BREAKING – Brown spin weasel sacked in midst of crisis

This news is just in from the Brown Bunker at the Town Hall.

Master spin merchant and master of the dark arts James Bews-Hair has been dismissed from the mayoral spin team right in the middle of the mayoral crisis.

Word has it that there has been a massive internal war and loads of finger-pointing over just exactly which one of the team was the idiot who dreamed up the silly idea to run around threatening people with anonymous texts.

Bews-Hair, even though he is a master of the dark arts is said to have been fuming over such an amateurish attempt to silence people…and he was right as it thrust the story clearly into the spotlight. 

This move is strategically and tactically stupid…strategically stupid because Bews-Hair was the genius behind the community focus groups that Len Brown constantly quotes as being in agreement with his policies. I have blogged about this before…that strategy will now falter without Bews-Hair running it. Tactically it was idiotic to sack him because they are right in the midst of a crisis that isn’t over yet…now the focus goes on the diminishing number of possible suspects for the mystery texter and removes perhaps the heaviest hitter politically in that office.

Word from inside Town Hall is that David Lewis is now having screaming matches with Phil Wilson and Glyn Jones.

Let’s see how this pans out.


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  • Toryboy

    I take it no one in the Mayor’s office is saying “you did wrong; you should be ashamed of yourself”, but rather it is all a case of “how do we get out of this mess?” or “How do we get away with this?”

    How very sad.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Toryboy – Be happy that unwanted “hair” has been shaved off….

      • Dave

        Lets not forget, a fair few of the staff in the Mayors office are female, who I imagine would take a DIM view of his actions, and behavior. Would be worth getting a females perspective on 2 minute noodle cheating lying Len, but particularly one of the females in his direct team. general stuff, how he conducts himself on a daily basis.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          The problem is Lentils knows that this is a high paying cushy job and he can milk it to the maximum. So he has decided not to quit. If you quiz his inner team, everybody will say he is the best person they have ever met….I suggest you focus on other issues now…this is gone for good.

        • Pershore

          We already know how he conducts himself – both at his chair and in en-suite bathroom: with his own baton!

  • kehua

    Rats getting `thrown` off the sinking ship??

    • blokeintakapuna

      “Thrown” – or jumping before the floundering on the rocks and getting caught by the in-coming tide?

      • Dave

        More like up shit creek, no paddle!!

    • AnonWgtn

      Leaving before the real shit hits the fan and Lyin Len resigns, along with their jobs.

  • dilligaf2013

    Like I said previously – the truth will prevail if there is enough pressure and publicity. Horeshit artists will eventually trip themselves up if we keep the pressure up long enough. Oh to be a fly on that wall….!

    • What makes you think we aren’t?


      • blokeintakapuna

        Blimey – you’ll bring out all the trolls now with that hashtag.
        Next, you’ll have a major Auckland newspaper accusing WOBH of political plots to unseat the Mayor!

        • And yet. Somehow we know…

          Fun huh!

      • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

        Of course, we are unappreciative !!

  • williamabong

    One down, let the carnage continue, when all these arseholes are gone Lenny will have no one to hide behind, then his ass is grass.
    Popcorn and beer time, bring it on.

    • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

      Maybe they should start to reflect the views of Auckland if they want to keep their jobs under the new Commander in Chief – whoever that may be.

  • What a fuckin (sorry Lesley) bunch of amateur numpties. You never fire PR people in the middle of a crisis. You put them on 3 month retainer to stay quiet and then they fade into the distance.

    How much are you Auckland idiots paying for this Punch and Judy show?

    • blokeintakapuna

      through endless Rate increases…

    • Patrick

      Auckland should be charging for the entertainment – might raise enough to mow the verges.

      • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

        HaHa :)

    • You’ll find out soon enough

      • Dave

        The sooner the better, but understand “2 minute noodle” lennie has until Friday evening to RESIGN. Idea cam, wait till 6.00 am Saturday, that way the fiction writers pushing for a future career at Mills and Boon cant get it in their print edition, your good work STAYS your work, without their bullshit spin all over it.

    • Dave

      Nek Minute, you will be recruited to run the PR spin Petal, careful.

      • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

        At least Whale Oil has some principles in this great city

    • Rex Widerstrom

      Amateur numpties indeed. I have to respectfully differ from Cam’s view that anyone in the Mayor’s spin team was or is a “genius”.

      Community focus groups is something I’d expect a pol-sci undergraduate to suggest – not because they’re wrong (I’ve used them myself) but because it’s a “Well, duhhhh…” level of idea.

    • slade52

      Point of order, the idiots are the ones that voted for him.

  • Andy

    Remember the TV series Spin Doctors? They wouldn’t need a script writer, right now

    • Time For Accountability

      This would make an excellent TV series.


      1 Mayor Rogers staff.
      2 scandal about to break – Hitchcock tension
      3 scandal breaks
      4 Cover up by spin doctors and media corruption.
      5 Spin doctor sacked
      6 Mayor without friends
      7 Staff roger mayor.
      8 Editor of corrupt newspaper sacked and paper closed

      • blokeintakapuna

        Now that would make a great trilogy – worthy of Sir Peter Jackson’s skills.

        • Rex Widerstrom

          But surely it wouldn’t take a week and a half to tell? :-P

  • conwaycaptain

    The Night of the Long Knives

    • Dave

      And, the night Len continues to pace, and read WOBH. You must have lost a considerable amount of weight Len!!

    • AnonWgtn

      Don’t you mean “Short Pricks” ?

  • GregM

    Mr Bews – Hair gives me the shits, but he is a clever bugger, and to get rid of him right now is utter madness. May the leaks begin.

  • asheltie

    Ok so let me get this right.
    The perpertraitor remains, Len remains, and they fire someone who didn’t whistle-blow, who didn’t get blown….help, I’m lost!

    • blokeintakapuna

      Desperate people do desperate acts…
      The wheels are starting to fall off Len’s propaganda train. In fact, it seems it’s about to jack-knife all over his realm…

    • It’s messing with my head a bit as well LOL

  • blokeintakapuna

    Hey James Bews-Hair – would your credibility and up-standing morals be worthy of a guest AMA on WOBH?

    • patrickstarr

      Bews-Hair will be able to name his price for his signature on a AC confidentiality agreement.

      • blokeintakapuna

        I hope that agreement is subject to the OIA?
        Russell should call for an Enquiry!

        • patrickstarr

          No they’re not because its considered an employment matter.

          • Dave

            Only if he was an employee, and not a contractor.

          • patrickstarr

            Im assuming an employee because they’re calling it a redundancy

          • Dave

            True Patrick, but we can not trust anything coming out of the mayors office after Chungate, they will spin anything t hose this issue down the sewer,

      • Sooty

        Will Len be paying this out of his own wallet?

  • Chancey

    the story that just keeps on giving – are they selling tickets to this?

    • blokeintakapuna

      haha – they could sell the script to “Yes Minister!” though…

  • Time For Accountability

    Can we get a web cam into their office with a live feed and audio?

    • blokeintakapuna

      Shearer might be able to – he gets all kinds of “tapes” from the GCSB haven’t you heard…

      • Dave

        Who is Shearer, is he from Gisborne ??

    • Got the audio running, working on the camera

    • Rex Widerstrom

      I think someone has already done the obligatory “Downfall” parody. That’d be pretty close to it I reckon, certainly in that underlying theme of manic desperation and blame shifting.

  • Release the Hounds

    Will the MSM report this ? Or will it go under there massive but very nice Persian, look at the tassels, I got it at the bazzar, had to haggle but a good deal, rug.

    • They’re trying to get confirmation as we speak.

    • Bunswalla

      It’s not a rug Bough – it’s a Bedouin birthing blanket

    • slade52

      It was probably paid for using the mayor’s credit card

  • Chancey

    Agenda for inaugural meeting 29 October 6pm Town Halll now published

    swearing of oaths – then adjourned to 10am 30 September

    • DLNZ

      Right at the top… “Len Brown ****JP**** ” in case he forgot he was one.

