Award winning journalist can’t tell father from son

This is just too funny to let slip by unnoticed





John.  Cam.  Easy mistake.


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  • Toryboy

    Yes, just like it is so easy to mistake Lyndon Johnson for Magic Johnson

    • Sidey

      Or the Herald for a trusted source of news.

      • Steve R

        A candidate for quote of the day surly

        • Sidey

          Who you calling surly!

  • CommonSense404

    Well you did give him 4 opportunities to correct – more than generous I’d say. Any follow up? Like an apology for instance? DFIAFC

    • Mr_Blobby

      It would have to be dragged out of him.

      Weasel comes to mind.

      Think of him no more.

      • I managed to get an apology out of him once. He accused me of using a fake name.

        • Mr_Blobby

          Was it worth the effort.

          • It was given without having been asked for, so yes ;)

  • SJ00

    David Fisher calling someone else out for being less than 100% honest? Wow. Lucky his own shit doesn’t stink.

  • Not Mark Richardson

    It’s obviously hard to read the paper when your head is so far up Kim Dotcom’s ass

    • Mr_Blobby

      That is going a bit to far. Before you hate on Dotcom to much at least wait until he is charged with something.

      • Whanga_Cynic

        And his previous prison sentences (1994 & 2003) count for nothing, then? He’s a convicted criminal (computer fraud, data espionage, insider trading and embezzlement). Odious twat should never have been let in the country in the first place.

      • He has been charged with something Mr_Blobby. As soon as he is extradited, the FBI will throw the book at him, then throw the bookshelf for good measure.

        Here’s the indictment against Dotcom –

      • Not Mark Richardson

        Try the fat cunt’s real name if you can’t work Google properly

  • blokeintakapuna

    Seems @Dfisherjourno gets another award… Another Whale spanking!

    • rrroberto

      If Fisher is the one referred to as “gurnard” ,in the interests of accuracy, the name should be changed to” flounder”

      • kehua

        Crab would be better, they live under rocks.

        • Patrick

          I vote for flounder because he lies like a flat fish

          • rrroberto

            and lives at the bottom

          • FredFrog

            And eats shit.

          • Hazards001

            Fisher would still have to reach up to scratch a flounders belly.

        • Or a bottom feeding catfish.

  • Nick

    More good work from a decent journalist, trained and skilled

  • Pete George

    He has at least apologised…

    David Fisher @DFisherJourno
    Quite right – apologies @Whaleoil. Carry on smearing.

    …but added a jab which apart from being ironic tends to diminish any sincerity.

    • Nick

      Why does the Herald editor have time to have verbal stoushes on twitter all day anyway?

      • Dave

        Because, nowdays just about all stories are copied from their affiliated news media pals, and sub editing is most likely contracted to offshore slaves in places such as India or Asia. Most Likely……

    • Hi Pete, well done for having a crack at the Dunedin Mayoralty.

      • Time For Accountability

        Yep and Pete – for your future campaigns – which current DCC councillor was elected who with inside knowledge of a 16.7m fraud allowed an increase in the employee fraud insurance from $2m to $5m 28 days prior to the employee being investigated.

        Perhaps you could ask him if they ever got and insurance payout.

        If not why not.

        • Time For Accountability

          The answer may qualify for the next round of dodgy LBC selections and take the throne from Murray Douglas.

  • Dave

    Message to Fisher. Easy Mistake – NO, a complete F…up.

    You really are a first class idiot like WO says. How can you claim to be a Journalist, and how can anyone take you seriously, or believe you report correctly, when you CANT even read, or attribute quotes to the correct person.

    A massive fail, but congratulations, you have just qualified for a successful career at the Herald.

  • Random66

    Now that’s just embarrassing for DF. So that must be why he is still supporting Len, he just hasn’t comprehended what was said and done and by whom.

    • Dave

      He is NOT interested in Comprehending, just continuing to try and water down anything that reflects on Browns, or the loony lefts credibility – if they had any!!

  • Goldie

    There seems to be a very major failure of corporate governance at the Herald where you have staff indulging in twitter wars with a blogger (and losing!) and Rudman doing completely bizarre conspiracy theories.
    Seriously – I am a manager, and if my staff were carrying on so unprofessionally (not to mention so bizarrely in their behaviour) I would have intervened a hell of a lot earlier and had them on stress leave pending dismissal. Are the shareholders of APN aware of what is going on?

    • MarcWills

      At least the NBR takes decisive action when their Journalist defies the Editorial Board insructions. The Horrid – nah, no principles! (Except money is King.)

    • Patrick

      Problem is NZ Herald & other MSM organisations are focussed on playing the man not the ball, they see WO as the enemy not the failure of Brown to uphold a moral & ethical standard.

  • patrickstarr

    “He was not offered, or has accepted, free hotel stays in connection to the relationship”

    speaking of mistakes – thats a pretty big claim!

    • Patrick

      Great to see the Auckland Council CEO’s inquiry has been done & dusted then “He was not offered, or has accepted, free hotel stays in connection to the relationship”

      Get that man a Tui.

  • Annie218

    Classic MSM – fingers working away before eyes connect to brain! Another example can be seen on The Nation – what hopeless journalism when you can’t deviate from your pre-planned script and think on your feet. Tell me again how these people get “awards”.

    • Mr_Blobby

      It is very simple they grant the awards to themselves.

      I also watched the Nation and also noticed that the fluster when told lets get back to the the real news and facts of Brown indirections.

      Send her back to the news room.

      Don’t laugh this is real and serious.

      • Patrick

        You see much the same in NZ particularly with radio news, doesn’t matter which radio station you tune into the length of the land you will hear the exact same news stories.

        • Mr_Blobby

          A bit different because there are 2 main radio networks in New Zealand. They basically run the same show up and down the country the only difference is the frequency and the very occasional locational spot like a traffic report.

          In the case of the US the news is coming from an unknown source, and everybody reads the same blurb word for word.The problem I have is that all of our International news comes from the same source, little more than B grade propaganda.

  • Mr_Blobby

    David Fisher, what a nob.

    Now man up and apologize.

  • GarethsPussy

    I wonder if what these people are “trained and skilled” in is the exact same activity Len undertakes whilst at his desk?

    • austenpub

      “Trained and skilled” – in rewriting hand outs – just not good at reading them in the first place! Churnalism awards – just order what you want.

  • out2lunch

    journalists are shit tier in this country. especially since the NZPA got dissolved. most of them get their info from press releases which means they are not out their doing any proper investigative work.

  • Eiselmann

    If he didn’t know the difference between a father and a son who have to wonder how he managed to get employed surely he’s not the height of journalism in this country…elsewise he knew exactly what he was doing by not defining which Slater he was quoting thereby misdirecting the public ,so how can he be trusted?… wonder the Herald is dying

  • kehua

    Classic, only in Auckland??????? Kick em in the nuts Cam.

  • Patrick

    Go easy on him, pretty hard to concentrate while simultaneously performing fellatio on Dot Krim and Lenny the Lecherous

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Is it possible to un-read something?

  • Phar Lap

    Hard to believe that Fran O’Sullivan works with that lot.Seems sadly birds of a feather.

  • GregM

    Comedy gold. #idiot indeed.

  • Phar Lap

    Was wondering if David Fisher really is fishy,like a kipper.A two faced bastard with no guts.

  • MrAuz1989

    One news post on the radio reported Cam as John Palino’s son. They just aren’t trying any more.

    • Whaaaat?

      • Mr_Blobby

        What do you mean whaaaaat? you sound surprised.

    • GregM

      Yep, I heard that too.

  • drummerboy

    Considering that the media gives themselves these “awards” haha