Blame Clark not Key

People are targeting the wrong person for their anger against Australian discrimination of Kiwi residents.

She is the one who gave away our rights in Australia…and bizarrely gave the very same rights to immigrants from Pasifika nations.

Prime Minister John Key has come under heavy fire for his acceptance of Australia’s right to discriminate against New Zealanders living in Australia.

Mr Key said after meeting Australian counterpart Tony Abbott in Canberra on Wednesday that he acknowledged a deal between the previous governments of John Howard and Helen Clark that in February 2001 led to the exclusion of expats from most government support and welfare programmes.

He said he “totally respected” Australia’s sovereign right to make decisions about its treatment of people who came to live and work in Australia.

But his acceptance of Australia’s position has further inflamed New Zealand advocates mounting a growing crusade against the rules that require Kiwis to pay full taxes without receiving the benefits.

Critics reject claims the rules were part of a social security agreement. 

They can reject it all they like…it was Helen Clark who made the changes when re-negotiating welfare reciprocity.

And as usual David Shearer get basic facts wrong…blaming John key for something Helen Clark did.

Labour’s Foreign Affairs spokesman, David Shearer, said Mr Key had an obligation to stand up for the rights of New Zealanders no matter where they lived.

“Under this Government the rights of Kiwis working abroad have gone backwards,” he said.

“Why is it fair for New Zealanders to pay taxes in Australia, some for more than a decade, but not receive the benefits that those taxes pay for?

“Mr Key was full of bombast before his flying visit to meet with Tony Abbott.

“He’s returned home with his tail between his legs.”

The only person broken with his tail between his legs is David Shearer…he should just quit and fuck off to the UN whence he came.



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  • James Growley

    The lies just keep flowing from the mouths of these mongrels. If there is karma, their tongues should swell up and drop off.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Keep Shearer here!!! If he leaves Socialist Cindy, the little Trott, will become the MP for Mt Albert.

    • AnonWgtn

      I understand she will have fight on her hands.
      Tizard has put her hand up as well as others, and she has more feminsta friends that Cindy.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Cindy ain’t moving out of Auckland Central. Labour’s internal polling shows that Cindy will win the seat with at least 1000+ votes majority due to Curryleaf’s popularity.

      • ConwayCaptain

        TIZARD That HAS BEEN

        • Sponge

          That never was.

          • Col

            And never will be!!!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Captain – Cindy will win Auckland Central when the Cunliffe tsunami sweeps NZ election in 2014……

      • dianne65

        Have you been reading the star’s again.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          These future findings are sent to me by the messiah…..hail thee…

  • Phar Lap

    To make it even worse Lie-bour allowed the Australians to prevent young NZs from getting student loans in 2005.They also allowed more discrimination against NZs in 2007.All under Lie-bours watch,of which Shearer was very much a part of.Why the **** didn’t he say something then.Seems he is even stinking more now ,than when he produced two fish,which seemed to mirror Shearer as a two faced bastard,with no guts.

    • Cadwallader

      Take your point but it is their country therefore the Aussies can do want they please to Kiwis. The real problem I have in this matter is that NZ hands out largesse to all-comers including Aussies and despite the msm reports there are plenty of them living here.

  • W.Austin

    Wait, Shearer is still around?

  • Jax

    Who cares. These people have chosen to leave this country and no longer contribute to this country – effectively gave us the finger – why should we care they cant get the dole, our focus should be making here better for people here – not worring about people who in some cases left a decade ago who are moaning we dont do enough for them? They all have the right to return if the dont like somewhere else. The vast majority of them would have never got into Australia under standard quota rules (skills, education, prospects) so I think its quite fair the Aussies put some other conditions on. The should have the option (and i think they do) to apply normally if they so desire and then get the same rights – so whats the problem, having it both ways seems typical bludger stuff to me

    • Jonathan Pull

      While I agree that they have left the country so good luck to them.
      Try looking at it from the point of view of, How would you like to live in and work in a country where you pay taxes but arent eligible for all the services that those taxes pay for? Or is tax without service no longer theft over there or in this case?

