The audacity of the invested media in the defence of Len Brown

NickK blogs at No Minister about the audacity…perhaps he should have said mendacity…of the media in essentially running interference in support of Len Brown.

One thing this whole sordid, grubby little affair has done has been to flush out the ethics of the media and show them up for the utterly biased scumbags most of them are, especially at the NZ Herald.

What is enlightening watching the Len Brown saga unfold is the sheer audacity of the left wing media and their ability to manipulate the story to suit their mate, Len Brown.

I’ll say at the outset that I think Brown can ride this out, if there are no other mistresses with tawdry affidavits splattered across the internet. He can take a couple of months off with his family and let Penny Hulse run things. By that time its Christmas and then there’s a further six weeks, or so, with no council business. By February 2014 people will still remember, but it is less relevant. I don’t think it’s an “offence” to resign over, but it comes pretty close. If there is abuse of council funds, or other women, then he’s toast.  

There are more and Len Brown knows it…lots more, and not just women.

He should also be congratulated for fronting up and admitting it at the first opportunity, and then going on TV exposing himself to ridicule.  That cannot have been easy, despite John Campbell’s best efforts to go as easy as he could on him.

But Len Brown is about the only one who has taken some personal responsibility.  His left wing media mates have been nothing short of a disgrace.

The NZ Herald’s attack via Brian Rudman on my father was nothing short of a disgrace. They might be selling a lot of papers off my story but the damage thy did in allowing such rubbish will be enormous. I hold the editor accountable and Shayne Currie really isn’t someone who should be engaging in a war over ethics with a blogger…not when you have secrets like he does.

When you consider Fran O’Sullivan’s remarkably mature and sensible article on the matter, and when one also considers the legal plight of Jock Anderson (who was sacked from the NBR for writing a positive article on Brown and why he should stay in the job!) the drivel from Brian Rudman and Bernard Orsman is disgraceful.  And that’s being polite.  O’Sullivan and Anderson can hardly be considered as being from the left, yet they showed their professionalism while Rudman and Orsman showed their partisan hackery substitited for journalism.

It simply isn’t relevant whether Palino knew, or didn’t know.  It isn’t relevant he met her after the election.  It isn’t relevant whether John Slater knew, or didn’t know.  It isn’t relevant whether Bevan Chuang was also having it off with the Italian Stallion, Luigi.  It isn’t relevant whether it was a “honeytrap”.  It isn’t relevant whether the VRWC was involved.

It is relevant that the Mayor of our “Supercity” had a mistress that he helped get a council job for!  Who broke the story, or what others from the Right knew, and when they knew it, is completely irrelevant.

The left wing media, via its lead advocates Rudman and Orsman, are showing themselves up for what they really are: People who simply cannot accept that people should be personally responsible for their actions, unless of course it’s Richard Worth or John Banks.

With these two, if a leftie is getting stick it’s always someone else’s fault.

I’m surprised the government hasn’t been blamed for Mayor Brown’s plight.

Bernard Orsman and Brian Rudman are really what the army would call embedded journalists…in the mayors office. Like the army and its embedded journalists, sometimes there are casualties. The body count is going to start to mount soon.


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  • Toryboy

    If you are so upset then …. fire away.
    Tell all – they would not hesitate to carve you up; tell us all about Brown, and Currie and others.
    It is frustrating when someone says “I could tell you all about him…but I won’t” – just after being given half a dozen bloody noses by those people.

    • rrroberto

      No, Cameron adopts the correct strategy, never fire all your guns at once, especially if the target is very slimy and well protected by minders and blind media

      • Toryboy

        I have a better idea! – let’s wait until 7:01pm on election night 2014 before firing the guns.
        In the meantime let’s just wander around the battlefield looking for someone to surrender to…

        • rrroberto

          No , you need to follow Rommel when faced with a powerful foe, work your way around, choose the target and attack that specific target with concentrated force .Attack from the sides and from behind and avoid a head on confrontation with a better resourced foe. Lying Len is using your rates, a bottomless pit, as he can indebt your decendents well into the future, to fight this action. By all means fire the guns, but with a limited supply of ammo, make sure that every round counts. Lying Len Brown will get up after each shot no matter how heavy that shot is, but each shot will take out one of the supports, until ultimately, he has to face up all by himself, no spin weasels, no tame John Campbell, no hypocritical stories from his daughters, Just Len, all by himself, answering the questions as to why he should remain as Mayor of Auckland.
          Sorry to mention the daughter’s, but I was particularly disgusted when he pleaded on Campbell Live to leave them out, thumbs up to that, But then the next day he himself brought them in. Also noted that there was one innocent and particularly important family member who he did not bring in, and took that as meaning his appalling spin weasel D Lewis could not force her signature to a charade. Good on her!