      • rrroberto

        in case he never knew he was one

    • wanarunna

      Refer page 11 of the Agenda, where they refer to the Crimes Act 1961 and in particular the crime of receiving a bribe or reward for doing or not doing something in the capacity of an elected official. A reward is defined as including gifts, money, a job, or anything other that benefits the official directly or indirectly.
      There is no truth in the rumour that the Mayors copy of the agenda had the word ‘job’ redacted.

      • Alloytoo

        Getting your rocks off definitely constitutes a “reward” here

        • Dave

          Only for Len obviously, not for Bevan, more frustration for her.

          • Alloytoo

            oh dear, I thought she got a necklace for her trouble…..

      • Dave

        Was “blow” redacted as well, or just spat out???

        • wanarunna

          If the MSM had anything to do with it, it was just swallowed without question

  • LionKing

    what a fiasco. In fighting, shouting matches, bitterness, David Lewis must be wondering what Helen would do in a moment like this. The old ‘move on” line just isn’t working. Better pop down to that special restaurant Len likes to take some time out in behind the curtain. Surely the staff will turn the other way as well.

    • You have a funny way of spelling restaurant. Next you’ll tell me they’re called “waitresses”.

      • Release the Hounds

        Aren’t restaurants legal? I don’t see the problem.

        • Restaurants are legal. As is sitting down and eating with the staff. But it does go towards the idea that Mr Family man only eats at home being a lie. As are his claims he can only ever remember taking Bevan for takeout. And his claims there is nothing else.

      • Gaynor

        I sense a story here….

      • wanarunna

        are you suggesting that ‘restaurant’ should be spelt with a ‘B’?

      • 4077th

        One slip of the tongue and he is in the shit.

  • Bart67

    Well, it looks like the excrement is really striking the pedistal mounted electrically driven air agitating device now. One suspects this will not be the last person to be seekeing alternative employment as a result of this mess.

    • blokeintakapuna

      you’d think there would be numerous people electing unemployment as a preferable option rather than be perceived to be associated with a corrupt Mayor who abuses his tenure for personal and corrupt gain?

      • Chancey

        absolutely agree, i trust our councillors elect are making that very point to the mayor

        • 4077th

          Nice thought but a Pipe dream I am afraid.

      • Time For Accountability

        The reason the spin doctors are Frantic is that they are personal to Len and go when he does.

        • Time For Accountability

          I have been wondering sincecthe mess broke about what other issues the spin doctors, Len and the press have mislead the public about in the past.

  • Andy

    Has anyone done a downfall parody yet?

  • BJ

    They are obviously as desperate as Len to hold onto their jobs. If he goes down, they go down?

    • Day Day

      If Len goes down, so will his Labour spin team. That’s what makes this so compelling.

    • Mark

      Enough about Lenny going down. The mental image is too much…

  • conwaycaptain

    Remember “Yes Minister” and “Yes Prime Minister” was required watching in Mrs T’s cabinet. They are so close to the truth that it is frightening.
    Unfortunately Len doesn’t have a Sir Humphrey to look after him.

    • philbest

      Richard Prebble said that he did not realise until he became an MP, that “Yes Minister” was a documentary…..

  • James Growley

    Who actually hires and fires the “Spin Doctors” – is it Len, the CEO, or someone else and to whom or what are they accountable???

    • patrickstarr

      The mayor appoints a chief of staff who hires and fires within the mayors office. @”To whom are they accountable” – Len (pffft)

  • Kimbo

    I guess no one can be fired for “lack of moral ethics” in this fiasco. Is the bar really set that much lower in the public sector than in the private sector ? Are ratepayers just dumb scum compared to shareholders ? Words like deceit, delusion and immorality will soon have to be removed from dictionaries as they are no longer valid.

    • rrroberto

      Not quite true. A JP can be fired by the Governor General for a lack of moral ethics in his private life, or for acting in a way which brings the office of JP into disrepute.The Mayor of a Territorial Authority is a JP by definition . If he is fired as a JP, then the Local Government Act would require an amendment to keep him/her in office as a Mayor without the office of JP

  • Clemgeopin


  • centralcar company

    good work cam

  • Lesley Young

    Have you seen they still spinning out more good works and word on Len in the Herald. Latest one this morning about him staying on the board of some family budgetting service. Honestly, in our household we’re struggling to explain to our 13 year old boy why this guy is on the news every night and what exactly he’s done wrong. Some of these acts Len Brown has carried out my boy doesn’t have any concept of.

