A bit of exposure about claims of so-called climate refugees

Here is a little bit of truth about the so-called “climate refugee” who is trying to stop here after his work permit expired.

This is from the Herald:

A man from one of the lowest-lying nations on Earth is trying to convince New Zealand judges that he’s a refugee suffering not from persecution, but from climate change.

The 37-year-old and his wife left his remote atoll in the Pacific nation of Kiribati six years ago for higher ground and better prospects in New Zealand, where their three children were born.

Immigration authorities have twice rejected his argument that rising sea levels make it too dangerous for him and his family to return to Kiribati.

So on October 16, the man’s lawyer, Michael Kidd, plans to argue the case before New Zealand’s High Court. 

His claims of ocean level rises are fanciful…watch the video:


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  • Dick Brown

    Good luck to him; looking forward to conservative tears and law changes under urgency if he succeeds.

    • Hazards001

      You would be. When you pay your way instead of living in the trough your opinion might have a bit of validity.


    All this cock about rising sea levels….
    If they are rising I want someone to explain why a group of mega-wealthy investors paid about $14 billion US to build a whole group of low-lying sand islands called ‘The World’ just off the coast in Dubai.
    I saw the History Channel doco. It’s amazing, it’s sposed to be a map of the world and they are intended for super rich to buy and build a house etc thereon.
    I know: Maybe they have different sea up there?

    • Dick Brown

      Because rich people make colossally bad decisions just like poor people?


        Good Morning Dick
        Yes I’m sure they do make bad decisions too, so what are you saying, do you agree that the sea level is rising?

        • Dick Brown

          Well of course it is; denying scientific evidence is folly.

          And global warming is real and humans are a factor in it.

          Oooooooo; I can feel the wrath already my fellow WhaleOilers, but STAY YOUR WEAPONS until I explain.

          I don’t really think humans should temper their industrial output, nor do I think we should tax carbon.

          We are an organism on this planet and just like any organism who is faced with environmental adversity they find a way to adapt or die.

          So that’s where we are now.

          My view is we should embrace climate change and make money from all the wonderful techs that will be invented in the future to counter its effects.

          • BR

            “And global warming is real and humans are a factor in it.”

            Can you prove it?


          • Dick Brown

            You have the very same internet I do BR; with the same information, the same websites and the same science.

            I have formulated my opinion and I am not going to trot out source after source after source to prove it.

            My beef isn’t with global warming; I couldn’t give a blue blaze how it happened but it’s happening; it’s the global response to it I am unhappy with.

            Just accept my opinion for what it is; a catalyst for debate.

          • Other_Andy

            “I couldn’t give a blue blaze how it happened but it’s happening…”
            Not for the last 17 years….

          • philbest

            Yeah, I am prepared to believe the climate is changing and that there is human input. Perhaps as much as 0.5% human input compared to 99.5% natural causes that are nothing to do with us. And yes, I am heavily into science too.

          • Dick Brown

            It’s going to take a few more years of peer reviewing but the general scientific consensus is that we are in the Anthropocene Era; that is, as distinct from the Holocene that everyone thinks we are still in.

            I’d like your views on this considering it has huge implications on your 0.5% claim.

            Source: http://io9.com/what-is-the-anthropocene-and-are-you-living-in-it-1441883288

          • philbest

            Interesting; I will wait for the few more years of peer reviewing and research. I am skeptical of scientific “consensuses”, we have been told for years that there was “an overwhelming consensus” among “climate scientists” in support of the full alarmist Al Gore, inc position when in fact the consensus has always been for something a lot weaker, and with a low degree of certainty.

            It is interesting to discover what has actually been in the IPCC Report Drafts all along and what comments have been made by reviewers. It stinks to high heaven that all participants have been sworn to secrecy and then flagrantly misrepresented.

