Why we broke the story of the rooting ratbag mayor

By now you will all have read the astonishing story of Len Brown and his affair.

By now there will be people whispering in the media’s ear trying to kill the story…they will be saying that this is someones private life and that in New Zealand their private life has been sacrosanct with media.

Normally that would be true…except…

  • Len Brown is the mayor of the largest city in NZ and has paraded his family before the cameras, including on election night
  • Len Brown conducted his affair from his office, using council provided resources including cellphones and vehicles, the Ngati Whatua Meeting Room, his own office and bathroom, and utilised council staff to keep and hand over hotel cards at reception in the Town Hall to facilitate his liaisons.
  • Len Brown used functions he was attending in his official capacity to entertain his mistress, including a private dinner with the CEO of Southern China airline. 

But what removed all doubt from my mind is when anonymous TXT messages were being sent to me, my family, contacts and friends that threatened repercussions if I published this story. I decided to hold it back until after the election result. He has known about this for a long time. If Len Brown hadn’t been re-elected, the problem of misuse of council finance, resources and staff could be balanced by the fact he wouldn’t be in a position to continue his rorting of rate-payers money while getting his jollies on.

But as he’s back, and as he will continue unless someone speaks up, and as there have been some dark attempts to intimidate me and people around me, there was only one cause of action left: let the sunshine in, and let the chips fall where they may.

Len Brown is a duplicitous liar. He lies to his wife, he lies to his staff, he lies to his constituents. But that’s what we expect from politicians. Being a rooting ratbag isn’t enough to call someone to account in their job. Bill Clinton survived it personally and politically, and continues to be one of the most popular US presidents ever.

There is a darker side to this. The threats and the inference of blackmail unless the status quo was maintained are no longer an issue when Len Brown is a retired mayor.

The man is out of control morally and fiscally.

It is time this ends.


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  • drummerboy

    you did the right thing.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      I am so proud of Whale Oil, gosh, what a legend he is! I hope he resigns soon…

  • Jman

    I don’t understand why to hold it back until after the election. This needs more explanation.

    • Because it would have been seen as sleaze tactics and dirty pool motivated to tip the election? If he hadn’t made it, then his continued misuse of council property, funds and time would no longer be an issue.

      • DLNZ

        I think the worst thing here is the fact that he threatened her and her career. Adults will be adults… but to use his power to threaten her is unacceptable.

        • To me that shows mindset. This wasn’t anything about love or respect.

        • slade52

          I think the worst thing is that he threatened Cameron’s family.

          • Jack

            Slater has a FAMILY? What species is it?

          • notrotsky

            Just because you’re into bestiality with stoats doesn’t make it OK for everyone.

          • Hone Horo


          • bristol

            As an outsider Jack, and that goes for you too Hone Horo, what do you think of the human race?

          • Ward_Boston_JAGC_Remembered

            Now we want to find out who sent the messages. . .

            I am guessing that two people knew the story. . .

        • Time For Accountability

          He learn’t it from Mallard.

      • Vicky Anderson

        Gossiping about it now is still a sleaze tactic. The only people affected by this now are his family. She’s a skanky whore!

        • igp

          So if she’s a skanky whore (arguable anyway) that makes it better, rather than if she was a nice lady ?? I’d say it makes it worse.

    • Because I didn’t have the facts or the proof. You can’t run a story based on rumour and innuendo

      • Andy

        Hold on, Cam. You say you didn’t have proof to run story before election, but you write “But what removed all doubt from my mind is when anonymous TXT messages
        were being sent to me, my family, contacts and friends that threatened
        repercussions if I published this story. I decided to hold it back until
        after the election result.

        Was it the texts that proved the story? And why hold back if you had ‘proof’.

        • Hazards001

          I suspect you may find the texts WO refers to in his post are threatening ones from 3rd parties to himself and his family and are the justification for taking the decision to release the story.

          Therefore not intended to be a reference to evidence from the woman involved or proof of allegations.
          My take on the statement anyway.

        • Richard

          I suspect the affidavit clinched it.

        • Tina-Louise McKenna

          Exactly my thoughts. On radio today Cam said he held back because Bevan wasn’t ready or convinced to go public yet, but that because she filed her affidavit this morning he could now publish. In the blog above he says he made an active decision to hold back until after the election. Then he posts the above comment that he didn’t have facts or proof until today. So, which of the three is it?

