Appearance on The Nation

This is my interview with Rachel Smalley on The Nation this morning.


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  • Josh Metcalfe

    God, she was really trying to sell Cam as the bad guy here.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Failed miserably, she looked almost embarrassed at having to ask the questions.

  • Whafe

    Was amazed that She could not conduct the interview when it went off of her script.

    Appalling really.

    There was not one piece of willingness to discuss that No Shame Len browns behaviour is and was shocking… Only wanted to question and discredit everyone but No Shame Len Brown….

    I expected more, far more

    • kehua

      What some of these so called Reporters need to remember is their life after their current Employers. What would the chances be of impressing another Employer given these apallingly biased counter factual interviews? Cam you are certainly on tune and coming across confidently and calmly, well done.

  • Azeraph

    God she’s Beautiful. Too bad.

    • And she’s smart. But they made the huge mistake of assuming 1) that Cameron Slater has been inconsistent somewhere (that’s a euphemism for lying), and 2) that his motivation was to take Len Brown down, and 3) that any statement by Bevan Chuang is likely to be correct if it conflicts with a statement made by Cam Slater.

      Slater is too smart and experienced to make public statements that are inconsistent, and people refuse to believe that claiming a Len Brown scalp is simply a bonus to his original motivation.

      All the way through, Len Brown’s spin monkeys have been putting the focus on Chuang, Palino and Slater. A complicit media believes them and that this is where ‘the real story’ must be. They simply can not accept Slater was a passive observer/reporter – there MUST be more….

      So far, Brown’s spin monkeys have been pretty much in control. After all, close to a million dollars worth of salaries, suits and political influence just has to have more credibility than a unkempt blogger – right?


      Watch as this starts to turn back to Len Brown.

      It is time people in the MSM begin to understand that Cam Slater is too experienced to be caught in a lie. Everything he says or writes is pretty much public record. He would have been toast a long time ago if he was MSU (making shit up). The skill of the expert political operator/spin doctor is to never resort to lies. Lies become like little time bombs. Eventually the clock runs out and they blow up in your face.

      • James Howlett

        Disagree. Having seen the interview, Cam was not ‘unkempt’. Looks like he even bought a new shirt?

        • Oi, I’m trying to frame him as the underdog. get out of my way ;)

          (I think he had to give the shirt back after the interview)

        • Mr_Blobby

          Needs to upgrade the ironing wok.

      • Azeraph

        Yep but people will still see Palino meeting up with Shuang late at night then see Luigi making contact with Cameron. He covered himself and long player sense must’ve made him iffy on Luigi and Shuang and the fact that his Dad was in that camp would’ve made me think Wtf! I would’ve rung my dad and bolloxed the old bugger knowing this could drag him into it, which they tried to do. I’m only speculating but people will still have that Palino meeting in the back of their heads.

        Don’t get me wrong, this story is a historical moment, if Cam wasn’t the one to break it then it might not have got so much attention. Hopefully this wakes Auckland up.

        • I know it is hard to believe, but I asked him the sames questions before the story broke. “Your father doesn’t know?”, “Really?”, “Why didn’t you tell him?”, etc.

          I haven’t quite worked the father/son relationship out, but as far as I can tell, there is no Son in Team.

          Closer analysis shows that none of this was useful to his father, or his father’s client Palino. The timing was wrong. The story existed as rumours for a long time. But as Cam explained, until he had the signed ‘confession’ from Chuang, he had nothing at all.

          And he wouldn’t have had that unless those idiots sent text messages about.

          Neither of the Slaters were involved. Cam didn’t tell Dad. And all that Cam has done is report on the story as he might have done as if he was the editor of The Truth. In fact, he recognised that he needed an old hand on the job and asked Stephen Cook to do the hard work.

          Everything was meticulously recorded. And he was holding an affidavit. Then he published.

          He didn’t leak.

          He didn’t manipulate.

          He didn’t lie.

          He simply reported.

          • Mr_V4

            I assume there will be more information next week?

            Drip it out guardian style?