    • Andy C

      You’re struggling to explain to a 13 year old boy that a man in public office had an affair, and some people find that outrageous? Doesn’t seem hard to me…

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Lesley, for your son’s birthday give him a stick book and a box of tissues.
      And grow up ffs

  • Clemgeopin


  • jb

    Sounds like purge of the wrong bloke to me.

    • Andy C

      He may have walked

  • peterwn

    John Key – get on the phone to James quickly, before David Cunliffe does. From Whale’s previous comments – he sounds great value to me.

    • AnonWgtn

      Nah let it fester.
      Nats, and Key particularly do not have to become involved.

  • philbest

    “….Bews-Hair was the genius behind the community focus groups that Len Brown constantly quotes as being in agreement with his policies……”

    That’s the suckers who think a compact city and diverting road spending to trains (and presumably “other people’s neighbourhoods” will have all the apartment blocks), will result in less traffic congestion.

    In total contradiction of all the real world evidence.

    Of course the Horrid and all the other MSM enablers for Len Brown Inc feed the public a non stop diet of straight out porkies on all this, emanating from the Auckland Planning Dept, a descendant of those successful Planning Departments in the former USSR.

    Notice what a rip-roaring success apartment blocks and trains were in all the Soviet cities; people have happily kept living and travelling that way since they got their freedom……..(sarc)

    • Andy C

      Philbest – I didn’t vote Len and disagree with many of his policies, including the rail loop. But i’m curious, let’s say the forecasts are right and Auckland will have another million people by 2030, where do you propose they go and do you think the roads will be congested?

      • Dave

        Len says, they can all go south and north, just not within a KM of my palace, or the roads/infrastructure I use to get to and from work and the restaurants all you plebs pay for me to go to :)

      • philbest

        Andy C, glad you asked.

        Auckland is 1 point whatever million people living at a density of 2400 people per square km.

        NZ is 0.6 % urbanised.

        Auckland’s traffic congestion delay per 1 hour of driving is 41 minutes.

        Los Angeles, 14 million people, also living at a density of 2400 people per square km, is 43 minutes.

        Philadelphia, 5.5 million people at a density of 1,100 people per square km, is 22 minutes.

        Indianapolis, 1.5 million people at a density of 800 people per square km, is 15 minutes.

        Do we see a pattern here? This observation holds good for the entire data set of US low density cities. Their housing is about 1/3 the price of Dorkland too.

        LA and Dorkland are BOTH NOT LOW density cities. Half the cities in Europe are less dense, especially cities in France. The only denser city in the Anglo new world is Toronto, population 6.1 million, at 2,700 people per square km.

        See what I mean about a non-stop diet of porkies emanating from the Dorkland department of Gaia Propaganda, sorry, “urban planning”?

        Their computer models are an exercise in “getting the desired results by way of garbage in”, nothing more than that.

