Beaten Councillor has a Sook

Beaten Hawkes Bay Regional Councillor Kevin Rose got the arse because he was so out of touch with his community that some enterprising blokes ran a campaign to change a dodgy ratbag council.

Now he is having a sook about people expressing their deeply held opinions publicly.

Growers Action Group (GAG), unhappy with the council’s policy of protecting river flow levels by stopping irrigation, put up three successful candidates for the council’s Hastings constituency.

He said this year’s campaign had not been as cordial.

He said GAG was “very well funded and organised” but was about getting rid of people rather than people with policies.  

“We had continual negativity while those seeking election were unable to offer anything in the way of positive policy.

“They said they would do things better, but none of them said how.

If Kevin Rose had have been in touch with his community he would have attended the public meetings set up by the people that funded the campaign, instead of going missing. Any half decent councillor would know who will fund a campaign for change and try to work with them rather than provoking them fund a campaign for change.

The Hawkes Bay Regional Council is rotten and need change, and the model used to get change will likely be replicated in other council races in the future.


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  • Toryboy

    A classic example of what happens in provincial New Zealand – local bigwigs with a sense of entitlement.

    Inheriting a family farm, long established ties to the area, thinks he has a better pot to piss in than everybody else – and the genuine shock at losing (the damned cheek of his opponents!) is real.

    Some people need to learn there are other people in the World

    • David Broome

      Be useful if people did research before posting inane comments. From Mr Rose’s Vote 2013 bio “…Kevin has a background in farming and fruitgrowing. He and his wife Jillian farm a small horticultural property near Hastings… ”

      Not a pile but the sort of comment posted against him, is the sort of envy you’d expect from a card carrying member of the communist party!

      Anyway I thought he’d be a chum of WO because his #1 issue was:
      Amending the HBRC animal pest strategy to accommodate and facilitate
      the long term control of weasles, stoats, ferrets and ferrel cats.