The audacity of the invested media in the defence of Len Brown

NickK blogs at No Minister about the audacity…perhaps he should have said mendacity…of the media in essentially running interference in support of Len Brown.

One thing this whole sordid, grubby little affair has done has been to flush out the ethics of the media and show them up for the utterly biased scumbags most of them are, especially at the NZ Herald.

What is enlightening watching the Len Brown saga unfold is the sheer audacity of the left wing media and their ability to manipulate the story to suit their mate, Len Brown.

I’ll say at the outset that I think Brown can ride this out, if there are no other mistresses with tawdry affidavits splattered across the internet. He can take a couple of months off with his family and let Penny Hulse run things. By that time its Christmas and then there’s a further six weeks, or so, with no council business. By February 2014 people will still remember, but it is less relevant. I don’t think it’s an “offence” to resign over, but it comes pretty close. If there is abuse of council funds, or other women, then he’s toast. ?

There are more and Len Brown knows it…lots more, and not just women.

He should also be congratulated for fronting up and admitting it at the first opportunity, and then going on TV exposing himself to ridicule.? That cannot have been easy, despite John Campbell’s best efforts to go as easy as he could on him.

But Len Brown is about the only one who has taken some personal responsibility.? His left wing media mates have been nothing short of a disgrace.

The NZ Herald’s attack via Brian Rudman on my father was nothing short of a disgrace. They might be selling a lot of papers off my story but the damage thy did in allowing such rubbish will be enormous. I hold the editor accountable and Shayne Currie really isn’t someone who should be engaging in a war over ethics with a blogger…not when you have secrets like he does.

When you consider Fran O’Sullivan’s?remarkably mature and sensible article on the matter, and when one also considers the legal plight of Jock Anderson (who was sacked from the NBR for writing a positive article on Brown and why he should stay in the job!) the drivel from?Brian Rudman?and?Bernard Orsman?is disgraceful.? And that’s being polite.? O’Sullivan and Anderson can hardly be considered as being from the left, yet they showed their professionalism while Rudman and Orsman showed their partisan hackery substitited for journalism.

It simply isn’t relevant whether Palino knew, or didn’t know.? It isn’t relevant he met her?after?the election.? It isn’t relevant whether John Slater knew, or didn’t know.? It isn’t relevant whether Bevan Chuang was also having it off with the Italian Stallion, Luigi.? It isn’t relevant whether it was a “honeytrap”.? It isn’t relevant whether the VRWC was involved.

It is relevant that the Mayor of our “Supercity” had a mistress that he helped get a council job for!? Who broke the story, or what others from the Right knew, and when they knew it, is completely irrelevant.

The left wing media, via its lead advocates Rudman and Orsman, are showing themselves up for what they really are: People who simply cannot accept that people should be personally responsible for their actions, unless of course it’s Richard Worth or John Banks.

With these two, if a leftie is getting stick it’s always someone else’s fault.

I’m surprised the government hasn’t been blamed for Mayor Brown’s plight.

Bernard Orsman and Brian Rudman are really what the army would call embedded journalists…in the mayors office. Like the army and its embedded journalists, sometimes there are casualties. The body count is going to start to mount soon.