    • You have alot to learn about Mr Slater.

      • Col

        I like the sound of this, for services for the enjoyment of others, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.
        A rise SIR CAMERON SLATER.

    • drummerboy

      Nah, if you release things one at a time every one will focus on the one thing, but if you release it all at once there will not be enough attention given to each individual piece of info.

    • kehua

      Patience is a virtue Tboy, remember good things take time…….bad things a little longer.

  • Nechtan

    Apart from his view that Len can ride it out I agree with him. The MSM and the Herald in particular have been falling over themselves to vindicate Len. It the sort of of spin you would expect from an old school cold war communist country “decadent west corrupts our great leader”. Pathetic, my only worry is the great unwashed will buy it.

  • LionKing

    Unleash the dogs of war

  • maninblack

    Fuck Rudman, that was a disgraceful article. Hope he gets sued.

    • Cadwallader

      Yes indeed! When does Rudman ever display anything short of his being a leftie entitlement junkie?

    • Nechtan

      It was disgraceful, I think as Rudman couldn’t get Cameron directly he had a crack at his father ,knowing it would semi achieve his aim. Speaks more to Rudman’s character (or lack off) than anything else.

      • Magoo

        Rudman’s trying to distract attention away from Len Brown by any means possible – as Cameron says, he’s running interference. He’s trying to bait Cameron into a battle about his father so that he’ll stop badgering Brown. Rudman will get his, but at a time when it won’t be a distraction.

        Climate change alarmists do the same thing when they’re losing a debate, try to change the subject. The secret is to to stay on track and single minded, dealing only with the facts – the more they change tack, the more you drag them back to the inconvenient facts that they can’t answer & are trying to escape from. Don’t give them an escape route.

        • Salacious T Crumb

          Why? Did he enjoy a peal necklace from the Mayor as well?

          • Magoo

            I get the impression Rudman is more of a felcher.

          • Guest

            Rudman comes across more as a felcher than a pearl necklace recipient:

        • James Growley

          Rudman is a card carrying cunt.

  • Alloytoo

    “There are more and Len Brown knows it…lots more, and not just women.”

    Oh……..I heard …something, discounted it…….heard it again……..reserved judgement…..Now I wonder

    • Hazards001

      TIPLINE….hehehehe :)

    • Random66

      Please don’t tell me it was a child or a family pet!

      • 1951

        Sorry down vote not intended , blame this bl..dy touch screen thingee. While I’m here though, any investigative journalist bothered to ‘sniff-out’ to see if there is any ‘back-handers’ (besides the Hotel comforts)? Something that usually go hand-hand with that part of Asia that Len visited.

        • Random66

          No problem, done it myself as well in error on occasion. For future reference If you hit the down vote again it undoes it – works the same way on the up vote.

      • Alloytoo

        Nothing I would personally give a damn about, but then I’m not part of Len’s target constituency, who might give a damn.

    • Marjon Dufrenne

      Yes there is at least one more who is too afraid to come forward. Another naive asian woman who my friends have tried to encourage. What a shame as that would definately be the straw to end egomaniac Len’s dream. I live in hope as Council debt continues to rise.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Dear New Zealand Herald,

    Just for the record I am about as middle class as you get. House, family, good job and a wide circle of friends and acquaintances who on the whole think the same way as I do.

    I have decided to still occasionally read your paper even though the last week has been a final straw for me with the biased, unethical, advocacy based disinformation you have masqueraded as journalism.

    The reason I will still have a look? I will be actively boycotting all companies that advertise with you. If that means I have to pay a bit more on occasion then that’s fine; I can more than afford it. What’s more, I’ll be encouraging everyone I know to do the same and to encourage everyone they know to do likewise.

    Hell, I might even email/facebook every company that pimps their products with you and send them this email because obviously you are oblivious to the justified criticism you have received via the blogosphere lately.

    Maybe, insolvency is the only way you will learn what the true role and nature of the news media is, should be and that actually, you don’t represent my opinions or beliefs. Please stop trying to and just do your job. Facts, not fiction.

    Good luck with those shareholder meetings in the future and best organise crisis counselling for your telemarketers if they should ever ring my household offering subscriptions.


    S T Crumb (Mr)

    • 1951

      Ditto from subscriber no.90519646 who cancelled subscription out of share disgust in Aug 2013.

    • Col

      I like this car and I would purchase it just like that, but the wife told me don’t buy that ???????? make of car or else you will have to find a new cook, and cleaner, this is because she saw you advertising in the Herald, and she said that paper tells porkies. So sorry mate I need to go over the road and buy that car for the Mrs, see ya. I really did want that car, see ya.
      2 of those a month would fix it.

