Banks shows more integrity than Brown

John Banks has resigned as a minister pending private litigation over the vexatious claims by a bankrupt, convicted blackmailer and tax cheat.

ACT Leader John Banks has resigned from his ministerial posts effective immediately in the wake of the Auckland District Court decision to send him to trial over his donations.

Mr Banks said he had told the Prime Minister’s office last week that he would offer his resignation if the matter was committed to trial.

“I have spoken to the Prime Minister this afternoon and he has accepted my resignation.

“I believe the decision in the Auckland District Court was wrong and I will be contesting the charge. However I do not want this to be a distraction from the Government’s programme.”

In doing so he has shown that he has buckets more integrity than Len Brown who is refusing to quit after using the Auckland Town Hall as his personal bordello. 

John Banks still only stands charged, the court case is yet to occur, and he may still win, yet has taken the honourable option and resigned. Trevor Mallard never did this when he was pursued by Graham McCready.

Ironically he is court for donations that Len Brown also recieved, and funnelled through a secret trust account, Brown of course faces his own challenges and yet remains defiant.

John Banks has shown far more integrity than the Mayor…when will he resign for his activities which are far more outrageous than anything Graham McCready can allege of John Banks.

The courts are far too lenient with these self represented ratbags…especially ones with a history o vexatious litigation.

Still at least Banksie has got the courage to defend himself rather than run scurrilous little smears like the Mayor does.


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  • Josh Metcalfe

    It’s a shame, he’s been a decent MP and Minister and after all these shenanigans it’s hard to see him being re-elected

    • P1LL

      Yes it is a shame Josh , but I think he has been loosing his grip on reality these days.

      I hate to say it but I believe he may be suffering the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease :(

  • Rimutaka

    Bullshit. Banks has been caught out not only as a liar but now it appears he may be a corrupt liar as well. Brown acted immorally but not illegally, Banks on the other hand is facing court on charges of corruption. At least Brown had the integrity to front up, when will Banks front up to his wrong doing. As for the PM supporting Banks as a very credible and trustworthy person, the man who cant recall a helicopter ride that now stands trial for corruption, seriously, shows how trustworthy and credible Key is.

    The numpties in Epson have voted two corrupt MP’s in a row, how long do we have to put up with this nonsense.

    • Guest

      Looks like morality trumps legality by the downvotes. Epsom voters?

      • Rimutaka

        Natfans, they hate it when you point out facts. All Banks has done is resigned as a Minister, not as an MP. It’s hardly the basis for suggesting great integrity. Banks is down from 39 cents yesterday to 16 cents today on Ipredict as Acts Leader by next election. I think 16 cents is generous. Betting on Act’s vote % has plummeted today, from people who are prepared to put money where their mouth is.

        • Muffin

          What’s the money on lying cheating Len to keep his place at the trough? And why aren’t you as scathing of lie down brown about his donations from as you are about banks.

          • Rimutaka

            Why would I be scathing about Dotcoms donation to Brown, did Brown lie about it, unlike Banks. What an odd statement. Was there a point to it?

          • Muffin

            Yes you are saying its ok for brown to get donations from K but not banks. I don’t care who he gave money to but don’t trust liars that fuck around on their wifes and portray a totally different image to get arrested

        • BR

          Banks may not be guilty. Brown has put his hands up.


          • Meg

            But wont it be fun when/if Banks is found guilty given his denials. Brown owned up, Banks (maybe) squirmed and lied to the end.

            Oh the fun of it all.

          • BR

            Did you watch Brown squirming and lying on the Campbell interview?

            If so, how was it for you?


    • Macca

      To mention the words Brown and integrity in the same sentence is just outright laughable – and then to mention Browns actions as being legal just goes to show what a true numpty you really are!
      Question: If anyone else in the councils employ got caught fucking on the boardroom table (or proof came out that they had been), do you think they would keep their job – I bloody well doubt it!
      Sure, it would appear that what Banks has done is wrong but let Justice be done. Comparing what Brown HAS done as being OK is just idiotic – unless you are from the left of course, and then it’s just fine!

