Am I a bottom feeding ratbag blackmailer?

No matter how much Len Brown’s spin weasels tried to personalise this Sex Scandal by attacking the messenger, the story really isn’t about me.

It never was, never has been, and it never will be.

I’ve spent all week trying to prevent what is happening now.  It basically comes down to this:

Had Len Brown stood down, there would be no need to dig deep and test the veracity of his assertions.

More importantly, there would be no need to bring other people into the public eye.

In spite of huge pressure from my supporters who would like to see more blood on the floor, I’ve concentrated for days on sending overt and coded messages to Len Brown that the game is up.

I’m sad to say, he’s too stubborn.  And as a result the process has progressed to the point where some, not all, of his other affairs will hit the media in the near future.

I have to say Len, either you are as thick as two planks or you have been getting dreadful advice.  

You never could continue as Mayor.  The only answer was to stand for re-election right at the beginning.  The only answer.  Everything else would lead to this point.  And here we are.

Some have labelled it blackmail.  But in truth, this “lust” people think I have to make mince meat of political figures, it doesn’t exist to the point where I throw bystanders under the bus just to claim your scalp.

I’m sorry to say, that’s now out of my hands.

You will be embarrassed even more.  You will end up standing down.  And you will take those poor women’s reputations down with you.

We all make mistakes Len.  It is how we face up to them once we are confronted that shows the true nature of our character.

Yours?  You’re not fit to be in charge of the dog pound, let alone the jewel in New Zealand’s crown that’s the Auckland Super City.


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  • LesleyNZ

    Well said.

  • Lux

    A wonderful piece of writing !!.

  • Jimbob

    I await with anticipation the resignation…..

  • metalnwood

    Not sure I would call you a blackmailer, I would call you a cock tease though. Waiting..

  • ratesarerevoltinig

    Not at all, I think this is an important public service !

    Hopefully for the foreseeable future quite a few if not all of our elected representatives will be looking over their shoulders and keeping their heads down with the knowledge that what happened to Len could happen to them if they behave in a similar manner.

    Good on you Cameron you will know in your heart what drives you don’t listen to anyone else and never forget that LBIAFC !

  • Roland

    Did I just hear Larry Williams say that Len would be making further admissions this weekend? Popcorn and Pinot at the ready

    • Lion_ess

      More please?

      • Roland

        Around 4 this afternoon, the radio in the truck kept stopping and starting, couldn’t believe my ears…

  • Reid

    You know the sad things are:
    1) Some people will still vote for him
    2) He won’t think he’s done wrong, he’ll think he’s been wronged
    3) He’ll almost certainly lose his current wife
    4) He’ll never understand that he could have avoided all that is about to happen to him by playing a straight bat from day one last Tuesday week
    5) He’ll allow dark thoughts of hatred and revenge to dominate his life from now on, wrecking his peace of mind forever
    6) Those thoughts will prevent him from ever seeing the real author of his misfortune. The man in the mirror.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Comment of the day…

    • kehua

      I`m waiting for his fake heart attack????

  • XM16E1

    Dead man walking, dead man, we got a dead man walking here, dead man..

  • James Growley

    By doing what you do Cam, it will make the usual rat bags that worm their way into politics think twice and that’s got to be a good thing for the rest of us…….Keep on keeping on!

  • dilligaf2013

    Seems his pants are on fire for more than one reason

  • cows4me

    I believe that Lenny is surrounded by supporters that fear if the boss goes down so do they and thus they till him what he wants to hear. Also this has become very political with the left backing “their man” and the evil right hell bent on taking him down. I don’t think it’s even in Lenny’s hands any more, he no doubt has pressure from both sides but the hard left will see a stand down as a major battle defeat.

    • Tom

      The emperor’s new clothes…

  • James

    It is my birthday tomorrow – please tell me that you’ve got me Len’s resignation as my birthday present?

    • Dave

      Would be the best birthday present ever!! happy birthday James

  • opusx

    Cam, he has been given the opportunity by many to quietly step down. I believe the majority of the public countrywide are now wanting his scalp due to his own incredible narcissistic behaviour. He will now become almost unemployable, and a social outcast…the result of his own undoing.

    • dumbshit

      wonder if he knows where the nearest winz office is

      • James Growley

        That will really make him loose the will to live if he has to join that queue.

    • MarcWills

      No, there’s always where all broken lawyers end up – conveyancing. And it’s not so lucrative now they have competition. Still there should be enough left over for tissues.

    • kehua

      Yep there will not be any Board positions for Lenny, he may well qualify for the United Nations though.

  • Toryboy

    I think some people need to understand what ‘blackmail’ means.

    1. Cam is hardly a blackmailer considering it is happening in full view of several hundred thousand people, rather than in deserted carpark buildings late at night.
    2. Cam is not asking for money, or other rewards – as blackmailers do
    3. Cam has little to gain, and in some ways a lot to lose, by running this story
    4. Cam has awakened his various enemies by doing the right thing and breaking this story
    5. By resisting the entreaties of many people, such as myself, to give us more and just sending covert messages Cam is acting honourably; hardly the actions of a blackmailer
    6. Blackmailers are committing a crime; Detective Inspector Plod isn’t exactly taking any interest in this affair.

