Brown being cute with the truth now


The woman at the centre of the Len Brown sex scandal says the Auckland mayor not only gave her a written reference for the council job she applied for – he also spoke to her boss.

External auditors Ernst and Young are currently looking into whether 32-year-old Bevan Chuang received any form of preferential treatment when she successfully applied for a position as a sponsorship coordinator at the Auckland Art Gallery back in 2011.

At the time of applying for the position Chuang was in the early stages of her two-year affair with Brown.

She was sacked three months to her employment after the gallery learnt of her criminal conviction she had relating to relating to the unauthorized use of a computer.

The conviction dated back to 2010 when she was an employee at the Auckland Museum. Chuang provided a contractor with a password to access a confidential email account believed to contain information detrimental to plans to restructure the museum.

It is still not clear whether Brown knew about the conviction when he endorsed Chuang for the art gallery position. 

The under-fire Auckland mayor was confronted today about the whole issue of Chuang’s reference during his first public appearance since the scandal broke a week ago.

Brown told journalists that although he regretted the affair his intention was to remain in office.

“You make your decisions and when you make a stupid decision like I did, you’ve got to live with that and try and find a way forward. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

Brown claimed his decision to act as a referee for Chuang when she applied for a job at the city art gallery did not constitute an abuse of power.

He said he only provided her with a written reference – something he had done for a number of people

But Chuang claims that after being shortlisted for the position, the art gallery manager rang Brown to ask whether she was a suitable candidate for the job.

Brown said she was, and off the back of that endorsement she was given the job.

“…I remember my manager was excited to be the first person in the gallery to have spoken to him (the mayor),” Chuang said.

She added that when she began work at the gallery Brown – who had rarely visited the facility in the past  – suddenly became a frequent visitor. She said gallery staff would get themselves into “a flap” when they heard Brown was on his way, thinking he was there to see them.

She said the truth was that Brown was there to see her – a fact lost on staff who would “fluff around” after him.


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  • Tony V

    He claims he wrote many references… what, he was only rooting one of them!

    • Jimmie

      How do you know? Maybe he had a price per reference?

    • Gaynor

      Was he?????

    • Greg

      do you believe that,

  • Kimbo

    “gave her a written reference for the council job she applied for – he also spoke to her boss.” Jizzing on your tummy in many cultures could be construed as a very positive endorsement.

  • Jester

    Like I said in another post Cam. Take the next step. She was sacked from the art gallery in Dec. Len was still listed in her cv as a reference in January. To continue to endorse a person sacked from a council funded subsidiary is an absolute disgrace. To continue to bang her when she had been sacked from a council funded subsidiary shows poor judgement and proves Lens is not fit for office.

    • rrroberto

      and take the previous Step as well. According to the participants, there was no sex prior to the giving of the reference. After the reference was given, and the job was obtained, there was sex. Doh! But I guess one had better look closely at the dates of both events to see if a process of cause and effec can be reasonably inferred

      • Jester

        U know I never thought of it that way. Cheers

      • longjohn

        Its all about inputs, outputs and exits really!

      • Cowgirl

        I thought they had acknowledged the affair was in full swing when the job reference came up?

  • Toryboy

    Considering the massive amounts of ratepayer money given to the gallery, it is a wonder they need any sponsors – it’s not as if they are short of money, is it?
    What therefore does a ‘Sponsorship Coordinator’ actually do?

    • Gaynor

      What therefore does a ‘Sponsorship Coordinator’ actually do?
      Bang the mayor?

      • longjohn

        Apparently so!

      • longjohn

        Its a dirty job but someone has to do it..

        • pukakidon

          That is why she always kept tissues at hand. Len was well known for leaving donations with the Sponsorship Coordinator.

    • Patrick

      Maybe they require the huge amount of funding to keep Brown’s roots on the payroll, ever wondered how many other women only have jobs within Auckland Council entities because the were rooting Brown? Jobs for the boys, or in this case jobs for the girls.