        • Vicky Anderson

          Oh please he held it back because that ‘lady’ in question was also running in the local body elections.

          • Andy C

            I’m leaning towards your view Vicky – the facts Cam was waiting on became concrete only once the lady had nothing left to lose. Still, them’s the breaks I guess.

      • Macca

        ‘Because I didn’t have the facts or the proof. You can’t run a story based on rumour and innuendo’ – doesn’t seem to stop the media running the drivel from the left!

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Exactly. Now I am waiting to see how this becomes John Key’s problem…..

          • Tina-Louise McKenna

            There didn’t seem to be much proof surrounding the Labour leadership challenge when this story went to air earlier in the year…

          • Liberty

            Everyone new within 5 minutes of Shearers appointment it
            would end in tears.
            The same thing is going to happen to the current incompetent.

        • mick le prick

          yeah especially that fictional current affair sow Campbell Live
          they are experts at running stories with no facts

      • David

        Or… because she didn’t want to expose it until after she knew she wasn’t successful in public office and no longer felt she had anything to lose.

        She was wrong, by the way… probably time to change the name.

        • suites

          I’m going to have fun ringing all her future employers asking for sucky sucky love me long time

      • patrickstarr

        Lest see if Dept mayor Penny Hulse takes the moral high ground….if so I may give you the oil on which former mayor she was banging

        • Richard

          Do tell.

        • BJ


          • patrickstarr

            put it this way… it was the worst kept secret in Waitakere

      • James G

        you fat cunt

        • Hazards001

          You sad cunt

      • basmar

        Whaleoil, you say you can’t run a story based on rumour & innuendo, that surprise’s me no end… as that is exactly what you did not long ago, and your excuse was “not many would read the story” , you are just a sick sick excuse for a male whom has got no spine.

    • Richard

      Only came out because she was threatened.

  • Harroputza

    Imagine the howls of derision from the left if John Key were to do something so absolutely idiotic. Thank God he’s not that stupid (fingers crossed).

  • Never in the dark…..

    Good stuff.

    I see a statement has been released, in which he’s alluding to who the whistleblower may be. It’s a very shortlist for her identity to be deduced from.

  • Blue Tim

    Well done! I see the media are running the keep the family out of this so will go soft I suspect. Easy answer is they just need to keep hounding the Christian Mayor and not mention his wife and children. I live in hope but don’t hold out much

    • LesleyNZ

      Please don’t call him a Christian Mayor.

  • LionKing

    Good man for exposing this WO.

  • Nealie

    I don’t care too much about the affair. Everyone in every job takes advantage to some degree. But to threaten members of the public because he lacks any sense of personal responsibility is not on!

  • Justsayn

    When you said he used Council resources I thought you meant tissues!

    • Col

      I wonder if he used the Mayoral Chains?

  • surfisup

    I really don’t like Len Brown but still a bit dubious about you releasing it.

    He used his work cellphone but really? I don’t think it is inappropriate to use a work provided cellphone for personal calls as long as the cost is low. Usually you get a certain # of included free minutes anyway.

    None of those other items really seem overly serious to me. I imagine being a mayor is almost a 24×7 job. So, ones ‘personal’ time is always going to conflict with work at times.

    Maybe i just have low standards for local body politics :)

    • What if he used staff to obtain and drop off the hotel key card for his mistress to collect from reception?

      The fact he is busy is no excuse for using council property, funds, time or staff.

      • surfisup

        Yes, I agree with that although I consider it to be a relatively minor transgression and not really worth ruining someones private life.

        Just my opinion here, I can understand how others have the opposite opinion.

        Now that it is out anyway, I do hope this brings him down because I just don’t like him.

        • He ruined his own private life

          • Andy

            Cam, waiting for a response re you claiming you didn’t have proof before the election but write “…But what removed all doubt from my mind is when anonymous TXT messages
            were being sent to me, my family, contacts and friends that threatened
            repercussions if I published this story. I decided to hold it back until
            after the election result…” Did you have ‘proof’ before the elections? If so, do you consider threatening texts proof?

          • Dave

            Fair go How thick are you Try telling that to a judge if in court.

            I knew as I was being threatened. Or……

            I waited until I had Actual Factual PROOF in this case a signed sworn confession from the other party

            Case closed

          • Andy

            If that’s the case then why not say “But what removed all doubt was a sign affidavit…” When did Cam receive the affidavit?. Has the woman ‘confessed’? Has she committed a crime?