            Regardless of who is right and who is wrong, scientific policy advice absolutely must not be conducted in this way. If there really IS such certainty, why the secrecy about the processes? This immediately conveys the impression of “something to hide” and gives the public reason to doubt. If all this really is of such vital importance, and the alarmists have truth on their side, they would surely want the full processes of the IPCC Reports made fully public to lay everyone’s doubts to rest. But these people are NOT talking that way.

          • Dick Brown

            Although I bang on about science saving us all it does have its problems yes.

            Scientific analysis, review and publication is PAINFULLY slow and subject to all sorts of checks and balances.

            Couple this with personal envy and jealousy from some dark corners of the community and the system really is the antithesis to today’s now-now-now-I must have it now mentality.

          • philbest

            I have a HUGE respect for science and technology and its advances, which are responsible for so much betterment of the human condition. The doom-and-gloomers ignore that the “negative externalities” of the status quo are far less important than the negative circumstances that existed earlier. For example, car exhaust emissions, which have reduced spectacularly anyway, did not bother anyone who remembered what it was like to live with horses providing all the mobility.
            Matt Ridley’s book, “The Rational Optimist”, is a goodie.

            Scientific and technological advances are only part of the story; capitalism is the way technological advances are utilised and spread. A 7.2 volt cordless drill that took 1 hour to charge, used to cost $290 about 15 years ago. Now you see 18 volt 15 minute charge ones (which were $600 when they first came out) for less than $100 at the Warehouse. I fully expect solar panels and wind turbines for everyone’s own utilisation at home, to go the same way.

          • BR

            OK, so you can’t prove it, AND NEITHER CAN ANYBODY ELSE!

            All the predictions have failed. It is nonsense. Nobody can predict what the weather is going to do in the distant future. It is difficult enough to accurately predict what it will do on Friday. The AGW scam has very little to do with science and everything to do with politics. It has been an an ongoing propaganda campaign aided and abetted by most of the MSM. How often can one go through one of the major daily newspapers and find that AGW is not mentioned? The greens and the promoters of this horsehit are full of lies and obfuscations. I too am unhappy with the global response. There should be none.


          • Dick Brown

            Hi Bill; I don’t have to prove anything.

            The fate of the world does not hinge on the opinion of Dick Brown despite what you may think.

            This interaction betweent two nobodies (you and me) on an obscure nothing website at the arse end of the world is not the breaking point for global debate on global warming.

        • Dick Brown

          Oh, and good morning Gordon; forgot my manners there sorry; very unlike me.

    • Other_Andy

      And on the Maldives (They were supposed to be under water now) they build four new airports in the last two years and planning to build another five.

      • philbest

        What about Al Gore’s famous California beachfront Condo?

    • blokeintakapuna

      “The World” has massive breakwaters…


        Yes I realize that Bloke but breakwaters are not gunna change the sea level eh?, they only stop actual waves washing into the lagoon no?

    • Contractor

      I flew over this Thursday afternoon on departure out of Dubai. It looks nothing like the world map from any angle, but the main thing I noticed was there seemed to be not a single dwelling on any of the “islands”. Had me wondering how successful a gimmick like this had actually been?


        Morning Contractor
        Very interesting, thanks for that.
        When they did the doco it did look like the world, a bit, depending how you held your mouth or squinted your eyes I guess.
        No buildings yet eh? Expensive gimmick eh what, they reckoned $14 Bn to pump all that sand into heaps like that.
        Ironic I thought – they said they couldn’t use the desert sand because the grains were the wrong shape and would wash away too easy.
        In any case guess I wont be building there lol.

        • Contractor

          I read much the same as you mentioned from your doco a few years back so noticed the place as we climbed out. But yea, no building going on but more I noticed the impracticality of the place. It’s made up of a heap of tiny islands, think near hundreds-lots anyways, but each is very small probably only enough size for a single substantial dwelling on each island. No roads etc between islands so guessing everyone gets their own island?but then you all need a boat to get anywhere- between islands and also to get to the mainland. So you’d all need a cars/garaging on the mainland, plus a boat each, but then what if dad’s gone off to work and left the boat landslide??how does mum do the shopping etc??so yeah, nice idea yr own island, but not that practical in real life I’m guessing.