    • Hazards001

      “What therefore does a ‘Sponsorship Coordinator’ actually do?”

      Slurps..learns and then attempts to run for a p;ace on a community board maybe?

  • Same thing must have happened on the next council Job interview …

  • longjohn

    800k a year …I think I can understand why 2 minute brown is hanging on for grim death! 15k a week for cancelling appointments and avoiding the issues! Not bad work if you can get it.

    • Kimbo

      1 x School visit today – Remuneration $3000. Only an idiot wouldn’t turn up for work.

      • longjohn

        He cancelled the school visit. Didnt want to soil the kiddies minds!

        • Kimbo

          Ta, Didnt catch that – Fair to say a good day for LB Gross Profit then, Poor day for Auckland Ratepayer Net Profit.

    • patrickstarr

      Browns salary is $250k – The CEO Doug McKays salary is $800k

      • longjohn

        Thanks for that..250k plus baubles of office including a gallery assistant and free hotel rooms.

        • James Growley

          Don’t forget the six spin doctors!

          • Honcho

            Len will be booking them in for a payrise after this weeks stirling effort, they really have earnt every dollar, I will give that arsehole one thing, he has put together a good team of professional spin doctors.

          • longjohn

            When you are a cheat and compulsive sex addict and liar you need a good team to keep the dogs at bay.

        • patrickstarr

          Just think that it takes the total rates over 535 households just to cover the salaries of these two arseholes.

          Auckland Council has the most overpaid senior employees in the country

          • longjohn

            I have had dealings with that prick Mckay in years gone by. Hes a slimy one…sort of fits in well with 2 minute brown really.

          • patrickstarr

            I worked in a senior position for AC for over 2 years. Of all my staff I had about 13 staff paid over $100k and 3 staff paid over $200k. A fraction of those positions would fetch over $100k in the private sector.

            All I can say of McKay is he proved a duplicitous arsehole, extremely ignorant of local government and surrounded by incompetents providing extremely poor advice

          • longjohn

            Dont get me started…too late in the evening..

          • Hazards001

            Well yeah…but of course that does lead to the question of how much you were paid and why you were worth it if people under you had salaries of 200k plus a year? (No offence intended)

            I have a hell of a lot of dealings with Auckland Council and their CCO’s and the staff and numerous consultants employed by them.

            To be honest it is a demoralising series of events and meetings that I dread regularly.
            It’s hard to believe such a collection of talentless self absorbed cunts can all be found in the same place at the same time and not be playing to an audience of people under the age of 4.

          • patrickstarr

            Oh I freely admit my job was completely overpaid for what was involved. I could virtually do the job in my spare time.
            – and yeah I took the money – who wouldn’t?
            Auckland Council is the most dysfunctional organisation Ive ever worked for.

          • Hazards001

            I heard that..and as I offence was intended.

          • Patrick

            That is probably the most effective way to portray this x number of house rates per executive. Brings it all home quite succinctly

    • Hazards001

      I think you might find it’s the Auckland Council Chief Executive Office Doug McKay on 800K a year.

  • Goldie

    “You make your decisions and when you make a stupid decision like I did, you’ve got to live with that and try and find a way forward. And that’s exactly what we’re doing”
    No apology. No accountability. Just a statement that he is going to “try an find a way forward”. And who does he mean by “we’re”?!
    Different ethics from where I work – if I was caught rooting a client in my office I would be summarily sacked. I see that Len Brown operates at a significantly lower level of ethnical behaviour than I do.

    • ratesarerevolting

      LBIAFC !

      • Elliot Flowers

        Is that Arse or Asian?

    • Greg

      Ifs politicians dont need to be honorable, then they should drop the term used in appointments because its clearly fraudulent.

    • Lonnie12

      Disgusting and not forgetting he wouldn’t have confessed anything if he hadn’t been forced to. Obviously he had little trouble with a guilty conscience before then. :(

  • Lion_ess

    Do you have the dates when she started work/stopped work at the Gallery?