      • Salacious T Crumb

        We should establish a “Brown Card”. Show it to a prospective retailer “Oops, sorry. I see you advertise with the Herald”.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      I understand from my Labour spies that for every right winger who cancelled the Horrid subscription, another 50 left wingers are starting subscriptions……

      • Mark

        Whose money are they using to purchase said subscriptions?

        • Patrick

          Be an additional payment under WFF soon as Cunliffe gets his feet under the table at the beehive.

        • FredFrog

          Whose money are they BLUDGING to purchase said subscriptions.


        • Col

          Comes free with every Tinny purchased

      • kehua


  • drummerboy

    Cam, you could make a killing from defamation cases.

    • In NZ that’s not really the outcome. Even winning a case rarely results in damages that make it worth the endeavour.

      • drummerboy

        That’s lame.

  • john

    cam he has to go /. he is a con man ,.what else has he been up to . sack him auckland dont be cool and say good on you , lens days are up ,mind you judge christain got the sack , to slezze back in at a later date , go get a busines len and see that a million a year is hard to make ,
    I thought you where a decent bloke showing up with your kids , and as far as your wife goes she must be a tramp , hope you folk did not do threesoms with the kids watching .perhaps she liked girls as well, len you are not well i am thinking about getting a search warrant and checking out your computer ,
    and i hope this is not the culture at council .i hope its not like the culture at tvnz where you have ex police man thompson aka toursen aka thomson dip of detectives running security running around tvnz putting the shits up the place ,
    there is so much wastege at these placers full of guys trying to be cool .sucking up to the mps .i say time to go through the likes of tvnz and council put in independent company directords to watch .
    changers have to happen

    • Nechtan

      Wow, way out of order John. Bag Len all you like leave the wife and kids out of it.

      • john

        hey no hard feelings .perhaps what that is more than likely the truth should not be discussed ,just in case more than likely and on the balance of proberbilites could be the truth .
        any how no problems .i still think your site is a lot better than wasting time on trade me ,

    • Lion_ess

      Do yourself a favour and edit the slime out of your post.

  • Whafe

    This is about winning the war, not every battle..

    This needs the strategy that the Whaleoil team are exhibiting…. To take down the MSM is no 2 minute wham bam like #noshamelenbrown does…..

    Patience and concerted effort, build the groundswell against the pathetic left media whom are put in their place by the above blog post and Whaleoil & team in general

    Go hard and get amongst it

  • MarcWills

    The only real way to make the Horrid accountable is to make them insolvent, as suggested by S T C above. So I suggest all of you who think they have now gone too far – ring up on Monday and CANCEL your subscription (if you still have one.) I can’t because I read it on-line only, or in my local library.

  • “Shayne Currie really isn’t someone who should be engaging in a war over ethics with a blogger…not when you have secrets like he does.”

    This is going to get ugly.

    Advice: Go tell people where your bodies are buried before Cam does. It may have saved Len Brown’s marriage.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Deckchair… beer… popcorn… Check!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Two sentences make me tremble in fear….

    “There are more and Len Brown knows it…lots more, and not just women”

    “The body count is going to start to mount soon”

    Only the messiah Curryleaf is standing with his head held high in this saga. His CV fudging has been long forgotten….

    • rrroberto

      I have asked my MP, the Hon Member for New Lynn, Leader of Her Majesties Loyal Opposition, to call for an enquiry into the issues at Auckland Council, which includes the possibility, or perception, of votes for sale, remembering his worship the Mayor voted for Sky City Deal, but we didn’t know at that time that he got freebies from them..I know for a fact that this is an issue dear to the NZ Labour Party and Green Party partners , so I am expecting an immediate demand for an enquiry. I am less optimistic about a reply from my honourable member, I did ask him to express my concerns to the former leader of the opposition regarding the GCSB bill. I thought it actually better that the govt of the day fix up the errors in the legislation crafted by the prev, govt, of which my honourable member was a minister. But so far no reply. Hey! its a few months, who care what constituents think or feel, maybe the modern MMP version of MP does not need to reply to concerned constituents, especially if they do not conform to the world view of the Labia Partei.( National Socialist NZ Workers Party) Hence I am not anticipating a quick reply, but if the Hon Member for New Lynn does not reply in due course, I shall certainly be asking the Whale Army to give him a reminder that electorate MP’s first and foremost serve their constituents. I trust Sir Cullen’s Sidekick will also encourage the Hon Member for New Lynn to actually answer queries put forward by people who, unlike the Hon Member himself, do actually live in New Lynn, and have done so for most of their lives. I would certainly hate to ask the NZ Labia Partei (National Socialist NZ Workers Party), to actually replace the incumbent with a born and bred Westie , which would be a close cousin to Waitakere Man, But if he cant be bothered to deal with constituency matters, then I shall have no choice. I trust SCC will advise the Hon member accordingly. Question, apart from JT, does the Labia Partei actually have anybody who would vaguely fit the pic for Waitakere Man? Come on SCC you have all the answers.