  • Col

    He doesn’t give a F&(& about the others, he thinks he walks on water and will drown taking others with him, your a poor lonely little man, and you will deserve everything that is coming your way. You only know a man when he is under pressure, sorry Lenny you don’t stand tall with those who have taken the walk. Your nothing, you don’t even care for your family.

  • Soso

    Take him down Cam!

  • Bunswalla

    Is this a reasonable analogy? You’re like a train, a whacking great big express train, in fact the biggest in the trainosphere, and you’re carrying a big load to your destination. The train cannot be stopped. It could’ve been stopped a while ago, but now the momentum is too great, and you WILL reach your destination.

    There are some weasels on the tracks. They’re moving, but in a funny way – they could easily get off the track, but they’re just spinning round and round. Every so often they throw one of the other weasels under the train.

    Then they point and shout at the train, and say “You’re just in the business of running things over! Why don’t you stop running things over you ratbag!”

    All they have to do is step off the tracks, get out of the way, and the train will go harmlessly past. But if you insist on standing in the middle of the tracks, do not be surprised when you get flattened.

    NB: Sorry for the made-up word “trainosphere” and gratuitous use of the word “load”.

  • Timboh

    Congratulations! I first heard of this guy right here. And then read your posts about his credit card abuse at his last post and watched via this site the final act when he slapped and whacked himself while saying that he was a naughty boy and would learn his lesson. So obvious then that he was a fraud. I cannot wait for the MSM response. Again, Cameron and team fanfuckingtastic!

    • Chancey

      and that slapping was only for credit card fraud, get the man a weapon for his self flagellation this time

  • Michael

    I’m not sure why the lens is being put back on you. True, you were first to break the story and provided some very lurid details about the affair, but within 30 minutes of you publishing it was covered by the Herald. And the lead item on television news.

    You’ve spent years working on building contacts and sources in political circles. Sure they leak to you for their own personal gain, but it’s in the public interest that dodgy politicians are exposed. And meanwhile you’ve made no secret of your views.

    If the media hate you, it’s because you’re doing the things they should be doing. Building sources, asking questions, get away from cutting and pasting press releases into dull arse articles. Taking risks. Not only being friends with those on their side of politics.

    Yes, Len Brown is right when he says we all make mistakes and deserve second chances. But he’s already been given a second chance after treating his Manukau Council credit card as a personal piggy bank.

    Yes, Len Brown is right when he says that his private life is not public business. But he met Bevan through his Council duties and used Council resources for his affair. This is not Len meeting an old school flame and having a one night thing. This is a matter than Auckland electors should be informed about.

    Keep up the good fight, Cam.

    • P1LL

      Comment of the year :)

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    noun: blackmail
    action, treated as a criminal offence, of demanding money from someone
    in return for not revealing compromising information which one has about


    If you are a blackmailer, then you are by far the worst one I have ever met. One hardly instigates blackmail by releasing so publicly the very compromising information which one has about them. Ah well, live and learn…

    • Peej

      “Had Len Brown stood down, there would be no need to dig deep and test the veracity of his assertions.”

      So if he’d heeded the initial advice and stood down the grubby stuff wouldn’t have been revealed? So is that blackmail?

    • Raine

      blackmail   Use Blackmail in a sentence
      black·mail [blak-meyl] Show IPA
      any payment extorted by intimidation, as by threats of injurious revelations or accusations.
      the extortion of such payment: He confessed rather than suffer the dishonor of blackmail.
      a tribute formerly exacted in the north of England and in Scotland by freebooting chiefs for protectionfrom pillage.
      verb (used with object)
      to extort money from (a person) by the use of threats.
      to force or coerce into a particular action, statement, etc.: The strikers claimed they were blackmailedinto signing the new contract.

  • Kimbo


  • fozzie2

    “Am I a bottom feeding ratbag blackmailer?”

    Oh yess!!!

    • And what other blog can you say that and still be allowed back? :)

      • fozzie2

        only answering the question peter petal …. damn those eye catching headlines …..

        • I was seriously conflicted. It was on-topic, yet it appeared to be attacking the blog owner. I decided to apply me magnanimous discretionary powers in this instance.

          We need more love around he……

          ….perhaps I’ll come back when I can think of a better way to phrase that.

          • fozzie2

            oh gee taa …. i really need a hug today !

  • rrroberto

    Call me old fashioned, but I am waiting for the Fat Lady. Seems like Cameron has got her booked in, and she will be on stage over the weekend. But she has to finish her song, and the old grey nightmare will still have a bit of fight in him and will be desperately trying to stop her.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Then I a bottom feeding ratbag blackmailers.

    Now lose some weight, they don’t make a wok big enough to iron your shirt with.

  • Bart67

    A blackmailer? Hardly! I would think that the central point of blackmailing is to somehow enrich or advantage yourself at the expense of the person being blackmailed. And to be honest, I doubt Len Brown could write a cheque big enough to shut this down.