          • GORDON GIBSON

            Yes, how does Mum do the shopping alright, my thoughts exactly.
            And what if the bloody sea is supposed to come up? Either they’ve got it right or the bloke from Kiribati has! lol.

  • Day Day

    The real problem in Kiribati is overcrowding. Their population increased has
    60% since 1973.

    • Bad__Cat

      That’s a great solution. “The sea is rising and will flood our islands!” “Hurry, let’s have more kids!”

      Edit – silly me, they are just potential Labour supporters, better let them settle here.

  • Other_Andy

    The cargo cult is alive and well…
    They are essentially thrashing their islands and blaming somebody else.
    Tide gauges at Kiribati show no sea level rise so why do they have problems?
    The video eludes to some of the issues:
    1. Destruction of the reef.
    2. Building of obstructions on the coast preventing build up of sand
    3. Run-off of pollutants kills the coral.
    4. Run-off of soil smothers and kills the coral.
    4. Overfishing, targeting sand producing species such as the parrot fish.
    On top of that there are problems with the supply of fresh water. more people and tourism puts a strain on water supplies. They are sucking the natural aquifers dry, causing sea water to ‘pollute’ the water table.
    Having been to most of the Pacific Islands I was amazed (Not really) to see that very few (If any) buildings have water tanks, collecting rain water from the roofs.

    • blokeintakapuna

      …and in places like Majero in the Marshall Islands…. The lagoons are filled with the rubbish from the locals. Car bodies, old fridges and plenty of soiled nappies etc…

    • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

      And they cleared away the mangroves so the tourists would have unimpeded views of the ocean.
      Hence the erosion

      • Other_Andy

        Yep, and as mangroves also provide shelter for young fish, removing it causes certain fish species to disappear causing problems along the food chain. It’s bad news all around.

  • Andy

    I look forward to half of Christchurch claiming climate refugee status, especially now that a prominent warmist is deputy mayor.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Obviously this trougher has not been told of the cure for sea levels rising.
    If 7.5 billion people were to take two 2 litre containers to the beach, fill them with sea water and store them in the kitchen cupboard the sea level would go down. Take the water out of the cycle – problem solved

  • Hazards001

    It’s about time the soft cocks at immigration started to show some common bloody sense.
    The only thing about this is at least it sounds like he works.
    As opposed to 1/2 the so called refugees we get here that don’t won’t or can’t.

    NZ has enough of it’s own free loaders. We don’t need to keep importing them any more than we need to keep importing the parents of immigrants that do qualify to be here.
    I’m fed up with seeing old people in the hospital waiting rooms that can’t speak a word of English waiting for free treatment and baby sitting their grandchild at the same time.

    • Contractor

      I’m assuming you don’t mind those same “people who don’t speak a word of English” buying your house though…remember, it makes you racist if you believe overseas buyers shouldn’t be allowed to purchase property unless they reside here, but apparently not if you think they shouldn’t have access to health care because they don’t speak the lingo? At least they live here. Or perhaps a case of we will take their money, but how dare they want something back in return.

      • Hazards001

        Then you assume way to much you dim wit.
        As far as I’m concerned no one would should be allowed to buy property as a foreign owner unless they were a NZ citizen. This includes fucking Australians.

        Nowhere did I say the ability to speak English should allow someone health care.
        What I said was that the policy that allows people to piggy back their parents into NZ should be abolished you sanctimonious cunt.

        • williamabong

          Or smartarse mega rich sepos, the current flavour seems to be south island high country stations.

  • thehawkreturns

    Lets see if the Court upholds the Law or just the feelings of panty-waisted dogooding pinkos who will sell their souls for another new unemployable voter.