Another good idea from George Osborne, I hope Paula has him on speed dial

Paula Bennett should get over to the UK or Skype in to George Osborne and follow along with that he is doing to end the culture of bludgers.

Benefits will be stripped from the long-term jobless unless they work full time picking up litter, removing graffiti or preparing meals for the elderly.

George Osborne will today announce details of the US-style ?work for the dole? programme, starting within six months and affecting 200,000 welfare claimants.

Revealed by the Mail last week, the ?300million scheme ends the concept of simply ?signing on?, the Chancellor will tell the Tory party conference.

And he will accuse Labour of allowing people to linger on benefits for years ? with no questions asked ? while letting uncontrolled numbers of migrants fill low-paid jobs.

Speaking on ITV’s Daybreak ahead of his speech, Mr Osborne said: ‘From now on, people are going to have to do something in return for those benefits.?

‘These are people who have been unemployed for three years, and we?re saying in return for that you?ve either got to do some work in your community like cleaning the graffiti up or cooking meals for the elderly or you?ve got to be signing on every day at the Jobcentre, or you need to be getting real help with some of, perhaps, your underlying problems like a drug problem or illiteracy.

‘So we?re saying there?s no option of doing nothing for your benefits. No something for nothing anymore.

‘People are going to have to do things to get their dole and that is going to help them into work ? that is the crucial point. This is all activity that is actually going to help them get ready for the world of work.’

I love the immigration announcement too.

Mr Osborne?s announcement is the centrepiece of the second day of the Manchester conference. In other key developments:

  • A ?deport first, appeal later? regime for foreign criminals and illegal immigrants will be announced by Theresa May;
  • David Cameron gave the strongest hint yet that a majority Tory government would withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights;
  • The ?Help to Buy? mortgage scheme is to be brought forward to next week;
  • Labour and the Lib Dems were accused of ?sneering? at marriage for condemning a tax break for married couples;
  • Tory HQ vowed to stop a handful of MPs trying to stand as joint Conservative-Ukip candidates.