          • You might well say that, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

          • Azeraph

            Can’t get passed the affidavit, it’s the can opener. Honestly i love this shit. We’re watching an unfolding story. On one hand you have a bungling JFK who sneaks his Madame Butterfly in and out of his offices, on the other hand you have the Corleone family and one of their nephews Luigi becomes romantically involved with Madam butterfly. Things come to a head as the couple realize the President though gracious in letting Butterfly go might not let them be together as she knows things. Luigi approaches Michael Corleone and begs his families head to intervene on their behalf but Michael in a fit of rage at the couples stupid antics makes a serious mistake, he demands to meet this girl that might get his entire family killed. Little did Michael know The Butterfly was a hornet in disguise and before he had a chance to get away Luigi steps up behind him.

            This is an unbelievable American soap opera right in front of our eye’s, we’re just missing seal team 6. You do understand i’m being humorous. I’m just making sure. It’s so ludicrous it’s unbelievable. Lolo

          • Cadwallader

            Agree but come on pick the actors for the roles…I can’t think of anyone silly enough looking to play the part of Brown. How about CV manufacturer Silent T?

          • 1951

  ! Now there’s a Carlos (down below) and he’s knockin’ on your door.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Will add two things to that Petal.

        “After all, close to a million dollars worth of salaries, suits and
        political influence just has to have more credibility than a unkempt
        blogger – right?”

        Probably 3-4 millions and no Brown no job, the new broom would probably clean house and put their own sycophants in.

    • Mr_V4

      You probably need to get out a bit more.

      • Mr_Blobby

        No this is real life, you just cant make this shit up.

    • Chancey

      that is truly sad

    • Carlos AkNz

      Huh, if you think that then you really need to travel overseas, problem in nz is guys like you over rate nz woman

  • Jonathan Pull

    I watched that for all of 3 minutes.
    Im not the sharpest knife in the drawer but all I got from that was that they were trying to pin something on Palino and ask the question 500 different ways until Cam gave them the answer they wanted.

  • Either way Len Brown is bearing the consequences of his own actions.
    He’s the one that offered Bevan the choice/opportunity.

    • SilentM

      Problem is he doesn’t appear to be bearing bugger all consequences

      • One way or the other, when’s the next poll ?

      • Patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day. There is a process :)

      • Chancey

        international MSM shaming is quite severe – nowhere to hide, sadly its dragging the rest of us down with him

  • SilentM

    Have now successfully moved the story to Palino and ex National Party people … won’t be long before Key is in the story and no one will remember that the story was about Dirty Len in the first place.

    • Yep. They’re still shooting the messenger.

      Because it was the Palino Campaign that made Len approach Bevan 2 years ago, sleep with her multiple times, give her references for a job, take her to council functions, and so on.

      What incredible foresight from the Palino Campaign!

      Poor Len. A complete victim for sure.

      • opusx

        Really, really pisses me off that the MSM are forgetting one incredibly important fact, Len put his cock into another woman’s vagina on Council time and property while a married man. He was not raped, he was not coerced…he was aroused, erect and willing. What this whole story has shown me is that politicians and their media minders believe it’s morally okay to root around and conduct yourself this way. If Len was the Commissioner of Police and this happened he would have been gone in a day…the media kicking him on the way out the door. So why don’t the same standards apply to LBP?

        • SJ00

          Agreed, this is what is annoying me the most. Anyone else and these guys would be calling for his head to roll. And it suggests that moving forward they are happy for this sort of behavior to happen again. Until it happens to someone that don’t like or who isn’t on their side. If this was a National MP, I wouldn’t be as vocal as I am, but I would still expect him to be gone. And the more they defend him, the more I’m going to shove it in their face every chance I get.

        • Grizz30

          And used the mayoral phone to speak to Chuang for the purposes of jerking off in the Mayoral office like an immature school boy.

        • Mr_Blobby

          Have you noticed the Mayoral car has tinted windows.

      • Mr_Blobby

        You mean they have been planning this little honey trap for over two years. Only to fuck it up at the last minute and release it to late to have any affect on the poll.

        Those dirty fuckers in the Palino camp.

        • Hard to get decent backstabbers these days.

          • Dave

            Easily solved Pet a l pop down to the Labour Party, or just visit the stranded. Both are desperate for new members and funds!

    • peterwn

      National has a policy of not involving itself in council politics or elections, so any links with John Key are tenuous at best. If I was in John’s shoes Len would have been my favoured candidate and I would now be saddened and saying ‘Duh’! John meets regularly with Len because of the importance of Auckland issues and last week’s meeting occurred as usual.