    • I say the conviction was just an excuse, bet she was sacked for constantly being 2 minutes late.

      • Kapow

        That is gold.

        • Elliot Flowers

          Regardless of whether Len Brown aligns with the hard left or the hard right, word is he can only get hard for a maximum of 2 minutes.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    So the Auckland Gallery staff were all thinking they could get a bit of Len Browns action?
    This cork soaker has a longline with more than the allowed hooks and bait!!!

  • Greg

    The lesson is to leave the mistresses outside council business n no one will care,
    even the wife.

  • LesleyNZ

    So Len Brown reckons he is in a bit of hot water and that he did not abuse his position of power. It is a bit more than hot water. More like boiling sinking mud! Len Brown playing around in his office with Bevan Chuang, and in the Ngati Whatua room, was also an abuse of office. Reading below shows that our Mayor is dismissing what happened as a little, stupid, regretful, mistake. He needs to face reality. What kind of world does he live in? Was he regretful like this before he got caught out? Joking about his affair and laughing it off like he did in this Herald link shows he doesn’t think it is very serious at all.
    Len Brown makes first post-affair public appearance –
    “I did not abuse my position of power, there will be many, many people around Auckland who have received similar letters of recommendation,” he said.
    “At that point in time, this was very very early in the relationship that I had with her so I wrote, as I do for many people across Auckland, and that is just a normal letter of support and reflection of what I knew of her at that time.”
    Mr Brown spoke at length about the effect of the relationship on his family.
    “Life is not without regret and you make decisions and when you make a stupid decision like I did you have to live with that and try to find a way to move forward.”It’s been pretty devastating on the family but I’m loved by my wife and my children in particular and we are just working this out,” he said.

    • Goldie

      “Life is not without regret and you make decisions and when you make a stupid decision like I did you have to live with that and try to find a way to move forward”
      No apology – an affair for two years was just “a stupid decision”, and it is something that his family are “working this out”.
      The man has no character, no sense of shame, seems completely self-absorbed, no moral compass.

  • Steve R

    How can he recommend someone for a job when he has no idea of her work ethic.
    Opps. He did know. Bahahaha

  • CommonSense404

    So how many journalists today asked Len whether this was the only ‘affair’? He didn’t answer the question on Campbell Dead and no journalist has dared to ask the question since. I wonder why.

    Lots more that could be told in this story – I’m wondering when the remaining details are going to come out

    • Len has said there were no more women, that comment alone has set himself up for the final nail in the coffin. Mike Hosking was right about one thing, Len Brown is a fool.

      To steal a line from those tacky infomercials: “but wait, there’s more”.

      • Lion_ess

        When did he say those words? I’ve only heard him defer on that question when asked.

      • CommonSense404

        I haven’t heard him deny it. I understand a name is circulating but sans affidavit. If it is solid then I guess only a matter of time even without the affidavit – after all it would be very interesting to see Len filing a defamation case!

      • niggly

        Len’s on record saying he hasn’t had relationships with other women outside of his marriage (first journo question at 39″ into Radio NZ piece).

        Define “relationship”??

        • Cheers, I had trouble finding it.

        • They say relationship because “rooting” isn’t radio friendly

          • patrickstarr

            “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” – But Clinton drew a long bow on what was ‘sexual relations’

          • Patrick

            Maybe we need to take “women” out of the picture – were there other relationships of any nature?

          • patrickstarr

            put it this way – sister cities in China were extremely popular amongst the former councils – because city ‘dignitaries’ were treated to many ‘delights’ by their hosts when in China.
            There is NO WAY Brown did not have many 2 minute delights whilst in China on council business

          • Patrick

            Be very unusual for the Ministry of State Security not to have evidence of this wouldn’t you think. Few pictures of Browny in flagrante delicto?
            Any chance the PRC would use this evidence to secure contracts?

