A bit of whale history

A reader sent this in

Hi Cameron.  This is an original, thought you might like it.  From Norfolk Is.



I bet the actual story would be worth knowing.  Nice to add this bit of history to my ever-growing database of whale related trivia.


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  • Nice they don’t blame the Whale, with having been “accidentally kill’d”

  • Tony V
    • dyannt

      “A magisterial enquiry was held the next morning.”
      Those were the days when justice and enquiry were promptly attended to.

  • Col

    No ACC in those day.

  • ConwayCaptain

    One of the Bounty Adam’s descendants.
    I suppose that Cam would now like to go and do a Nantucket Sleigh Ride!!!

  • philbest

    Not sure where is the best place to post whale-related trivia, Cam, but have you spotted the reference to whales in the old folk song, “False Hearted Lover”?


    Here’s a 1927 historic recording:

    Here’s a bit more contemporary cover: