Another campaign plank discarded

Labour constantly bangs on about migration…they won’t be for much longer.

Migration figures show more people are arriving than leaving.

Migration to New Zealand hit a 10-year high in September, as fewer Kiwis left for Australia and more new migrants arrived, adding more support for the housing market.

New Zealand saw a net gain of 2700 people in September as more people arrived than left, Statistics New Zealand said.

That was the highest monthly net gain since the middle of 2003 and stronger than economists had expected.

Westpac Bank senior economist Felix Delbruck said the surprise gain was largely due to fewer New Zealanders leaving for Australia, though arrivals of non-New Zealand immigrants continued at above-average levels.

The annual net gain was more than 15,000 for the year to September, which reversed the small net loss in the previous year. 

If the recent trends continued annual net migration would easily surpass 20,000 by the end of this year, Delbruck said.

“With unemployment in Australia expected to hit around 6.5 per cent next year, we expect net immigration to rise even further in 2014, which would make this New Zealand’s biggest migration cycle since the early 2000s.”

The numbers of migrants were big enough to “matter for the housing market over the short to medium term”.

Migration was one reason why Westpac expected house prices to keep rising in the year ahead, though at a slower pace, despite the headwinds of Reserve Bank speed limits on low deposit home loans and rising fixed-term mortgage rates.

There was still a net loss to Australia in the month of September, but just 800 more people left for Australia than arrived here from across the Tasman. The net loss to Australia was also the lowest since 2003.


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  • botti

    ****Migration was one reason why Westpac expected house prices to keep rising in the year ahead, though at a slower pace, despite the headwinds of Reserve Bank speed limits on low deposit home loans and rising fixed-term mortgage rates.***

    So why aren’t Labour or National suggesting reduced immigration to address the “housing crisis”?

    Presumably neither wants to be accused of r8cism, which is obviously the most evil thing in the world, but don’t they need to mention immigration if they’re serious about housing affordability?

  • Agent BallSack

    One door closes…another opens. Waiting for the xenophobic Labour Party to start moaning about how migrants are taking Kiwi jobs. In 3.2.1…..

  • JeffDaRef

    “The net loss to Australia was also the lowest since 2003.”
    Surely that cant be right??
    National only came into Govt in 2008, and Labour were doing absolutely perfectly prior to that, weren’t they??

  • sheppy

    Just wait until the leftie loser coalition gets in, as they screw up the economy people won’t be able to get out fast enough.

    • Cadwallader

      Couple that with Winston’s fruit loop policies we’ll be stuffed, utterly stuffed!

      • sheppy

        Yes it’s a huge shame as we could have a better standard i
        of living for everyone if we keep the idiots and their false promises away from power.
        MMP and 3 year terms seems to be the best way of making the poor poorer and keeping the economy depressed.

  • dyannt

    Last evening I took part in my first ever telephone political poll.
    As the interviewer asked the questions, I became more and more convinced that a Left coalition had no redeeming features and would be a disaster for the wellbeing of NZ

    • AnonWgtn

      We soon get cut off when we tell them our ages.
      Too old.

      • wiltinpenis

        Not too old – Too wise!

      • dyannt

        i didn’t think that he didn’t ask my age.

  • rockape

    A lot of migrants is good for NZ. Generally they come and start businesses,employ people and dont end up on benefit. Even the pension is paid for in most cases by the home country. NZ could do with double the population. It would creat an internal market and greatly increase the number of people Paying for those who cant get work or are Goverment employees rather than wealth generating employees. It can only be good for NZ.Even better if many are returning Kiwis.

  • steve and monique

    All I keep thinking about from personal experience is the cost to our health system, I worked for a DHB as a Credit Controller for many years and can honestly say that people don’t know the half of what goes on and just how much money is owed by non residents. They may say that the outstanding debt is low and they are stopping them from flouting the system but they don’t mention that they take their figures released to media AFTER all the write off’s. At one point, I was writing off $400,000 average every couple of months. It soon adds up. I think anyone visiting this country, short or long term, should have compulsory medical insurance built in to the cost of a plane ticket. You could do it for maybe $25 on top of the cost of the ticket. If you can afford to fly here, you should be made to make allowances for “just in case” scenarios. It should be enough to cover it as the reality is that a majority of people won’t need it. We as tax payers, are having a hard enough time paying for ourselves and our own bludgers. If they are coming to the country to work or contribute, then okay, come on in, or you are in immediate danger, then maybe, if not, we have enough bludgers of our own to deal with.