          • patrickstarr

            I think you’ll find many local officials in China are more corrupt than ours, so I doubt whether there would be any official coordination, or sanction of what goes on.
            Much of Auckland Council business is conducted now on an ‘old boys’ network, but not at an elected member level. Its usually the 3rd +/- tier management level at AC that influence contract awards

        • CommonSense404

          Cheers niggly – so it’s on record then. Excellent!

        • Cowgirl

          Please let the other women come out soon – that audio pissed me off all over again

        • Huia

          So he “did not have sex with that woman”

      • fozzie2

        Travvy if that is true and there are more – then watching this saga play out would make them run like hell !!

        Rule no 1 – protect your sources !

        Lenny well may a ‘serial rooter’ as so many on this blog keep suggesting, lord knows why men in power seem to see this as a right of passage… but lift a leaf from the history books and the Republican’s assault on Clinton – it only made him the most popular ex President ever !!

      • Patrick

        No more women, why doesn’t he answer the question re other affairs? Is the conclusion to be drawn that he bats for both sides? Maybe some rent boy will come out next claiming to be a discarded lover. Now that would be the icing on the cake.

      • Lonnie12

        I have heard on good authority that there is another asian lady who Lennie chased. My friends are trying to get her to come forward but she is too afraid and I can’t blame her. Shame though.

        • He likes his international banking. Depositing into a foreign interest.

  • Phill

    Except it wasn’t one bad decision was it Len. It was a number of bad decisions, showing a propensity for making bad decisions, on top of a history of previous bad decisions.
    You told your wife not because of any moral fiber, not because of a guilty conscience, not because you were sorry, but because you were about to get sprung.
    You say this wont affect your job, yet you continue to cancel appointments, leaving others to make your excuses. And how many $1000’s have of ratepayer money is being used on PR spin to clean up your mess?? It is affecting your job.
    If you had a shred of decency left, or any respect for the office of the Mayor of Auckland, you would know that you have cocked it up royally and you would resign immediately.

  • captainnotsosensible

    Habits do not change. I bet Lenny boy has done this before….

    • Er, where have you been man :)

    • nasska

      It’d be a pretty safe bet…..he gave Bevan a dose of the clap & I doubt he got that off his missus.

      • Gaynor

        Len hasn’t been asked about this yet? I sure hope everyone involved has been treated.

  • Phill

    “Mr McKay said it was important that the public had full confidence in the council’s processes and that all expenditure and activity was open to public scrutiny.”

    Does that include how much is being spent on PR spinning to clean up the mess?

    I wont hold my breath waiting for the chance to publicly scrutinize….

    “…telling the media he has not abused his office as Mayor of Auckland, but saying it will taking a while to “reacclimatise” himself in the eyes of Aucklanders.”
    WTF is that even supposed to mean?

  • Guest

    “Aucklanders have expressed concerns” – lol. He just can’t help himself, can he?

  • longjohn

    At least when 2 minute brown gets the boot he wont be a burden on the tax payer. Steve the sleeze crow will give him a job on one of his porno sets!

    • Patrick

      Mate they make porn movies – these usually last a substantial period of time, far greater than what would be considered an advertisement break of 2 minutes.

      Brown would most likely be best suited as a fluffer

  • Azeraph

    I don’t know about you but that conviction is pre-med and espionage, instant dismissal. So the Gallery doesn’t know until later or updated it’s files and ? Len gets a call from the manager. It’s speculation.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I agree with all this bros. But Lentils has decided to knuckle down and run with this and in my opinion he successfully will. He will milk it for what it is worth and then not contest again. People will simply forget him. He knows that with every passing day, this issue will be fading from the memory of the people…..

    • GarethsPussy

      It would need something big to reinvigorate this floater. Time has run out, it would seem…..

