BREAKING – Brown spin weasel sacked in midst of crisis

This news is just in from the Brown Bunker at the Town Hall.

Master spin merchant and master of the dark arts James Bews-Hair has been dismissed from the mayoral spin team right in the middle of the mayoral crisis.

Word has it that there has been a massive internal war and loads of finger-pointing over just exactly which one of the team was the idiot who dreamed up the silly idea to run around threatening people with anonymous texts.

Bews-Hair, even though he is a master of the dark arts is said to have been fuming over such an amateurish attempt to silence people…and he was right as it thrust the story clearly into the spotlight.?

This move is strategically and tactically stupid…strategically stupid because Bews-Hair was the genius behind the community focus groups that Len Brown constantly quotes as being in agreement with his policies. I have blogged about this before…that strategy will now falter without Bews-Hair running it. Tactically it was idiotic to sack him because they are right in the midst of a crisis that isn’t over yet…now the focus goes on the diminishing number of possible suspects for the mystery texter and removes perhaps the heaviest hitter politically in that office.

Word from inside Town Hall is that David Lewis is now having screaming matches with Phil Wilson and Glyn Jones.

Let’s see how this pans out.