      • Patrick

        Slight correction if I may:

        National Socialist Workers Party of Aotearoa.

        Every good commie knows you need to refer to NZ using the pre colonial name, otherwise you are perpetuating the oppression of the tangata whenua by the evil colonial overlords.

        • rrroberto

          Well lets assume that there was a pre colonial name, and assume that name was Aoteoroa. A big assumption but not the right time or forum to debate. Just get the word order correct, National Socialist Aotearoaian Workers Party, the word order matches better with their more famous historical counterparts, the National Socialist German Workers Party, (National Sozialistiche Deutsche Arbeiter Partei NSDAP) normally abbreviated to a four letter acronym NAZI
          On reflection, not quite appropriate as the “worker” element is conspicuously absent in NZ Labour, so the 5 letter acronym LABIA proposed some time ago remains the best fit for the Partei of NZ National Socialist and assorted misfits. Forgive me, I once was one, but left before Mike Moore went to Canterbury

  • blokeintakapuna

    When the 4th Estate media industry, the self proclaimed bastions of our democratic freedoms, when they aren’t interested in providing just the plain facts… What does that say?

    Control the information and you can slant the narrative held true when only radio and newspaper “news” was available. Since New Media blogs, the MSM can’t control the information… And thanks to places like WOBH, the Truth gets out and numerous matters are discussed.

    And the MSM are smarting because of it… It’s like Whale gave them all a collective professional Wedgie schooling them in so many ways.

  • Bad__Cat

    While I cancelled my subscription to the Herald some time ago, because of its slanted view ( that’s a euphamism), I did read the free copy at work as a kind of overview of Left Wing sordid activity.

    No more. After their stinkingly blatant attacks on what I believe are pretty honest people, I’m going to make my views known.

    When the Herald gets passed to me at the lunchroom, my comment will be: “Herald? Nah, I don’t read that crap!”, or “That Left Wing bullshit! No thanks” or words to that effect.

    At the ripe old age of (REDACTED) I’ve been turned from a centre-right supporter to a centre-right activist. Thanks WOBH, for opening my eyes yet again.

  • Phil Moore

    As an Aucklander abroad its pretty amazing that Brown has not resigned yet. What is equally amazing is the Heralds bias towards helping him stay in office. The biggest story they ran today on Red Len is how apparently 51% of Auckland would vote him back in. I doubt that but in any case that is hardly ‘the story’. For me I dont care if Len wants to wank at work or not. I do care about my rates being wasted on a guy that takes his girlfriend to meetings she has no right to attend, uses his influence to get her jobs, and most worryingly, is stupid and arrogant enough to have people threatened by text messages. Brown is a mean and nasty man, not someone I want running Auckland.

    • Day Day

      The Herald disgraced themselves this morning.

    • Patrick

      Probably wouldn’t get 50% support within his own household at the moment, let alone out in the street.

  • Doug

    While Rudman is running interference for Brown, we are being saved from where is my Theatre.

    • Nechtan

      If theatre is a good, popular and important as he says, why doesn’t he build/buy one and run all the shows/culture he likes? Surely he’d be racking it in?

    • Mark

      Who needs a crappy little theatre when the biggest show in town is playing right here on WOBH? :-)

    • Patrick

      Brown will remember & repay the loyal lapdog later, one shiny new all singing all dancing theatre will be on its way forthwith. Rudman will have prime seat where he can rub himself with glee

  • LabTested

    ‘There are more and Len Brown knows it…lots more, and not just women’

    WO Please, please buy a bigger server before this shit hits the fan!

    • Muffin

      Hear that, my work laptop is still only bringing up Tuesday front page , super annoying

  • Raine

    geez there’s more twists and turns in your story than a bendy road, lol.

    maybe you should sit down … you’re starting to look a bit dizzy. :)

  • Lesley Young

    You think the Herald is bad up n Auckland, you should try coming to Wellington and reading the Dompost for a left leaning bias – worst offenders, the editor, Travey Watkins, Venon Small, Andre Vance, Tom Scott It’s rotton to the core here frm the cartoons they produce upwards.Very disappointed that The herald is the same, just glad that whale oil is a credible alternative for anyone wanting a bit more balance in the coverage of important issues facing New Zealand.