        • LesleyNZ

          Minor transgression? So what is a major transgression? Think a lot of lives are ruined.

          • surfisup

            You are confusing the difference between ones private and public life. Of course, in his private life this is a bomb and Len is a cheating liar and I feel sad for his family.

            But, from a public point of view (which is the basis on which Whale released this information) , I just don’t see that this really impacts the ratepayer.

            He used a staff member to deliver a hotel key — maybe that staff member was available or not busy. If the staff member is on $20 hour, that is a $20 theft. This is not enough reason.

            He conducted the seedier parts his affair in some council owned rooms — I imagine the rooms were not being used at the time! Once again, no impact on the ratepayer.

            He used his cellphone for personal business — jeez, that is stretching things – I reckon most people with work phones use them for personal calls. They come with a bunch of free minutes anyway.

            And, I imagine being mayor of auckland is a 24×7 job, so it is inevitable that private/public life cannot be kept totally separated.

            But, as said, now the pigeons have flocked I hope lying Len gets his beans.

    • thor42

      Um… WO mentioned that Len used one of the Council offices to hump his mistress in (and was then discovered by a security guard).
      If using a Council office for that isn’t improper, I don’t know what is.

      • surfisup

        It depends if the council office was required I guess.

  • Andy

    There are a number of comments on Facebook suggesting that his sex life is of no business to us.

    So shagging a woman on council premises during office hours, in a room “of special significance”, is of no business to Auckland ratepayers?

    Fine, if that’s the way it is, he has set the bar.

    • Jdogg

      “B” obviously thought it was public business! Len’s sphincter must’ve been opening and closing with some haste from July onwards. Oh well, today’s news is tomorrow’s fish n chips wrapping.

  • Never in the dark…..

    The poll on The Horrid is somewhat telling:

    Should Len Brown stand down as mayor?

    1500–1550 votes

    Yes 60%

    No 34%

    Not sure 6%

    • Time For Accountability

      I am waiting of Russel & his shrill co leader to call for a referendum on Lens right to tenure.

      Where is the mayors union which can cover this up for Len?
      Perhaps they are around learning how from their teacher mates.

  • cows4me

    Our mates at the sub-standard are claiming this is a non story and it should be between Len and his family. I would assume if the politician had a right wing agenda the sky would be falling and the end of the world would be but a breath away. That aside it’s an important story as Brown has not only cheated on his family he’s used work mates to help in his cheating. Is not a mayor suppose to represent their city and people and as such should be someone with a bit of honour? Also resorting to threats in an effort to silence disclosure says more about the attitude of someone that has become accustomed to and loves the power of office. There’s an old saying, “the higher up the tree the monkey goes the clearer his arsehole”, seems Len has made it to the top branch.

    • Col

      Ready for a hanging.
      If you do that, I say you can never get it back on with the wife, money helps?

      • Jonathan Pull

        Plenty of people reconcile after extra marital affairs, weather this will due to the spot light cast on it makes a big difference.

      • longjohn

        Agree may he enjoy a life of celabicy

        • dumbshit

          he may be-come ambidextrous

    • They didn’t do the same with Richard Worth…go and search their site for stories about Richard Worth

  • Gulfing

    Malcom Tucker, it is you? Nice work.

    • This is what happens when you build a house of cards.

  • Ashish A Naicker
  • MarcWills

    My God, even paying those cleaners the living wage would not be enough now. They probably thought the ropy stuff under the desk was just chewing gum. If you shone a UV light in his office, the room would light up like a Viper Room dance hall.

    • blokeintakapuna

      yes – it only highlights the OSH requirements of cleaners – especially in the Mayor’s office!

      • Col

        I can understand why the cleaners want a pay rise.

  • Toddus

    Good Job Cameron – all politicians need to be held to account. Let the sun shine in. Of course lefty media types and others are leaping to the wanker’s defence. Typical – perhaps a suppression order should have been in place? One rule for thee and another for me is it? Hypocrites.

  • 4outta10LEN

    Yes, I’ve been a rat bag. BUT, SHE’S SO DAMN HOT!
    God I hope JC cuts me some slack tonight.

    I wonder if Celia Wade Brown wants to swap jobs? I’ll be welcome with open arms down there….