  • SJ00

    That was painful to watch. I could almost see Lenny in the rafters pulling the strings. Man these guys are doing their best to make the main story go away by making everyone else the bad guy. I’m surprised she didn’t suggest Cam etc were in the council chambers directing him where to stick his 2 minute wonder noodle at the time.

    • Cadwallader

      Why would you waste breath entering into this inane banter with an agenda-ridden bimbo? The sole purpose from her stance was to cobble together a conspiracy…not once did she address Brown’s atrocious judgment.

  • Chancey

    who was strolling through Howick Main Street today with wifey? …. Yes, you’ve got it. Mayor Brown looked very sullen with hands in both pockets, obviously has lonely balls right now and is having a bit of a feel

    • opusx

      Sorry, but wifey is turning out to be more of a fool than Len is.

      • Chancey

        brown is an uber fool – perhaps she is parading him because all the crockery is broken

      • Steve R

        roger that .

      • Jester

        I understand it would be hard for wife number 2 to go all gangbusters on adultery unless she also wants to comment on why he left his first wife and who for.

        Fucking socialists, shitting in their own nests since the start of time!

        • andie3007

          stupid cow deserves no sympathy……public prostitution of her daughters to try and salvage her sex mongering politically immoral husband shows she is no better than him and has no respect for herself or her daughters.

    • Yep, and she was missing her wedding ring.

    • dyannt

      I wonder when Len is going to do his first stroll down a South Auckland street? Not a lot of reports on how his christian power base feels about him.

      • Chancey

        Im looking forward to him walking down a north shore street

        • Steve (North Shore)

          Just tell me when please, if you find out

          • rrroberto

            I have asked him on his Facebook page to never set foot in the west. I suppose If he does come out here, he will at least make Mr Cunliffe look good. Speaking of whom , just how come the decent journalists trained and skilled, like that Herald guy who was floundering about yesterday, have neither asked Mr Cunliffe nor Wussel for their comment, there are currently opposing a Sky City Deal, and here we have the allegation of the most senior politician in Auckland Governance accepting favours from Sky City, surely the Labour Green Party should be demanding an inquiry??? Rachel Smalley David Fisher John Campbell, why don’t you ask them?

          • dyannt

            I can imagine that any elected public figure is keeping their head well below the parapet at the moment. Nobody will want to get on the wrong side of Whaleoil – who knows what he has waiting in the wings for release.

        • kehua

          He couldn`t do it pre Election, will defiately not do it post erection.

    • Huia

      were there holes in
      his pockets so he could play his favourite game>

    • AnonWgtn

      Was he on a lead ?

      • Mr_Blobby

        Remote controlled vibrator.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Shit if I had known I would have gone there and said something.

  • mike

    Why does TV3 have such a vested interest in protecting Len? All the interviews have been either sob stories about him and how unfortunate he is or attacks on Palino (who I think is an innocent party in all this) or on the people who broke the story.

    The real story is the misuse of office by Len Brown… not one peep about that little nugget of truth. This is why I don’t watch TV3 News anymore.

    • Dave

      To save their own skin, they are nailed to the Pinko/Labour/Union side, and DON’T want Cam to look like he is succeeding, as Cam is taking their audience. Actually not so much taking…….. they are leaving the MSM in droves, fed up with the ongoing bullshit and lies.

      The classic was Campbell (live/dead) giving Brown a hug, poor old Len, seduced by a younger woman, and forced to have sex with her for 2 years. God Help Len.

      • AnonWgtn

        Len was described in the voting papers as Independent.
        And the photo was taken in front of a labour banner.

        • Mr_Blobby

          Two face, speak with forked tongue.

      • Patrick

        That is the story within the story – the MSM are packing themselves because of who broke this, their world has been turned upside down. The have denied it for years but suddenly have to confront the fact that the MSM is dying a slow death. To think the likes of WOBH did a better job than them, with f all money or resources. They swan about in their high paying careers making celebrities out of each other without even realising that the paying public doesn’t give a flying toss about them.

        • GregM

          Very good comment Patrick. Despite the fact they have millions of dollars worth of staff and resources at their fingertips, they have been scooped by an ” irrelevant blog” who delivered the news, not an agenda.

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    Somehow Cam is the bad guy? The fuck is wrong with these people.

  • Rimutaka

    All I saw was a journo doing her job and asking pointed questions, was she hard on Cam, sure, why not. I thought Cam acquitted himself well. People read too much into somethings. We know Len’s a sleaze, he admitted as much (good PR management), but it seems Luigi is as much a sleaze.