        • blokeintakapuna

          Great post…

          • philbest

            Further shockers that most people are ignorant of, is that most public transport is only on a par for cost and energy efficiency, with the average for cars. There is no advantage to the very much higher cost to the public, of moving a given number of people a given distance by public transport instead of cars. It would be quite possible to double the efficiency of the car fleet, which would leave PT dead in the water as a policy option.
            The few possibly competitive PT services anywhere in the world, are all systems that carry higher income CBD workers to work, and it is a socially unjust wealth transfer to be subsidising these people. CBD property owners should pay a fee similar to a “development contribution”, to cover the benefit they capture of the subsidy cost of transport systems focused on their location.
            The PT systems that actually do “provide mobility for the poor” are suburban bus systems, and these suffer from low load rates. Community vans would serve the purpose at far lower cost.
            The pro PT people talk about the “subsidy to roads” and “leveling the playing field”, but it is wrong to compare “roads and public transport”. So what if drivers “don’t pay the full cost of the roads”? They ARE paying for about 95% of the total cost of their mobility: the car, the insurance, the repairs and the petrol. But the ticket cost of a PT ride only covers around 30% of the cost of the bus and the diesel and the drivers and the mechanics and repairs and so on. Or the train and the electricity and all the rest of it. The ticket charge is literally only cheaper than using your own small car, because of the subsidy, not because of any inherent cost advantage.
            Actually, if the roads were only used by cars they would almost never wear out; it is the trucks – and buses – that require the maintenance budgets and indeed the engineered strength in the first place. “The motorist” is one of the most screwed people in the whole world almost everywhere.
            “WhaleOil” has the chance to be more than a site that breaks salacious scandals and personal misdemeanours of the MSM’s favourites that they won’t cover. “Policy Parrot” on here already posts some of the most informative stuff to be found anywhere on Council’s dodgy accounting and stuff like that – this should be getting as much traction as a misdemeanour by an individual.
            But there is massive scope to keep taking the “fight for truth” to the whole edifice of lies on which Auckland’s “planning” is based.

          • Dave

            Great post Phil, thanks!! Suggest you talk to Cam! Thought starter to add to your post. I have posted this before as a concept. Scrap NZ’s rail system and build a national super truck highway, double lanes all the way, any truck travelling more than say 70 km must use the trick highway and pay the toll. maby efficiencies from teduced travel time and LESS traffic delays. Trucks could have longer trailers, or C trains. Railway land becomes transport hubs, interchangeable depots and container storage. The other advantage, our current highways become less congested, fewer accidents, reduce fatigue and travel times. Then there is the massive advantage to the economy, the economic spinoff from the development cost. The land is there, that’s the biggest hurdle for a project if this size!!

          • philbest

            Have you ever read “Applying Systems Intelligence to Transport” by the late (and sadly missed) Owen McShane?

            I don’t know how long it will take before contemporary transport policy will display any evidence that we live in a civilisation that had an “Enlightenment” that made all the difference, a few centuries ago.

          • Dave

            Phil Thanks for the link, I skim read the article, saved it for later. Have never seen it before, transport is not my specialty, but, Blue Ocean strategy, and better systems are! For too long we follow tradition, and never achieve real progress, our civic and successive governments keep doing the same thing yet expect a different result. The labour governments reinforce this over and over, sending the country nearly broke. Would really like to see some serious Blue Ocean / Quantam leap thinking / strategies where we actually do some things very differently and make real progress.

          • philbest

            I reckon you and McShane would have really got on.

        • Andy C

          Less people per square km is good for travel. Is there a cost difference for infrastructure for lower density?

          • philbest

            Again, glad you are asking.

            The Auckland Planning Department was asked a few months ago for THEIR evidence that there would be cost savings on infrastructure by having a more compact city.
            Not only could they not come up with any, they are now proceeding to do their own “modelling” exercise to “prove” it. I will eat my hat if they “prove” their own shallow assumption wrong.
            The NZ Productivity Commission Report on Housing Affordability included an appendix of research into this point which they said was “inconclusive”.
            One of the ones they did not mention, was “Population
            Growth, Density and the Costs of Providing Public Services”, by Helen F. Ladd in Urban Studies, Vol. 29, No. 2, 1992, pp.
            REVIEW at:

            Not that this makes any difference.

            Even the studies that show a higher cost for infrastructure under low density, do not show such a difference that it is worth penalising all first home buyers with house prices $200,000 too high.
            For example, the often-cited, massive “Costs of Sprawl 2000” Report states impressive looking figures for the USA as a whole, in terms of “billions of dollars extra cost” from low density sprawl. But Cox and Utt, “The Costs of Sprawl Reconsidered”, point out that this cost is $50 per household per year.
            What is the cost per household per year, of house prices at $200,000+ too high?
            And the “Costs of Sprawl 2000” paper does not adequately account for the higher longer-term costs of infrastructure because of difficulty of access, disruption, and cost of land acquisition under conditions of higher density and growth containment. Len’s Train Set will blow out massively in costs of land acquisition alone; Auckland Planning is dead from the neck upwards about the way Real Estate markets work, and what happens in the absence of powers of compulsory acquisition, when government absolutely needs all the property at a given location.