    Barely 4 outta 10? Wow. Gutted.

    Did I mention that she was HOT?

  • Crookednose

    If you get word of who made the threats to both you and the woman, make sure you out them so we know who they are. We already know what they are.

    Good job on that scoop.

    As an aside, will JC be rather subdued tonight, or will he be going all out? Sadly he’ll probably just go after the messenger….

  • NotLen

    So Len’s a dud root. Who would have thought?

    • longjohn

      Real men last at least 3 minutes!

    • longjohn

      Real men last at least 3 minutes!

  • Col

    Cam, you are the best, take no prisoners, wonder what John Campbell will say tonight, while he is banging his forehead.

    • longjohn

      He will probably bang John Campbell during make up!

      • Col

        Will we have Len crying tonight?

        • longjohn

          I thought poor old John was going to burst into tears!

          • Col

            No he was not frustrated enough for that, but was putting a Hollywood on, JC was a weak bit of shit with that interview, we know what side his bread and butter is on.

          • longjohn

            First time I have watched his show(?) since JK gave him a good public spanking!

      • mick le prick

        my Gardar tells me Campbell would take it up the arse

        • longjohn

          Bats for the opposition in more ways than one!

  • Jack

    He obviously did it for the “thrill of it” – in his office, on his desk or in the town hall. Makes me wonder if he took bribes for the “thrill of it” too. Loose morals alright.

  • GazzW

    Has anyone asked whose card paid for the hotel rooms?

  • Joe

    Me and my mates never voted in the election but if this came out before the election, Len would of definitely got our votes. Any man who can pull a bitch 25yrs younger must be a good cunt. BTW we are all 20-something males

    • Hazards001

      You and your mates should be banned from voting for all time in all elections.
      I bet your class captain at high school was the one that did that could shave and got a 6 pack for the boys off his big sister on a Saturday.

      (I’m kidding Joe)

    • W.Austin

      so, assuming you are at most 29, you want to pull female dogs 4 and under?

  • Col

    JC with Len on Campbell LIve

    • Joe

      Len getting on the front foot, well played. Story will disappear faster if you come out and speak about it

      • Col

        Not this one!!!!

  • Agent BallSack

    Its such a non story Campbell Live have LBIAFC on tonight. Watch the white paint be spread on before your own eyes!

    • Col

      JC, so you had dinner at sky city and a cheeseboard at the council office, is that right Len? no I had sex.

    • DLNZ

      He’ll probably have a big cry and everyone will feel sorry for him boo hoo. Best thing he could do is announce his resignation.

    • Dave

      ABS Was thinking the same thing, I would expect Campbell would actually want to run a decent story, if the editors had any scruples, they would realise they cant whitewash this story ,and should run the Len, come on here, and resign angle.

      I also understand little John Campbell has sore nuts form the double kicking JK and Simon gave him recently.

  • Igotta Numbum

    When people were talking about things being blown all over the place in Auckland, I thought they were talking about the weather

  • Cam Wilkes

    Shame it came out after the elections.

  • suites

    Len is NZ’s very own Bill Clinton. Loved by all especially the sluts.

  • 4077th

    Len Berlusconi..I may pass the time by chiming in with useless quips every now and again I have a real interest in our local body politicians and their misguided sense of entitlement. If there have been blackmail attempts and threats where does it stop. If I had a genuine grievance with the council how do I know I wont be subject to the same sort of tactics. These are very serious allegations and Mr Brown should be very worried indeed if proof is provided for the above mentioned.

    I urge you to follow up on these threats WO. No doubt you have already alerted the authorities.

  • Richard

    He’s on TV3 right now doing the PR sob story. Blaming everyone but himself.

    • longjohn

      I thought John Campbell was going to burst into tears. Softcock!

      • Richard

        Yes its all crocodile tears. Deliberate PR to look down and out, no tie, dressed rough. Didn’t wash with me. If this was out before the election we would have a different mayor.

      • Kent Richardson

        Campbell was pathetic ! That’s why I don’t normally watch JC. He’s a a dribble, cheesy and spineless and he shouldn’t be on TV.

        • longjohn

          Last time i watched the twat was when he got thrashed by John Key

    • CheesyEarWax

      Campbell talked like a marriage councillor, rather than an interviewer. he obviously has a soft spot for his comrade 4/10Len.

  • Richard

    If he isn’t divorced by Friday I’ll be surprised.