    • Pete George

      I agree with Rimutaka, Smalley was doing her job pushing and probing, and Cam stood up to it.

      This interview isn’t the problem, it’s the lack of doing the same to Len Brown and holding him to account that’s the problem.

      • Chancey

        depends upon the job description – was she looking for enlightenment, or merely pushing the company line

      • Grizz30

        It seems the messenger is held to a higher standard than the perpetrator. Something has gone wrong. No wonder I do not watch TV3.

    • Nechtan

      Luigi isn’t the mayor and in charge of almost a $2billion budget.

      • OneTrack

        $6 billion at least once you add in the things they have either forgotten about or just dropped to make the project appear “cheaper”. Still no word on where all these additional people are actually going to go to in the city.

  • Steve R

    I find it hard to believe that so called professional media can run a line of questioning using assumptions around a time line that Cam has written about extensively . And when he’s proved them wrong take off on another tangent . Mate your a patient man Cam .
    Im looking forward to the hinted at next one to step forward .
    The idiot should have blown into a towel hahahaha

  • Kapow

    Well, she shows her true colours. Another liarbore hack.

    • The Prize of taking Cam Slater down is simply too enticing :)

    • Grizz30

      She maybe entwined in Labour Politics. However surely there is a bigger picture here she is fighting for. If a blogger becomes a credible news source with nothing more than a laptop and an internet connection, it will not be long before a vlogger has more popular TV current affair shows than mainstream TV channels.

      Smalley is probably fearful of her future in the industry.

      • OneTrack

        The way she does her “job”, she should be.

    • OneTrack

      She has been showing those colours for a long time. More a watermelon supporter though.

  • Chancey

    Rachel – lets strip this right back

    Brown compromised himself repeatedly of his own volition, and Aucklanders are not prepared to pay for it

    • blokeintakapuna


  • fozzie2

    Seems amazing to me that Cam – the master of the ‘political dark arts’ all knowing and all seeing, with the best connections did not see this coming …. or the consequenses ….. now all that is left is the explaining and we all know what that means.

    It’s not the crime but the cover up and there appears to be a lot of cover up happening in the past few days…….

  • Mr_V4

    There is a certain satisfaction in watching NZ media trying desperately to paint a conspiracy for something that has occurred entirely because of Lens deceit, at the same time the media self congratulating and thinking they are so smart. I am reminded of:

    And then they wonder why people are switching off,

    Pity this guy isn’t around to host their shows.

  • Chancey

    Classic Mr Slater at 10:58 you had her – left elbow and head shaking she knew she had nothing left, she wanted out of that room

    • andie3007

      stupid bitch as usual these pathetic tv host just love the sound of
      their own drivel…and they never listen. What is the point of having a
      guest on the show to share his opinion if you will constantly talk over
      the person and refuse to have a two way discussion/debate. Cam handled
      himself very well.

      • Cadwallader

        This “interviewer” and her ilk are best described by the great George Gilder: “Lip-glossed bimbos from the leafy suburbs!” They float through a middle class upbringing then purport to be the champions of the people. Pathetic irritating losers.

  • Chancey

    sorry 9:58

  • GregM

    What is wrong with these people ?? This story is NOT about Palino, Luigi, meetings in the carpark or Cam, or John Slater. It’s about Len Brown and his sordid behaviour.
    Why is the MSM giving him a get out of jail free card and not hounding him with a few hard questions ? The whole thing is a complete farce.

    • Patience Greg. The media first needs to extract the maximum juice from the fruit before it is discarded. They’ll go after one side, then the other, and then found a bonus 3rd and 4th angle to explore. They will issue the death blow to Brown when there is nothing else left. It makes them look balanced, but it really is just a technique to get the most amount of issues, viewers, pageviews from it before moving on.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Sounds logical but no it still looks like a PR white wash, using distraction techniques.

    • OneTrack

      Because they are tribal and Len is in their tribe. An unbiased media is a distant memory.

  • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

    Fascinating. So the texts came from Brown’s own family. That makes sense. It is a shame if his wife also got her knickers in a knot .. if those threatening texts had not been sent then maybe this would have never seen the light of day. This story sure is not finished yet.

    • Doubtful that Brown’s family would have access to the personal cell phone numbers of all the people that received a TXT.

      But you’re getting warmer.

      • fozzie2

        Gotcha …..