            Angel at al, “Making Room for a Planet Full of Cities” has an excellent discussion of good planning for intensification. It has to start with “rights of way” for expanded infrastructure having been embedded decades upstream. If you don’t have these, forget it. It is cheaper to just let the city spread. And as it spreads, plan for the b—–y rights of way that will be needed in a few MORE decades time, THIS TIME, IDIOTS!!!!
            Like I say, you won’t learn any of this from the MSM; the government’s responsible people know a lot of this stuff but this government is hopeless at fighting entrenched leftism and watermelonism in which the MSM is implicated up to its eyeballs.

  • Grant McLachlan

    I can see the Downfall version won’t be far away.

  • Release the Hounds

    Still no reporting from MSM media? Cover up?

  • Time For Accountability

    Got it!

    Len is having out to be appointed so he can negotiate a large handshake to go.

    If he goes before being sworn in then he gets nothing.

    There needs to be a campaign to stop the ceremony and save the ratepayers money.

    • Andy C

      Yeah, lets start a campaign on … some … invented … nonsense. Wait, where is everybody?

  • steve and monique

    And the Mayor stays put. Get with the program Len, and leave. The more this circus that YOU created carries on, the worse/stupid you look.

  • John Phillips

    You could not make this stuff up … It’s like a real life version of the “Hitler” video.

  • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

    That’s good a small reduction in the mayoral spend for a short time at least

  • captainnotsosensible

    Is that inaugural meeting an open one that Joe Public can attend?

    • Chancey

      absolutely all council meetings committee meetings and local board meetings are open to the public – it is an eye opener, and can be quite depressing

      perhaps it might be the one legacy of Brown that more people might attend

      agendas and minutes are all available on the website and contain dates times and locations for the meetings

      go along – take your friends

      prepare to be depressed for a very long time if you pay rates to this disfunctional bunch

  • Blue Water Coastie

    Of anonymous texts….apparently a certain telco has recently circulated an internal reminder of it’s customer privacy obligations.

    • sheppy

      can’t possibly risk finding out who sent them in the first place – wouldn’t it be funny if it was Brown himself that sent them

  • Time For Accountability

    So he got sacked for Lens personal business rather than council business.

    Interesting interpretation of the employment laws by the council.

    • What a cool way to look at it :)

    • blokeintakapuna

      He’ll be a contractor on contract and not ACC staff, so no employee/employer relationship.

      • Dave

        Drawing long straws…….

        That could make it worse for Len / ACC as a contractor, there are less limits on a payout, courts can award far more than a few months salary, could be a few lazy hundy hidden in this termination of contract.

        What’s the bet mr Brew Hair suddenly departs for sunny shores, courtesy of ACC hush money.

        Which raises another question, was the Chief Exec / Chief of staff involved in this, if so are they too close to Len to be objective, did they sack / terminate Brew Hair while he was acting on lens personal business (as Time for accountability has said), if so, they are no longer able to be impartial in any investigation and need to stand aside.

        Furthermore, if they were not involved, did Len sack Brew Hair, if so, Len you did so on personal bias, not proper council business, you will have breached rules again, this will need a full investigation, and goes to ensure, Len Brown, your doubly screwed!

        Suggest you get an incredible Barrister Len before the Chief Exec / COS turn on you to protect their own arse, salaries and families.

        Check MATE. (fingers crossed)

    • Dave

      If so, it goes to confirm, the council was paying a contractor and employees to clean up lens mess beyond the limits of a tissue. This needs to be included in the full investigation along with ALL and any termination / redundancy costs, rehiring costs including recruitment agencies costs, time for all involved etc etc etc. Len, you need to account for all of this, its not going away you fool.

      I would prefer the council takes a lean against Lens house, just in case he tries to avoid paying. He has poor form, already a proven liar.

      Gee Len, if you managed a root every month over the 2 years at 2 minutes each, thats 24 x 2 = 48 minutes, its likely to cost you over $10K a Minute, cheaper to hire a first class working girl, their silence is guaranteed Len.