway, France)

  • Pissedoffyouth

    No patience for queue jumping cunts – fly them back home and bill the country they came from

    • AnonWgtn

      Problem is that they do not know from whence these people came – other than through Indonesia as it is the shortest point.
      Like Italy and Lampedusa – these people have come from all over Africa.

      • Patrick

        Like water leaking through a roof the immigrants will find the easiest path to Australia, up until the change of Government that has been via a boat out of Sri Lanka. These immigrants come from all over the place but predominately out of the Middle East & a fair few Tamils from Sri Lanka itself.

        • Dave

          Which is precisely WHY they are not welcome in Aussie, it’s a ridiculous situation, a wealthy and well healed business person, in good health cant get in, yet a very unskilled refugee with almost zero skills simply slipped a criminal $10K and arrives on a boat. Gets given food and board FREE for 5 years in a government funded estate, then gets citizenship, free health care, unemployment etc. Of course they need to stop the boats – NOW.

          • Patrick

            Not ridiculous when you understand the motivation of Rudd & Gillard. Read up on what Blair did in the UK, he saw these immigrants as Labour voters & so did Labor in Australia. They were willing to turn a blind eye to the illegal immigrants, the deaths at sea, the gangs that run the operations out of Sri Lanka & the detrimental effects these Muslims will have in the future, all because they wanted the votes. The UK has been changed forever because of Blair’s gerrymandering & Labor in Australia have done similar on a smaller scale.
            A rich businessman – more likely a Libs voter.

  • James Growley

    At last, the Aussies have someone who walks the talk – we can only hope we will be in the same boat come November 2014.

    • dumbshit

      don’t hold your breath –darwin has a big task here

  • Patrick

    The MSM are now resorting to tried & tested faux outrage, mainly because Abbott refuses to play out the “refugee” tales of woe in the press. It is pretty much a closed shop with all media canned. Abbott is getting on with putting measures in place that will stop the immigration & most importantly when compared to Labor will stop the hundreds drowning at sea. Both Rudd & Gillard should be held somewhat accountable for the many that drowned during their premierships.

  • Richard McGrath

    Some of them are still getting through.

    • GazzW

      The Aussies can’t just turn off the tap – the flow will gradually decrease to the point where the smugglers will give up. Let’s hope they don’t change their tactics and put all of their eggs in one basket and secure a large ship capable of dealing with the Tasman. Now wouldn’t that create an interesting conundrum for NZ to deal with. The pinkoes would have a field day!

      • Dave

        GazzW. I had an interesting debate with a pinko sociologist, during a deabate I let slip a halfway house was planned for her suburb for immigrants with no where to live, her facial expression changed.

        Another present asked her for her assurance given her stance, she would of course support the NEW immigrant center. Of course the NIMBY lefty refused any comment, and she was ridiculed for the remainder of the meeting.

  • Mr_Blobby

    The answer is simple. Disable the engine tow them out to see and leave them.

  • WABloke

    While I have no objection to helping true refugees, or anyone in need, the fact is that a very high percentage of those granted ‘refugee’ status in Australia remain unemployed/unemployable and still they receive handouts. If I were a refugee I would be working my arse off in gratitude, filling potholes, picking up litter, whatever. Yet a kiwi who falls on hard times after working hard and paying taxes in Oz gets zip. Go figure.