      • Rimutaka

        Name me one politician who has 100% integrity, it doesn’t go with the job. Your question was answered on Radio Live yesterday by people wiser than me on the matter. Brown was not an employee of the council but an elected representative, therefore legally cannot be sacked on the same basis as an employee. Perhaps you should do some due diligence before sticking your foot in your mouth further.

        Where did I say what Brown did was ok, yes I’m a lefty but Brown acted atrociously, he let down a hell of a lot of people especially his wife and daughters. Is it worth another election, I’m not convinced of that. Banks lied and has quite possibly acted corruptly, if I had to choose I’d side with an immoral man over a corrupt one any day of the week, what about you?

        • Richard

          I’d side with neither of them They’re BOTH a disgrace.

          • Rimutaka

            Which is why i prefaced it with if I HAD to choose.

      • Meg

        Can you point to the law that states it is illegal to screw at work?

    • kehua

      I agree with your first sentence completely , the Idiot Banks is fooling no-one, when did anyone ever forget a Donation that big, as for Len Brown he is just a cheating, using, bullying, leftwing piece of shit who is only the Mayor because of the apothetic, useless people who just could not be bothered to get off their fat ,lazy arses to Vote.

    • metalnwood

      If Banks didnt declare on purpose I wonder if it was because he didnt want the information out there during an election, who knows.

      If Len Brown didnt want his rooting made public I think it was for the same reason. You could say one was illegal and the other wasn’t. Not much in it if the idea was to only deceive some voters.

      Of course Len brown did more than deceive voters, he potentially has ruined lives of the ones closest to him.

  • It is a private prosecution, is it not? About a 10% chance of getting a conviction, methinks. The new law is better on this, but the events occured under the old law, which was ambiguous.

    And, as an ex Aucklander, who visited last week, the place is looking seedy and the people look a lot less positive than they do in Dunedin. Which means something is very, very wrong.

  • DrQuack32

    I just laugh at the people who really feel that Banks has integrity. If he had any, he would no be in this spot in the first place. I’m not sticking up from Brown because I believe he should walk but to say Banks has integrity…? Please….

  • joewilde

    Len Brown on Campbell makes a plea to New Zealand and the media to “respect my family” Well Mr Brown, how about we respect them as much as you did? You knew this would cause untold hurt and shame on your whole family but still went through with the affair. How could some prat with absolutely no respect for his own family be expected to care about anything but his own self-serving needs? He is a liar and a cheat and has been doing so for 2 years. Dumbass John Campbell should have asked the obvious question – Len, has this been your only affair?

    Len has lost all credibility, he can not be trusted as a man, a father, a husband or a Mayor.

  • Meg

    Bye bye John Banks.

  • Sir

    Wow Cam, I really can’t believe the lever of gutter blogging you have done of late on this matter with Brown, oh how Right Wing regardless of the matter being a private matter, and a completely none legal one, I guess you hang around those Crow Brothers a bit to much at your old job at the Truth, for the record I didn’t vote for Len, it just that your attention seeking is so obvious its really kinda sad pal, perhaps time to up the meds, on your bike sunshine…

    • Meg

      It is rather cute how scathing he has been of Brown and how protective his is being of Banks.

      But not surprising.

      • Sir

        I know I know, it just makes Cam just oh so worst for this ‘Breaking Release’ Mr Whale Tale really is a bit of a laugh & a giggle.. not much more really than that… oh well off to sleep, at least I don’t have to get up early tomorrow! I mean this morning, heh

  • Rimutaka

    I see Mr Integrity is appealing the judgement, Banks’s integrity last about as long as Brown’s orgasms. The mans a disgrace.

  • Gaz

    haha integrity his father did backstreet abortions in Onehunga now hes going to be found guilty of fraud suck it up nationcial.