  • Bryan

    “If anyone sets his heart on being a leader he desires a noble task

    now a leader must be above reproach, the husband of one wife ,
    temperate, self controlled, respectable, hospitable,able to teach others
    not given to drunkeness,not violent but gentle,not quarrelsome, not a lover of money
    He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey him with proper respect

    If he can’t manage his own house how can he take care of God’s church”

    This comes from I Timothy 3: 1 to 5 if this is the standard for leading a group of people how much more does it apply to leading a city and it is not being hard

    to expect a standard of leadership what we are in private is what we are in public

    and can we expect younger ones to respect the city leadership when this happens

    He has brought the city and whole office of Mayor down to a very low level and has no other option but to resign Auckland deserves better

    • 4077th

      Well said Brian.

  • Guest

    On one hand you say “let the chips fall as they may” and then you say “this must end”.
    I can understand your reasoning but at least be clear, either hes going to have a fair go at defending himself (if he can at all) or hes is just going to be constantly smeared until the mud becomes to much.

  • BJ

    Off with his head! I say.

    His wife will stand by him – her 3 daughters will influence that decision along with the her Mayoress title, but I doubt their relationship can ever go back to whatever it was.

    IMO the young woman deserves a hammering along with Len – nothing innocent here. By her own admission there was a payoff – isn’t there always?

    Smart people never go there – to that place of betrayal – because it usually comes back deservedly to bite you in the bum – from my distant observation.

    • Richard

      His wife is a lawyer…already doing the sums….there is only so much humiliation woman can stand.

      • Rachel

        But who brought about that humiliation? Him? Or the slutty one? Or was it the commenters on this blog?

        • Dave

          Come on Rachael wake up a little. Len is a man who claims he is trustworthy and wants Aucklanders to trust and follow him. If he didn’t have the affair to start with, there would be nothing to discuss, end of story. He brought this on himself – he could have avoided 95 % of this by resigning end if story. He is a fool and keeps confirming his stupidity.

        • Richard

          Slutty one? Len initiated contact and then chased her. Stick to facts.

    • Richard

      His wife is a lawyer…already doing the sums….there is only so much humiliation woman can stand.

  • 4077th
  • LesleyNZ

    President Clinton is a liar too. If he had been ugly he would not have been so popular. Never trust a liar. This story will not die. Almost Weiner stuff without the photos (I presume). ” Being a rooting ratbag isn’t enough to call someone to account in their job. ” Disagree – depends what job of course. Maybe Len could get a job with the Chow Brothers. They are dark. Do we want a rooting ratbag for our Mayor? NO! We want someone who is truthful and trustworthy and loyal.
    Cam – I noticed the One News reporter couldn’t bring herself to say that the Whaleoil blog broke this story. She said a “popular blog”. Why does mainstream media avoid mentioning Whaleoil Blog in their stories when this blog is the source of their story? They are happy to mention David Farrar and Kiwiblog and even had him on telly the other night to discuss election results.

    • Rachel

      ‘Cos they think he’s a dick and they don’t like him?

  • Time For Accountability

    In Lens position post announcement bear any similarity to the position during the affair?

    Stand up and meet front on.

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    I wonder if her berm was mowed, if you know what I mean…..

  • BR

    I have not always agreed with Cam, but in this case he is to be congratulated. It is well known that his man is a thief, a liar and a cheat. He is now shown to be a threatening bully. He is unfit to mow the council berms. Well done Cam.


  • LesleyNZ

    What about the security guard who caught them out – did he get paid off to keep quiet?

  • Missionary

    I’m not a lefty. But some of the venal, vitriolic comments here from the “the moral conscience” is just reprehensible..and hysterical. It’s like a public hanging, drawing and quartering to be honest. The mob.

    So tell us Cam, had he not stood for Mayor, would you have released this story? And especially, released the sordid details that we really didn’t need to know – which is having the same affect as the aforementioned hanging, drawing and quartering? I guess he’ll live though.

    Having said that, it’s a big story. Just think it could have been handled better

    • Jonathan Pull

      Web site views

    • Dave

      Missionary. I made the “moral conscience” comment and stand by it. Your mate Len stands as a leader, a straight shooter, and a trustworthy man who can lead the biggest city in NZ. Then, when exposed he goes all, its only a little discretion, and it will be okay. Bullshit. People have lost everything, careers, homes etc over far less.