      • Jax

        As I understand it, No-one has moved there not knowing this is the case (as if you were there already when the rules came in you qualify for the old ones) – so they all went knowing these were the rules and now they are there dont like them. If they didnt like those conditions they shouldn’t have gone. They also have options as mentioned – apply like people from other countries.

        • GazzW

          I’m with you Jax – they knew the rules before they went. It’s a total non-issue and if Cunliffe thinks he can make political capital out of it he’s more stupid than I thought. Tony Abbott is highly likely to tell him to just shut his gob and keep his snout out of Aussie domestic policy.

        • AnonWgtn

          Old expression – If you don’t like the Rules of the Club – Don’t join”

      • James

        Completely understand – it wouldn’t be great. But it has fuck all to do with John Key and is purely something for Australian voters to decide if they agree with.
        The only decision John Key should get involved in is whether to put reciprocal arrangements in place for Aussies over here as Kiwis in Oz face.

      • Not Mark Richardson


        if you aren’t clever enough to read the fine print then you deserve what you get!

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        They are a nation of convicts after all…

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      Totally agree. We need to emphasise that there needs to be a path to Australian citizenship if Kiwis want it, but as expatriates, that’s their battle to fight. I am sure most Australians would agree that anyone who contributes to their economy deserves to draw from it as they do. Hard working (albeit a bit thick) Kiwis must be more welcome than violent lowbrow islanders. Let them resolve it over there.

    • Mr_V4

      So you’d rather hundreds of thousands of NZers move back to languish on the dole in NZ then?

      • Jax

        A ridiculous argument as the vast majority of people over there have no need for assistance of any kind and probably are better of and never coming back, even more reason to not worry about their moaning.

  • johnbronkhorst

    “She is the one who gave away our rights in Australia‚Ķand bizarrely gave the very same rights to immigrants from Pasifika nations.”

    As I remember it, didn’t Clarke give these “rights” to Pasifica nations AFTER Australia voiced their disapproval and warned that it would effect our relationship with them. As the law she changed would mean that Pasifica people would have unfettered access to NZ and could use this as a stepping stone (via our special relationship) to Australia?
    So the Aussies acted, to protect themselves fromPasifica people using NZ as a free gateway to Australia.

  • Team ENZ

    geez can’t this sheep shagger get his facts right? He is already stinky with two rotting fish, now he has dug another hole for himself…enough to bury himself and two fish.

  • Jonathan Pull

    Fair is fair, Clarke started this, surely though Key can end it.
    End the generous benefit system the Australians are automatically eligible for here.
    Tit for tat if you will.

    • James

      The only way for Key to end it is to end the reason for it in the first place. Put in place the same barriers to immigration as are in place in Australia; and that way people won’t use NZ as a stepping stone.

    • Too expensive to police given the small number of qualifying Aussies. Otherwise it would have happened by now.

  • Whafe

    Shearer gets the arse, now he has taken tough pills and thinks he is hot shit now….
    Quiet in the cheap seats

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sorry folks, you all forget the simple fact that John Key is responsible for every single problem in this world.

  • Jp

    I know how we can solve this extend the Dole in New Zealand to those living in Australia. WFF no problems that too.

    Im sure that will be a real vote winner… /sarcasam

    • Hazards001

      You really shouldn’t say shit like that in here.

      The Liarbor trolls and any number of their MP’s are forever popping in to see who’s saying what.

      One of them will have that as policy now. Pick up a few more special votes off the special cunts that want to live in one country but tell the other one who it should be run by.

      • Jp

        Fair cop guv..

  • Jaffa

    It is a Good thing!

    If it was fair, we would lose more tradesmen to Australia, leaving us with only bludgers.

  • Mr_V4

    The problem with this is the two ‘leaders’ crap on about how the counties are brothers/family etc etc, but then if that were true citizens of both nations would be on equal terms, but that is not the case.

    We lay down the carpet as far as Aussie citizens having rights in NZ, where as in Australia, Kiwis have the equivalent rights as someone from Namibia.
    So Key/Abbott should either drop the rhetoric or negotiate.