What does the Auckland Council Code of Conduct say about Len’s behaviour?

The Auckland Council Code of Conduct for elected members makes interesting reading…

5.2. Honesty and Integrity

Members have a duty to act honestly and with integrity at all times.

Sorry Len, you failed that one already.

5.8.  Respect

Members should treat others, including council officers, with respect at all times. This means not using derogatory terms towards others, or about others, including in public- facing new media; not misrepresenting the statements or actions of others (whether they be other individual members, the Governing Body, Local Boards, committees or officers); observing the rights of other people; treating people with courtesy, and recognising the different roles others play in local government decision-making. 

Not sure how calling someone “Geisha Girl” and Manchu Girl” is showing someone respect, nor shagging them on the table in the Ngati Whatua Room respectful of Maori culture. Let alone the power relationship issues with staff and/or appointed council representatives on committees. Certainly ejaculating on them isn’t considered a courtesy.

5.11.  Leadership

Members should promote and support these principles by example.

Hmmm…shagging and masturbating in the office is the new standard as set by the leadership example of Len Brown?

7.8.  Ethics

The Auckland Council seeks to promote the highest standards of ethical conduct amongst its elected members. Accordingly, elected members will:

– not solicit, demand, or request any gift, reward or benefit by virtue of their position.


7.9.1.  Dress Code

It is expected that members will dress in a manner that does not bring discredit to the Council.

Not sure pants down up to your back wheels in your girlfriend on the table of the Ngati Whatua Room qualifies as good dress code at all times. Perhaps we need to explore this provision?

8.2.  Lodging of Code of Conduct Complaints

All complaints must be addressed to the Chief Executive1. Any allegation of a breach of the Code must relate to Section 7 of the Code, be in writing, make a specific allegation of a breach of the Code and provide corroborating evidence.

Complaints alleging a breach of the Code of Conduct may be made by any elected member or by the Chief Executive acting on behalf of staff or on behalf of a complaint from a CCO conveyed through that CCOs chief executive.

he Chief Executive may determine whether a complaint from a member of the public concerning an elected member constitutes a question of breach of the Code of Conduct. In making this determination, the Chief Executive may consult a convenor of the Independent Conduct Review Panel. The Chief Executive may determine jointly with a convenor of the Independent Review Panel to dismiss or terminate a complaint from a member of the public on grounds which may include that the complaint is frivolous, vexatious or has been adequately resolved.


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  • rusty

    1. If Len stood down now is he still only mayor elect and does that mean that the runner up (John Palino) would become Mayor?
    2. If he hangs in there until he is sworn in and then resigns is it still Palino or does it fall to his appointed deputy mayor (Hulse maybe) ?

    just askin”

    • Scott Wilkins

      no, if he stands down there will be a new election,

      • opusx

        You mean ‘when he stands down’

  • Shoreboy57

    This whole thing explains why Len was happy to support living wage for Council Cleaners – poor sods having to cleanup after him

    • LionKing

      God you have to feel for the cleaners, happily working away on $14.10 an hour, working from room to room, wiping down desks, etc. No wonder Len Brown wanted to give them the living wage – now we understand the reason why he was so supportive of the idea (knowing they’d be cleaning up his mess)

  • opusx

    Cam, can the councillors instigate a vote of no confidence in the mayor? There really should be no way this guy carries on receiving a ratepayer salary. If he stays Auckland will be lampooned the world over. It’s not like he’s the mayor of some back alley town FFS.

    • peterwn

      They can, but as far as I can see such a vote is meaningless since a council would not have the power to dismiss a mayor. The only applicable ‘higher authority’ would appear to me the Minister of Internal Affairs and even his hands are rather tied – he would probably have to do a ECAN on Auckland Council to dislodge the Mayor.

      If anyone else knows of a legal avenue to dismiss the Mayor of Auckland, or any other Mayor I would be interested to know.

  • Col

    So Friday night at council drinks, “so Len who are you getting up this week, oh old Cath Lizard wanted 2 minutes of my time”.
    I am amazed he thinks he can stay, I must say his PR has worked wonders in the last 18 hours because he is still standing. The push towards Cam here on WO is to blame for all this and it is political, so on and so on.
    So if you want to be Mayor you need to fuck around, and yes you can do it anywhere in office, and in office hours, fucked if I know ?

  • Col

    Well my morals just shootout the door, no one needs them, no one cares.
    Son if you fuck around you can become Mayor of Dorkland, one day.

  • blokeintakapuna

    I wonder if Shearer will ask the GCSB for a tape on the Ngati Whatua Room episode?

    Surely the security guard has some questions to answer also? Why would/should security allow 2 people to have sex on Council property and not report it? Or at least demand they stop it? Or did security join in as a complicit party to the fun?

    Was the security guard also threatened? It might explain their silence and lack of reporting it?

    Which then leads to another question of “How effective is ACC security?” Are they being bullied by the Mayor’s office?

    • Madarab Hasab Omb

      You could almost bet that Shane Jones would have requested the footage!!

      • Bob Murphy

        He was there with his camera.

        • Bunswalla

          As was Kris Fa’afoi

    • peterwn

      A security guard in this situation would be expected not to disclose any information gained during his duties to outsiders. His only ‘on the job’ communication would be to his boss or the company’s control room (assuming a contractor), or note it in an authorised log book. The company may advise the client via the usual client contact (eg the property officer) of any irregular happenings.

      In this instance a security officer may be in a dilemma whether to note or report the incident, but no way should disclose the incident to friends, media etc.

  • patrickstarr

    Unfortunately McKays history on Code of Conduct complaints has not been good. They’ve previously just closed ranks and paid off the complainants

    • layoutman

      Interesting – I could do with a few extra $ of my rates back,.. perhaps a complaint is in order.. in-fact if they are bombarded with complaints surely they would have to find a wet bus ticket to slap him. (or should that be train ticket)

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Maybe a bit of 30 Seconds would come in handy. Spray & walk away does seem the order of the day.

    • Roger

      Is Splay and Wark away the father?

  • Damon Mudgway

    Just been listening to National Radio, apparently Len has the support if the majority of his councillors. They believe his private life should not influence his ability to do his job. WTF.??? If this was the commissioner of Police or indeed any other Govt department, sacking would be the order if the day. Are we really saying that LBP are so far removed from such consequences that they don’t apply? This is not about Len having an affair in his own time, at his own cost. This is about him rooting an employee on Council property.

  • Roger

    Presumably someone with the facts is going to lay a complaint with the CEO under the Code of Conduct obligations of elected members – McKay would be bound to investigate and a sworn affidavit attesting as to Len’s activities in public reception rooms of the Council would be prima facie evidence of breaches of the Code of Conduct.

    • patrickstarr

      do a google search for; “doug mckay bullying” as these were all code of conduct complaints.
      You’ll find McKay just changes the rules to fit the desired outcome!

  • James M

    I’m loving every second of this scandal. Excellent work Cam, I hope the threats stop, it’s him that’s bought this on himself and yes it does concern Aucklanders.
    Full support from me

  • cows4me

    Honesty and integrity, the only chance Brown would know what these are is if they are woman’s names. Geez he’s unbelievable, last night on Campbell he claimed his family was his top priority, pigs arse! JC asked him if he was going to stand down, “no I have a council to put together and a city to run”. If he was so worried about his family he would stand down and spend time with them. He’s full of shit, the office, the trappings of power and privilege mean a lot more to Brown then his poor family.

  • Kizzy MCD

    cracks me up that so many have an opinion on Brown but what about Bevan, she knowingly had an affair, had sex in the office and carried it on for 2 yrs but now says things like he is a hypocrite for being Catholic etc. She is just a woman scorned and everyone who is publicly assassinating Len Brown have nothing better to do with their time. If the wife can forgive then lets move on to the next “big” issue.. She did an interview where she said that Euro men just want asians as a play thing etc then why did she stay with him? She sent dozens of text that went unanswered and all of a sudden this whole affair is being aired….this stinks of a bitter woman trying to destroy a mans career and nothing less..interesting to see if this gets published lol

  • Luby

    Ok, a question for Cameron. Will you lodge a Code of Conduct Complaint or raise that possibility with someone who has a right to? At the end of the day, it would seem you have all the details of what has happened, and just leaving the issue up in the air will not be enough. Len is too thick skinned to just go by himself. Is there going to be a petition organised for Len to step down, not for the affair per se, but for misusing his power as the elected representative of Auckland residents to obtain sexual favours, misusing Auckland funds for entertainment of his mistress, bringing the institution of Auckland Council into a disrepute by engaging in sexual activities in the Auckland Council premises, possible sexual harassment (sounds like there were some elements in the whole story), and again misusing his power to threaten the person he obtained sexual favours from going public about the whole thing.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    So if Len is still “happily married” and gave his young mistress a STI – it’s highly probable he also gave it to his wife also…
    Which would be a much more difficult conversation one would imagine having to explain both the affair and the STI…
    Who would have thought our Mayor a diseased prick…

  • Stu

    If a lowly security guard or a cleaner were caught having sex in the Ngati Whatua Room I think it very unlikely they would be allowed to continue in their job. Instant dismissal more likely and the fact it is the mayor this time should make no difference.

    • SJ00

      Someone should get hired as a cleaner, first night on the job do the nasty in the Ngati Whatua Room and the Mayors Office and see how quick they will get booted. Then take that to the media.

      • Hazards001

        Packing my bucket, mop and sponges now….errrrr…got a volunteer assistant in mind for the other position?

  • andrew carrot

    Rudman’s view that this episode will only shock our grandparents leaves me wondering what standards of appropriate behaviour this modern world commentator would accept from an elected official? His view that it takes two to tango is valid, but what if Len was exercising his ego in various CBD hotels with the aid of council minions? What if ratepayer-funded council staff and resources been committed to covering his tracks?

  • Andy C

    If len gave his wife an STI, then its highly probable she would have known about his rooting around before now. As that doesn’t seem to be the case, it seems more likely that she got the STI from someone else.

    • Hazards001

      You really are a fucking tool aren’t you?

  • Hazards001

    Seriously doubt most would disagree with you. Sure…she’s an opportunist ho bag that had the rug pulled out from under her and has gone all cry baby. I’d like to think she too will have to go get a proper job and no longer get a suck on the public tit.
    So what?
    Doesn’t change one thing…LBIAFC!

  • Bikersteve

    Do the rooms need to be renamed to avoid offending?

    Are they reserved for the just for the Mayor and Councillors? This could explain the current level of support? Is there a rota?

    Should the rooms be opened up to the rate paying public?

    As the mayor believes it is appropriate for the Town Hall be used for sex. To ensure equitable use of public resources why not offer it to the Prostitutes Collective? They could offer their services from a more convenient location. It would help clean up K’ road and improve the quality of Queen Street.

  • Stu

    Herald story today saying a security guard WAS fired mid 2000s after being caught having sex while on the job. For elected officials the same rules do not apply. Imagine the absurdity if Len had have been caught with an actual employee. The mayor could have kept his position while the other party gets fired. Madness.