Another email from a reader about voter apathy

Further to my earlier reader email, here is another:

Hi Cam,

I believe the answer is the disconnect felt between citizens and the local bodies, there are really only two groups who feel connected;

Ratepayers who have a financial stake in the outcome (I would be interested to see the percentage of rate-paying voters, I’d be willing to guess around 60% of actual ratepayers voted) and the “politically aware” organised Greenie/Labour tosspots who want power for powers sake, and to force their own agenda using other peoples money.

In Wellington I’d guess 80% of Morrison supporters were ratepayers and 80% of Wade-Brown’s supporters were ‘politically aware” bludgers.

Unfortunately there are more bludgers than ratepayers.


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  • Whinging Pom

    What about ‘no representation without taxation’. Got a nice ring to it?

  • Col

    Respect your family, should never done it.
    Like stealing and saying sorry, fuck off Len

  • Col

    Fuckwit fuckwit setup by Len and JC.

  • Col

    What a fucking piss poor interview, cheap shot JC

  • Col

    JC had his chance to make himself the great one and he has fucked up with this wet interview.

  • Col

    I think JC wants her telephone number.

  • Col

    Cam you are a bad boy, Len doesn’t like

  • Col

    Lens trying to make out he is sorry, little shit, fuck off Len, no repair work will help.
    Take the walk.

  • Col

    Stand by me, stand by me take a walk Len, as for you fucking JC you just cut your own throat. that was really piss poor.

  • baw

    Imagine if each candidate had a price tag beside them of what they would cost.

    Many public services might be at risk.

  • anrky_al

    another deluded poor soul – all politicians regardless, want “power for powers sake”