      Wake up, smell the roses.

      • Missionary

        You’ve missed my point…so maybe I didn’t explain myself. Some of the details released, are just plain nasty. Some of the comments on this story and others about “Sex in the Super City” are even worse. I’m not perfect, I’m not a christian, but I do draw a line. He should resign, or if not, be booted. His family etc don’t need the rest.

        • Dave

          Actually missionary, you have missed the point. I believe most commenters agree. The comments would stop almost immediately if Lying Len simply resigned. It is him and him alone that keeps this alive. I suggest a very public resignation followed by an apology to the lady concerned, and mostly his wife an family. Then and ONLY then can Len ask for some privacy for his family whilst he rebuilds his life.

          Not Len, he is too much of an arrogant self obsessed prick.

          Len can end this NOW remember!

          • Missionary

            Like I said, he needs to resign. My point is that some of the more personal details didn’t needed to be aired. It goes beyond what I think are the realms of human decency (and he has innocent family involved to boot – I mean how hard is that to read that crap). This does not in anyway devolve him of his responsibilities and accountability. But the indignation here is a bit extreme. And it will be completely naive to think that Bevan Chuang is totally innocent in all of this. She was cognisant of what she was doing I’m sure. Just because she allegedly right wing, doesn’t absolve her of her part in this pretty sordid affair.

          • Rachel

            Is this an admission that releasing the story has the agenda of forcing his resignation? That’s what it sounds like to me. So, now we know why it’s come about. He wasn’t expected to win over Palino. When he did… Plan B – via the slutty Asian with the STI. How much did she get paid to hand over her career and dignity? Hope it was worth it for her.

    • CheesyEarWax

      “Venal, vitriolic comments”? You haven’t been out much have you? A public hanging? No. Public scrutiny? Yes.
      If you prefer a sanitised version stick to the MSM.

      • Missionary

        Oh I’ve been out a lot…probably a lot more than you. But that isn’t the point. There are people involved…humans….I’m all for public scrutiny, not for mob based Christian soldiers crucifixion. He needs to go, but he also has a family. The “detail” such as it is, didn’t need to come out. But hey, that is WO’s style.

        Thanks Cheesy

        • CheesyEarWax

          Welcome to the blog. 8)

  • Missionary

    I’m not a lefty. But some of the venal, vitriolic comments here from the “the moral conscience” is just reprehensible..and hysterical. It’s like a public hanging, drawing and quartering to be honest. The mob.

    So tell us Cam, had he not stood for Mayor, would you have released this story? And especially, released the sordid details that we really didn’t need to know – which is having the same affect as the aforementioned hanging, drawing and quartering? I guess he’ll live though.

    Having said that, it’s a big story. Just think it could have been handled better

  • anrky_al

    i hope you and Cook have some real and meaningful support for this woman in place – Cook has blood on his hands from the last time he pulled this kind of stunt. Wouldn’t be good look if it happened again.

  • Lucy

    In this sad and tawdry story lie many threads. Personal and Political ambition by both parties. But the very least Len Brown can do for his family, that has meaning for them, and offer forgiveness as a personal possibility, is for him to fall on his sword and resign. If he loves his family, he will sacrifice the trappings of office. This would give him the hope of redemption City vs Wife and daughters. What does he value most? I would have respect for the man who ate the huge humble pie and said yes to family and “so be it” to public office.
    It is a horrible shock to be caught in a honey trap.

    • longjohn

      He’s been caught eating pie alright …without a doubt….but humble?

    • GregM

      Absolutely. The only chance he has of keeping his family is to give up everything for them. I hope he does.

  • andrew johnson

    The last 3 paragraphs are gold. You should have chucked in another couple and you could have had him shooting JFK and hiding Lord Lucan and Madeline McCann in his basement

  • Jack

    So who had the story in the run up to the elections? Slater? and why didn’t you go to Palino to make some money on the side for Bevan Chuang (for services rendered) and Co. Palino would have won if this was outed earlier and many parties would be better off (including Len).???

  • Tina-Louise McKenna

    Would he continue? You say in your other post that contact had been dropped on his side between the two. I don’t think it’s wrong you broke this story…but the extreme detail was unnecessary for journalism’s sake.

  • Commander Jameson

    Isn’t Bevan a boys name?

    • longjohn

      It could well be a she him!