        • Cadwallader

          “inside job” a very brief inside job or inner workings as the case may well be!

      • Sidey

        You’re just loving dangling that bait in front of us aren’t you! But bait goes smelly after too long as the prey lose interest…..

        • GarethsPussy

          Indeed. Hate to say it, but the media spin weasels are currently 2:1 up.

          Whatever guns you’ve got, if you don’t fire them soon, then this issue will be over.

        • It’s the difference between knowing something and being able to prove it. I can’t make statements in public I can’t back up. That doesn’t mean that I don’t know. I’ve phoned that number myself and left several messages – before the story broke. I’ve also done other investigations about the type of SIM, and considered where it was purchased, what cell tower(s) were used when it was on, and if there is security footage at the shop that sold the SIM. But I have nothing at this stage that I can slap down ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.

          • Whafe

            Keep up the great work Team Whaleoil

      • GregM

        I’m no sleuth, but I would suggest that only 2 or 3 people in the Brown team would have the necessary contacts. And the motive and opportunity to do it.

        • Suspects would be James Bews-Hair, David Lewis, Len himself. from Len’s side.

          None from Palinos side…a because I have asked them and b it makes no sense.

          That leaves a possibl third party and due tot he wording of some it is a good chance it is a close friend or someone who knows Bevan Chuang…and thinks both Me and my father were involved…CCTV will be the clincher and I’ve heard the Herald is close to solving it…might become embarrassing to someone soon.

          Contrary to conpsiracy theories of LWNJs it won;t be me or Stephen that are embarrassed.

          If it is someone in Palino team then I’ll throw them under the bus hard. But I doubt it is them.

          • GregM

            My first pick is DL, my second choice would be LW, because he has no future where he is, and is on the way out anyway.
            EDIT: Go to bed man, get some sleep. :)

          • Jester

            My money is on Price

          • GregM

            Nah, something as scummy as this has David Lewis written all over it. ( who has the most to lose ). James Bews-Hair is too clever, and experienced, and Brown is too thick, and politically inexperienced to pull a stunt like sending threatening text messages. A tech savvy 12 year old wouldn’t do it.
            Jilted ( by all ) Wedgie the wog is my second pick, by a very narrow margin, who after all has nothing left to lose .

            Hows that for detective skills and #8 wire logic ?

          • Jester

            You could be right Greg.
            My thoughts were:
            Possibles: Cam, Stephen, Luigi, Price, Len, Bews-Hair, Team Lewis, Chuang
            Reason for making threats – A) get story out there or B)shut the story down.
            Camp A
            Cam – Just cant see it myself. The gossip was already out there.The only reason he would need to send it was to try and pressure Chuang into going public. Hell of a gamble that she would stand firm and not go to ground. There would be no point or sense in him sending texts to Slater Snr, McCully or the other un-named party as they offer no value.
            Luigi – I can see him pimping the story throughout the election but again, same as cam if he did it to pressure Chuang it was a gamble he didn’t have to take considering he knew enough details to leak to Cam direct. Also no need to txt other parties who offered no value.
            Stephen – Same as Cam
            Camp B
            Len – Wouldn’t have involved McCully or other un-named party. His modus op would have been to get to Bevan on the quiet and beg for mercy
            Bews-Hair -Too smart and savvy to be involved in this clusterfuck.

          • Jester

            You could be right but I think who the messages were to is more important than the content.
            Cam, Stephen, Len, Bews Hair, and Lewis received no benefit in sending McCully and the other un-named recipient a txt.

      • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

        Brown himself clearly gave them the numbers I reckon with the phone being meticuously anonymised.

  • Muffin

    Smashed her in the end, well done whale

  • andie3007

    pretty pathetic attempt by the interviewer to shift the blame and attention from Lenny … Well done Cam, you showed who was the professional in that interview..damn someone should give you a political TV show to host!!.

  • Super_Guest

    So what if Palino offered her a job. Palino was not, and is not the mayor. That’s so irrelevant, he didn’t win.

  • pukakidon

    This is a case of; when you are honest and open everything is easy to explain. Note how Two minute Len has kept away from the media other than his arse licking sychophantic butty boy Campbell. The MSM are floundering because they are so used to dealing with liars and deceit, when they buddy up to the likes of Len Brown at the black tie events paid for by the Auckland rate payer. They are so pathetic in there investigative ability they are stunned when things don’t go to script. I guess, if I had of shagged Rachel thereby cheating on my wife then it would be Rachels fault. What a bunch of sychophantic buffoons they are to try and blame the weird woman in this. I will give you clue MSM…… Len Brown is in the wrong here!!!!!