    • metalnwood

      Maybe he was blackmailing on behalf of me? I feel somewhat enriched.

  • Andy

    Fair call, Cam. Disappointing to see a man who apparently had it all
    going smoothly (partner in law firm, wife, kids, then into politics)
    throw it away and act like a knob-end. The letter from Roger Brittenden seems to sum Len up.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    “the jewel in New Zealand’s crown that’s the Auckland Super City” deserves a Mayor, not a nightmare

  • grumpy

    Seems like you are relying on the MSM to fire the bullet. Surely you of all people realise they are totally corrupt and only interested in protecting Len for the Great Socialist Takeover?

  • Dave

    Len and others like him, dealt the cards, they did this knowing if their hand became public, they would fact the music. However, their level of arrogance, and self importance means they never believe they will get caught.

    i admire you for your resolve, please don’t let the pettiness of some get to you, this is straight journalism, and letting people know just what Lying Len got up to.

    Also rest assured that if the Horrid thought they had a total scoop, they would throw Len and his entire team / council under the ACC bus fleet. They are throwing knives at you as you are taking their market share.

  • Builder

    Well said Cam. He has had a fair chance to do the honorable thing.

  • kehua

    Could not be fairer than that Cam, if only the Left had as much `Mana` as you, however as the saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water but ya can`t make him drink“. Deal to the ignorant pricks as they have tried [vainly] to deal to you. Ake ake ake.

  • Rex Widerstrom

    That’s an interesting question. Taking what you say at face value – that you have irrefutable evidence of other past indiscretions – then you have behaved more humanely than the MSM generally does. Can anyone imagine a tabloid, in possession of evidence of a string of politician’s infidelities, publishing details of just one?

    And because we’re used to the “go for the jugular, hold nothing back” behaviour of some in the media, there’s a perception of you as using the undisclosed information as “blackmail”.

    I am sure some of that is just confected outrage. But I can see how some people may genuinely hold to that belief.

    My opinion, for what it’s worth, as someone who’s worked in newspapers, radio and television, is that your handling of the issue has been almost above reproach (the qualifier is there because I’ve felt that some of the comments you’ve allowed stand have been crassly insensitive to various people and sometimes even to Brown himself, though nothing you or Stephen have written could be held to be).

    You are effectively setting a new paradigm for reportage in New Zealand. It will be interesting to see whether the MSM lurch to a more extreme version of this blog, dishing dirt all over the place in an attempt to seem relevant, or whether they decide to go in the opposite direction, and differentiate themselves by paying experienced and unbiased journos to write actual investigative pieces, ditch the autocue readers for trained interviewers, and generally go back to being news organisations and not whores for the recording, merchandising, and other industries who profit from “reality” shows – including in that definition much of what passes for current affair these days.

    Either way, you can hold your head high, Cam.

    • Whafe

      Great post, very good

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Well considered post Rex. On your comment regarding what direction the MSM decide to go, I for one do not have the confidence in either the collective intelligence or integrity of the media here to make the correct choice.

    • PhantomsDoc

      I can see this ending with the general public realising how left wing bent our MSM is and wanting a more balanced (or right wing) counter to it.

      Those news media which have provided such biased reporting will be show as highly politicised left wing apologists and will lose the faith and trust of the general public. They have screwed themselves over this one (and it has an awfully long way to run yet). There is going to be some major and long term fallout about how they have played this.

      It may be that the government look at the funding they are allocating for such left wing bias and decide that a much more centralised, unbiased media is more deserving of their funding, rather than TV1 and 3.

      Whether we eventually get another new paper or television channel with real reporting and unbiased (or acknowledged bias) opinions, the whole landscape of NZ media is about to change. Perhaps it will be a totally electronic media (emulating this blog???) that takes over and provides some real balance.

      However it turns out, Q-dos to Cam and the team, keeping them honest by the power of sunlight.

      • Rex Widerstrom

        I’ve said before – but I’ll keep repeating till someone takes it up – that the right in NZ need to stop whinging about the biases (perceived or real, it doesn’t matter) of the existing MSM and create some alternatives.
        Every attempt so far has collapsed – Radio Liberty, Truth under Cam’s editorship – because investors were not prepared to back their complaining with cash.
        More media outlets can only be a good thing, provided they’re not clones of what we already have (IMO neither TVNZ nor TV3 should be allowed to get away with wasting an entire digital channel on timeshifting. People have digital video recorders for gods’ sake).
        Australian commercial TV operators have an average of four channels (albeit one of each is 24 hour shopping). The ABC has four. SBS has three (including the indigenous ones). It’s not hard to find content, nor that expensive to run – the major investment used to be equipment, now it’s people.
        There’s plenty of journalists who’d leap at the chance to produce something with integrity – I’m one of them – and if I’m anything to go by, we wouldn’t charge a fortune to do it either. I know I’d need to take a pay cut, but I’d still come back for it.

  • john Doe

    Sad Len. Sad!!

  • Kopua Cowboy

    Surely you jest, the behemoth that is the super city is NZ’s crown jewel?

    • Kopua Cowboy

      Bit I digress, LB is surely AFC.