  • conwaycaptain

    When the Kaumatua of Ngati Whatua turn up at Len’s Office and ask did you have sex in that room?? He answers in the affirmative then he will be down the road.

  • conwaycaptain

    She gave him 4 1/2 out of 1o.He ain’t “Len the Stud” he is “Len the Tin Tack”

  • Ruasan

    What a load of crap WO!! You broke the story because its scandalous and you actually think you’re doing something important, what a joke!! There are far more important things for people to worry about than Len’s indiscretions…get a life!!

  • Monique Angel


  • EugenieMM

    What is really mindboggling is the sheer unadulterated stupidity of thinking that no one would ever find out. He shouldn’t stand down for his immorality – he should resign for being too stupid to be in charge of a lego set let alone a city.

  • Vicky Anderson

    Yo broke it coz you are a gossip. Bevans mother and sister must be so proud of her whoring herself for personal gain. What a skank!!!

  • Jo Morgan

    His wife had thyroid cancer in 2010-2011 , poor woman this makes what he did even more distasteful. Yes we all have skeletons in our closet etc but if you become a celebrity or a politician and you stand as a role model unfortunately you will be scrutinised, he would have to be stupid to think he could get away with it forever. He is not remorseful in my opinion because he is fronting up only after being outed, if he had fronted up before his campaign say 6 months before and let it die down and was still voted in, well then it would be an all cards on the table situation. He was thinking with his willy and lost all sense of reality, now he has to face the music, he may survive but if I was his wife he would be down the road, how could she trust him again.

  • James G

    Lay off Slater you poisonous twat. Try making a living doing something useful. Len Brown’s private life is not up for public consumption just because he shows is family at events. Because he is Mayor. He did the dirty on his family and he’ll be suffering enough for that. It’s nobody’s right to try and make it worse for them. Low voter turnout on election day and then suddenly when an affair is mentioned, people pipe up in droves. It is of no concern to ratepayers that he supposedly used a ‘council room’. Who here has even set foot in the council building? What relevance does it have to you? Really? If you work there, you might be slightly put off if he did the dirty on the spot you eat your boardroom lunch. Fine, get rid of him. And replace him with who? Everyone has their secrets – some of those secrets would greatly hinder the growth and stability of Auckland. Len is not that. If you want him gone, vote him out properly on election day. Not like this.

    When you go around intervening with the lives of someone’s family, you’re bound to get some kind of threat. Not sure if you’re aware, but people don’t like that. Noone does.

    I can’t wait for the day your secret comes out. That’ll be special.

  • cinedux

    Absolutely incredible! This fellow was on a straight line to a knighthood. now,it will never happen.Not unless he changes his name to Roger……………

  • Kizzy MCD

    seriously, you are just enjoying this, it sells stories and gets views. This is a private affair (pardon the pun) but dont for a second delude yourself to think that you’re not do this to gain something out of it.

  • Premo

    Now we know why he was working long hours :-)

    • Hone Horo

      yep…..23 hours and 58 minutes every day.

  • James G

    Post it fatty, go on. Just cause ya daddy didn’t get in. scum

  • Eye Yoga

    This is wrong in the same way teacher student and doctor patient liaisons are wrong, there is an imbalance of power which creepy Len has abused.

  • Kevin O’Brien

    You have done right to out this now.

  • Carlos the Jackal

    Is Len Brown any relation to Debbie Brown by chance?


  • Jack12

    Up to Len what he does really. It seems Ms Chuang and her associates have a political agenda going on here. LOL … Let the guy enjoy the next 3 years … hehehehe

  • Bruno 32

    Are you mafia or triad ??

  • Rachel

    I agree with you. The Blub’s a twat, and a poisonous one. No one’s fooled that there is any moral grounds for posting this crap. And no one believes the whole “threatening text messages” garbage any more either. He does that too often, it’s like the little boy who cried wolf. This is pure sleaze ‘cos daddy’s man lost. It’s just too obvious.

  • Robert Gray

    Thank you for breaking this story.
    Sadly Brown is revealed as another sleezebag politician. Is this the sort of man we want as leader of our city? Bad enough that it happened but to do it in Council time on Council property makes it council and public business.
    For my money he should go now and concentrate on trying to win his wife and family back, I bet that will be harder the winning the Auckland Mayoralty

  • WT23

    and another thing…… how do you prove that the ‘threatening texts’ are from Len Brown???? The slutty Asian girl probably sent them from a pay phone to herself to have an excuse to go public….. just sayin….