  • David Lewis

    For fucks sake.
    I don’t know why Cam bothers going anywhere near TV3.
    Brown got yellow fever and used his power to give her jobs and perks.
    End of story
    Who cares who knew what and when.
    Corruption. Spunking down the phone in his office and rooting in the mumbo jumbo room. Brown makes Shane Jones and Dover cock ring Samuels look like choir boys
    Brown will never quit. Lefties don’t.
    Even Darren Hughes waited until uncle Helen had lined him up with a massive London job and he was potentially facing serious sexual assault charges.

    • GregM

      Yep. Darren Hughes should have been charged with ” receiving swollen goods ” at the very least. :-D

      • P1LL

        hahaha , this comment made my day . Thanks Greg :)

  • chris73

    Just to provide some feedback, your performance on the show is probably (IMHO) your best appearance on TV yet. When you compare it to the work you did with Bomber you can see a lot of improvement which I’m guessing will lead to more apprences

  • Mr_Blobby

    Hey Rachel (don’t know who you are) Smalley.

    The real story is about a rooting Mayor. This may be a hard concept for your producers to grasp.

    Two points.

    1. Out of control bureaucracies like Auckland Council and probably TVNZ are cesspits of immoral behavior, there will be rampant rooting all over the place, I have witnessed this first hand working for a Government department many years ago.

    2. People like pants down brown, don’t just wake up one morning and say I think I will have an affair. They are serial rooters,generally they have been at it for a long time, with a well oiled act. This is just the first time they have been caught.

    Take a closer look at Auckland Council or a casual look at any Government department and you wont have to scratch to far under the surface to see, what I am talking about.

    With 6000 employees at Auckland Council, the number of affairs and so forth will go into the hundreds from the lowly cleaner/security guard right up to the top of the organization.

    The difference is in the disparity of standards, the lowest paid will be judged more harshly than a senior manager, the former will be sacked the latter will be covered up.

    A real investigative journalist would set aside the scripted teleprompter and do some real work and hold those in power to account.

    The odds a very high that this is not brown stains first go at the rodeo.

  • notrotsky

    Imagine if Paul henry was still on breakfast , his performance over the Len Brown affair over the last week would have been magnificent and the retards at the standard would’ve been calling for him to be given the death penalty.

    • At the risk of starting a riot, but i like Paul Henry. He’s had me in tears many a time, and as they say laughter is the best medicine.

  • motorizer

    Cam I for one appreciate your work so fucking much man. Your awesome. You conduct yourself with dignity and are one cool cucumber.

  • sarahmw

    how do these people get these jobs??? Way out of her depth poor wee thing. Honey, looks are great but a smart brain is even better when you want to appear knowledgeable on your subject and you need to have control of the interview. God she even did the paper shuffle. He cheated on his wife and did it on public time and space!!!! That is fact. Hoping Bevan is not being manipulated to to take the heat off Len.

  • Bunswalla

    “Bevan Chuang hasn’t been speaking to TV3 at all”

    “Bevan Chuang told us John Palino offered her a job if he became Mayor of Auckland. We have that in a statement”.

    Caught out in your own lies Rachel. Oh dear.

  • IntrinsicValue

    Very, very good. I have no idea how you retain your composure in the face of such inane questioning, but you did. Hat’s off to you.

  • Jdogg

    Way to attempt to derail the real story, Smally!! Nice job of standing your ground, WO! NICE!

  • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

    Interesting – after this excellent interview with Cam Slater it became crystal clear (to me at least) that Loony Len’s wife was the one who released those texts. She must have had her fury very effectively displaced towards the “conspirators” by ‘that man’ with the forked tongue. If indeed this was her (I do not believe anyone else could have done that) then she has brought this upon her husband as it is unlikely it would have seen the light of day otherwise. It is a very sad state of affairs for her and her family
    who are the most innocent in all this, at least up until the texts were sent the day after Loony Len explained why he had been forced to fess up – he otherwise clearly was not planning to do so.. And now Chuang feels sorry for Brown, WTF ?? The texts were of course carefully written, in the manner one might expect from a lawyer. She stuffed up.