Another taxpeyer funded Green stunt that wasn’t so cunning

So who paid for the Greens cardboard stunt – we did of course.

The Greens’ cardboard display cost around $3300 – $2150 for the materials and $1150 to book Aotea Square. A spokesman said it was funded from the party leaders’ office budget.

How many trees did they sacrifice?  What was the ink on the boxes made out of.  How did Metiria get to Auckland, in a plane using fuel?  Who paid for that?  

Instead of wasting money on another pointless stunt – the Greens could have donated it to their much-loved cleaners.  That would involve taking a principled approach – something the Greens talk about but never do.

My spies also took shots that show the Greens never really got the stunt working with the high winds in play yesterday in Aotea Square…probably all the spin from the mayors office.

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  • James Growley

    The mongrels are in denial here. Every shopkeeper will tell you that it is not the pokies that take the food out of kids mouths, its Lotto and their jackpots where the grocery budget gets spent.

  • Patrick

    Metiria is a material girl, she’s living in a material world

  • Mickrodge

    The Green Party of Aoteoroa New Zealand..”Setting the Standard for Sanctimony since 1990″

  • Harry B’Stard

    Cardboard coffins for green party members

    • jb

      Ah! Cardboard headstones!

  • Andy

    Have these guys really nothing better to do with their time?

    • or our money!

      • Andy

        It is like they never got over their student days.

        • mike

          If they were real students they’d be at Shadows getting pissed!

    • Team ENZ

      They have lots of time! they don’t work ! you n me , we are paying for these arseholes. Bleeding parasitic bludgers.

    • Andy

      It’s like the perpetual protest performance art.

      If you want to make the world a better place, make it so and stop the stunts

    • Mark

      That’s clearly a rhetorical question…

  • Teko Flaps

    They butchered trees for a stooopid protest that no one went to ? hahahaha. Would have been better off donating the cardboard to the Christchurch cathedral !

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I really wish that the fat one organised the event in Wellington on that day…with the wind that was blowing around in the capital, even the fat one along with the cardboard boxes would have been dumped in the sea…..

  • jb

    Fighting the wind huh.. Even mother nature doesn’t care for their stupid stunt…

  • James Howlett

    “That would involve taking a principled approach – something the Greens talk about but never do” If my memory serves me right, once upon a time the principled approach was exactly what the Greens did. I didn’t vote for them but I quite liked what they were about and considered them a reasonably positive part of the political landscape. These days I still don’t vote for them but I actively dislike what they have become and ‘reasonable’ is not a word you would even considering using to describe them.

    • Alfred12

      Yes James I recall the days of Rod Donald! Like you I never voted for them but the guy had integrity & was a genuine environmentalist, unlike this bunch of pathetic whiners & communists that get extraordinary airtime today.

      • Roland

        Rod Donald on the corner of our Street in Redcliffs electioneering, only one person listening and that was my son who was attending St Andrews college, Rods old school, he told my son to look after the Planet as best he could and take care of the old lady next door, I kid you not