  • Liz

    How does the anonymous texter have your family, friends and other contacts phone numbers?

    • WT23

      very good point Liz

  • Gaz

    man the Bevan Chung isn’t doing her community any favours she comes across has human garbage.

    • Hone Horo

      Or an underpaid illegal immigrant working in a brothel. lol

  • Tom B

    “…of no concern to ratepayers that he supposedly used a ‘council room’.” It’s in a sworn affidavit you silly twat. He used Public office, public building, misuse of public money, made threats in an attempt to hide his crime, lied about the whole thing until he realised he was hamstrung, then admitted it, then manipulates the ex lover to try and get her to say it was a politically motivated hit. Len is in deep shit, getting deeper. Len should have thought about the consequences of his behaviour and actions a long time ago and it is far too late now for the apologista monkeys to rescue his sorry arse. And don’t shoot the messenger, chicken little, when the sky is falling in!

  • Laura

    Infidelity is all about deception. And greed. And cowardice. Not qualities we want in a leader. So exposing and holding Mr Brown accountable is the right thing to do.

  • Jacqui, Dwayne and Tillie

    Cameron Slater is a nasty piece of work. What a sad existence when you devote your entire existence to ruining someone else. Who cares who Len shagged?one thing is for sure his taste in his mistress leaves a lot to be desired. Seriously how old is she ? She behaves like a 14 year old. What sort of woman goes into such details and from what appears at the same time with so much satisfaction? Ah that’s right a skank. Nice career suicide.

    • LesleyNZ

      You don’t like the truth then. I don’t care but I do care about being deceitful and living a lie and double life and making a joke out the Mayor’s Office and council.

  • john

    what about the rich tax cheats in digi tech , why wont paul dale barrister table accounts on this fraud , give the money back to the ird ,

  • john

    at least he was not having sex with his best mates mrs ,not like colin hamilton crisp . rooting RATS MRS ON HIS YACHT P6 .

  • Dave

    O come on. Let the guy have a shag. So what. How many of the detractors have not had a go? Sounds like some of you could do with a decent bonk.

    • big balls

      “THERE’S NO FOOL, LIKE AN OLD FOOL” (you need to act your age Old Lenny Boy !) & as far as playing the sweet little innocent angel, after serving up such venomous crap & humiliating most other females (we think you should be in a different group of species)…then trying to play the blame game, hiding behind everyone else BC…the most common name that springs to mind for you (that’s decent, unlike your posts) is “MAD COW”, however I still think even cows are far more intelligent & perceptive than you…
      TO LEN: IMO, once a sleazebag, always a sleazebag & also once a dirty OLD pervert, always a dirty OLD pervert… Your wife is far too good for you & you are incredibly undeserving of a lovely, classy, strong lady like her. I just hope she does what most of us females would like to see her do & that is vote with her feet like Tiger’s ex did, after she was humiliated to the absolute hilt, with similar betrayal. In my observations, where there is one affair, there are usually many more… How many Lenny ???!!! Can you top Tigers top score…23 wasn’t it ?! GROW SOME BALLS LEN & RESIGN…as a woman I don’t want a sleazebag as our Super City Mayor. The sooner you crawl back under your rock, the better :-) ;-)

    • Dave

      Dave Suggest you read some more posts on here. I have previously said, I wouldn’t care if Lying Len was shagging his neighbor in his garden shed, but he wasn’t was he. He was shagging a quasi employee. One he provided references for, whom he went on to shag throughout the council offices and meeting rooms. This all whilst trying to run NZ’s biggest city whilst making out he is a straight up honest trustworthy guy!

  • chris

    Well you really have a bone to pick with Mr Brown indeed …. shame other people have to be dragged into all this mess … yes silly Len Brown keep your fly shut…Poor Bevan ..wow we know all about you now…. this stuff should be left for the women’s day …but yes we all read it and are fascinated by it all ..sad us .. I guess we needed another gossip story after what’s his name ..you know the MP who resigned over the bottle of wine ..don’t you know who I am drama.. well that will be you soon Bevan ..until the next drama comes along … good luck putting your lives back together… moving on …

  • Gaz

    haha she met Palino in the carpark 1 day after the election she probably blew him too.