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Meow – Watch my words pussycat, you have only 9 lives…but Lentils has more …watch him duck, dive, beg and survive…

        • dianne65

          Most people with morals, will always look at this loony Auckland Mayor as a Dirty Old Man, with NO integrity. Every time he shows his face on our TV’s it will be there’s the sleaze ball. Listening to the creep he has no shame, just arrogance. Ugly sod.

  • Come on Guys and Girls this is about work place ethics.

    Do we really want our teenagers working in a place that encourages sex for a promotion/job ?

    Women already battle for equal pay don’t they ?

    We are the Men and Women running this country aren’t we ?

    Um didi ahh, oh well he had an emotional breakdown again no problem you say ?

  • Time For Accountability

    There is enough whitewash from the left over this one issue to paint over all graffiti in Auckland.

    It would be a much better use of resources.

    I frown on Brown for expecting her to front a facade in public. That is the sort of power trip control he used on Bevan. This guy has problems.

    He is only matched by an accountant who gets off on power and who lives around Wanaka who is in his 70’s and has become a joke for being dumped by low forties old and then immediately took up with another in her low forties.

  • Elliot Flowers

    Lens relationship with Bevan ended when his council declared that Berms would no longer be mowed. Len realized it would thus be hypocritical of him to carry on mowing Bevans Berm using council resources, so he contracted the work out to an immigrant.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Well I was wondering how the left wing nutters will connect Brown affair to National and the Government and John Key. It has started. Bryce Edwards starts a Horrid column like this. We may as well pack up and leave NZ for good.

    “It was meant to be the scandal that would kill off the career of a centre-left political leader. Instead, it looks like it may end up doing more damage to the political right in New Zealand, including National and the Government.”

    • Patrick

      Yes I agree very tenuous link for Brycie boy to make but the revelation that Maurice Williamson received a threatening text as well is curious. Kind of suggests a National Party involvement at some level, a level which was obviously common knowledge in some circles. I think wee Wedgie may have a fist full of sim cards.

  • KeepingitReal

    It’s a power play no matter the scenario; all those involved played their part, and got their hands dirty. Sex, lies and politics, a media honeypot and they are caught in the trap, but they won’t be making this into a movie.

    The truth of the matter is you can’t just ‘get back on the horse’, when authenticity and leadership is lost. If you value self-interest above service beyond self you simply don’t
    understand the concept of leadership. Leadership isn’t about rhetoric; it’s about your actions. The actions of all parties involved are downright disappointing. Frankly, if disciplinary action isn’t instigated against all parties involved, and Len Brown doesn’t stand down as Mayor – I will lose face and faith.

    I care about my community and those elected to lead and govern it, need to be aspirational in their vision and in their actions. Leadership is nothing if not understanding the need for change, and then possessing the ability to deliver it.

  • Thought I’d sneak in while the whale was still asleep just so he doesn’t delete me. If you want to read an actually good story about this whole thing go to

    Cheers Cam!

    • CheesyEarWax

      After reading your post can’t see why would he delete you. Keep your day job though, your post is crap.

  • Chancey

    email received today from city mayors in london in response to my query about their code of ethics regarding the brown stain

    Thank you for your email of 21 October.

    We have been following the revelations about Mayor Brown’s affair for a number of days and are indeed concerned about his alleged use of public resources in pursuit of his extra-marital relationship. But we must await the outcome of the review by Ernst and Young.

    We appreciate you conducting us, particularly since the mayor signed up to the City Mayors Code of Ethics at a time when he was in a relationship with Bevan Chuang.

  • jock22

    Leave the Mayor out of this. It was all a National Party set up.

  • Chancey

    Who do you think you are kidding Mr Mayor If you think we’re on the run
    We are the boys who will stop your little game
    We are the boys who will make you think again ‘Cause who do you think you are kidding Mr Mayor
    If you think old Auckland’s done
    Mr Brown goes off to town on the eight twenty-one
    But he stays in with Bevan and he’s ready with his gun
    So who do you think you are kidding Mr Mayor If you think old Auckland’s done