I bet they are all still registered

Labour and the teacher unions all oppose partnership schools on the basis that not all teachers a required to be registered. Apparently this is to protect the children.

Meanwhile ratbag registered teachers continue to parade through the courts. And look they  really are still registered, and still teaching too.

A four-time drink driver is among three teachers convicted of criminal charges who have been allowed to remain in the classroom.

The Teachers Council disciplinary tribunal has released decisions in the three separate cases, with names of the teachers and their schools withheld.

The intermediate school teacher convicted of her fourth drink driving charge had been already been censured after a third offence.

Her latest conviction in February 2012 came after she was seen driving into a traffic island in October 2011. She was breath tested and found to have an alcohol reading of 730mcg per litre of breath. The legal limit is 400mcg. 

Her previous convictions were in 2004, 2008 and 2009.

Following the fourth conviction the council agreed to renew her practicing certificate on several conditions, including alcohol counselling treatment, attending Alcoholics Anonymous, a 12-month treatment of alcohol deterrent drug disulfiram and random testing.

The teacher initially objected to taking the drug and attending Alcoholics Anonymous, and said she had a new position at an intermediate school and did not want her alcohol issues known in the community.

Why is this teacher not being named?…I should think parents of kids at the school might not want the teacher driving the school van with their kids in it.

Almost twice the legal limit, and your fourth drink-driving conviction in 8 years?  No problem, registered teachers are cool.

In another decision, a teacher convicted of benefit fraud to the value of $13,065 was found to have been motivated by desperation, not greed.

In a letter, the teacher said the offences came after a marriage break-up left her a solo mother, struggling to provide for her children. “I was suffering from severe depression and quite simply made a bad mistake,” she said.

“I have worked hard to get where I am today and I beg you not to strip me of that.”

She was censured and ordered to inform any prospective teaching employer of the finding for the next three years.

Benefit fraud of over $13k?  Well, you’ve been sucking off the public tit for this long, please continue!

In the third decision, a high school teacher convicted of two charges of wilful damage in September 2012 was censured.

The charges related to an incident on March 25, 2011, when the teacher was drunk and smashed in a small window while looking for his son. He later used a wheelbarrow to smash all the windows in a parked car.

Drunk, convicted of two charges for wilful damage?  Not a problem sir, you’re much better than those smelly unregistered Charter School teachers, so please carry on your fine public service.

All these ratbags are still registered, and all of them still in front of classrooms, and yet the Teacher unions scream blue murder about charter school? Get your own house in order before you start accusing others.


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  • Col

    I m informing the Trustees tomorrow regarding the English teacher who has a problem teaching, 21 kids 8 letters sent too parents ( the same) saying your <<<<<< may be expelled or better your kids take a walk.
    I wish the Charter Schools were here years ago.
    This lot are protecting this teacher who has a problem, not 8 kids.

  • Whinging Pom

    One of the headlines in today’s Teachers’ Council weekly email says ‘Registered teachers are more accountable’ Yeah right.

  • TomTom

    What about this one – http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11139886

    For publicising a student’s private medical info, she only gets a “Must inform future employers of incident for next three years”…

    • Honcho

      The whole time I spent reading that article I was left wondering, how that student felt? how she was supposed to be able to continue on with education at that school after being outed like that, the bullying she will now endure until she is old enough to leave. Poor girl, all the article talks about is how hard done by the teacher is.

    • sarah

      This kid by the sounds of the article was also having issues dealing with her circumstances but seems to be the one that now has to suffer because the teacher couldn’t be professional enough. How about naming her and shaming her.

  • Patrick

    Plenty of private employers would be requiring Miss Piss Pig to undergo random drug & alcohol testing as a condition of her remaining on the payroll. Why is it not a requirement with those tasked with looking after kids? Quite common in other industries, Miss Piss Pig clearly has a problem & her position at the school needs to be dependant upon her having a clean bill of health – at least during the week.
    If a forklift driver or machinery operator is deemed a risk when under the influence why isn’t a four times convicted teacher?