The bigger the cushion the better the pushin’

Samoa's PM prefers his women built for comfort not speed

Samoa’s PM prefers his women built for comfort not speed

The PM of Samoa has declared that he’d like the women of Samoa to be built for comfort not speed.

Samoa’s prime minister has called for his nation’s women to stay away from international beauty contests because they favour skinny and scrawny-looking women.

Miss Samoa 2012/2013, Janine Tuivaiti, failed to reach the finals of the recent Miss World.

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele reflected on winner, Miss Philippines Megan Young, saying she barely bothered the scales at 47 kilograms.?

“In Samoa, when a girl with big legs, big thighs and big everything walks by, the old women will say, oh, what a beautiful girl,” the prime minister told the government website?Savali?alongside a picture of a substantial contestant.

“But when a skinny girl with skinny legs and skinny body comes by, the old women will wag the finger [and say] there is definitely something wrong with that girl.”

Tuilaepa said it was obvious Miss World and that part of the world “prefer the skinny scrawny-looking girl”.

“Us in the Samoa and the Pacific Islands, it’s certainly the big healthy voluptuous girl,” he said.

“There’s plenty of chow in Samoa.”