Campbell Live is “more of a melodrama series than current affairs show”

Simon Bridges and John Campbell are going toe to toe in a knock ’em down, drag ’em out fight that Bridges appears to be winning with some lethal sledges with more than a bit of truth to them.

The latest instalment sees Simon Bridges describe Campbell Live as “more of a melodrama series than current affairs show“.

Mr Campbell essentially accused the minister of being incompetent after he failed to return calls to comment on stories aired on Monday and Tuesday night’s shows.

Mr Bridges then accused Campbell Live of having a “slant” on the issue of oil and gas and said he was out of the country during Tuesday night’s show and would only agree to a live interview because he feared his comments would be cut down to an embarrassing few seconds. 

Campbell Live executive producer Pip Keane called Mr Bridges’ response “ridiculous”.

“He is a Cabinet minister who is accountable to the people of New Zealand,” she said.

“We have been working on this Anadarko oil story for more than a week and we have called his press secretary, Lucy, repeatedly; we have also emailed and called Mr Bridges directly on his mobile and he has chosen not to respond.

“Repeatedly we have offered him a live interview.”

Mr Bridges had also refused to discuss the issue of a living wage for parliamentary cleaners on the show and had still not made a decision about Dunedin man Alan Dunlop who has been without power for three months, she said. Mr Dunlop’s power company applied to Mr Bridges for an exemption not to reconnect his power after a storm because it was not financially viable.

“If Mr Bridges continues to make himself unavailable, perhaps he needs to reconsider his role as a Cabinet Minister.”

Mr Bridges said: “I think Campbell Live is proving it’s more of a melodrama series than a current affairs show. I’m not going to get into some kids’ stuff argument with them. If it’s a serious, considered interview that’s live and unedited, I’m likely to.”

John Campbell has come to be the very definition of crusading advocacy media, conducting an d fabricating stories based on personal beliefs rather than newsworthiness.


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  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    If the interview is not LIVE and unedited then the programme must be “CAMPBELL DEAD”

  • AnonWgtn

    Helen Clark was right – Campbell still is a silly little twit.

    • Adolf Fiinkensein

      She called him a ‘little creep/’ Your comment is an insult to all twits.

      • Martin White

        He’s such a little pill.

    • WABloke

      The one thing HC did get right.

  • Shoreboy57

    Wrong when the media becomes the story. C’mon John, go live, just like you did with JK

  • YoungA

    “Repeatedly we have offered him a live interview.”

    C R O C K O F S H I T
    Maybe that they have now since they have realised JC is acting like a scared little turd (wait, he still is…. oops)

  • blokeintakapuna

    Someone else’s comment about boycotting MAZDA products as a protest should start to get the new owner of TV3’s attention – and maybe, just maybe exert enough consumer pressure for TV3 to actually start reporting the news instead of trying to invent a narrative with a biased political agenda.

    Andrew Clearwater Chairman & Managing Director of Mazda New Zealand and all his Sales Directors / Sales Managers should be very, very worried. Why on earth would they dilute their brand profile to be associated with such a blatantly insipid shrill piece? They’ve become like a TV version of NoTW.
    Mazda investors deserve better – as do TV watchers in NZ…
    Mr. Clearwater – have you seen the WOBH web stats? and do you realise the brand damage Campbell Live is causing your business?

    • Reason1

      Well put Bloke. The other obvious link here as Mazda’a products rely on fuel that comes out of the ground somewhere!
      All of the anti mining people are Hippocrates, they want fuel for THEIR cars, boats and overseas trips, but want it cheap and from somewhere else. So Mr Campbell if is OK to use a car sponsor to pay your salary as loong as the fuel comes from Africa or Asia? We already have an oil industry in NZ it is not new, just an extension of what we already have. Campbell is so far up himself that he believes he is some kind of moral compass the rest of us.

      • Dave

        And where does John think all the plastics in his car / home etched come from ?? Hey John, they are a dirivitive of the petroleum industry. Go figure John and all you anti oil greenies.

  • Daniel

    Looks like Campbell is looking for someone to embarass, rather than (god forbid) do some journalism. Campbell thought he could school Key but got his ass handed to him, so now he is a looking for a softer target. Has he found it in Bridges? Doesn’t seem like it – Bridges has Campbell well and truely pegged.

    Maybe it’s time Campbell gave up the tabloid style show he has been pushing for the last few years and consider a return to a journalism/current affairs?

    • blokeintakapuna

      a “return” would imply he’s been there already…

      • TomTom

        a “return” would also imply that he would get there if he tried… as fucking if.

    • Even then, the only talent he had for interviewing was when the subject was his own ego!

  • AzzyB

    National should make it an election pledge to ban John Campbell from the airways (any of them, all of them). That would be an election bribe for me.

  • Lion_ess

    The breathy journo with his foot-stomping, “how outrageous is this?” half-hour. Classic pre-internet television format, circa 1998. No wonder no-one watches it. It’s embarrassing.

  • anrky_al

    Bridges will only need a few seconds to be embarrassing

    • dianne65

      Campbell is an absolute embarrassing CREEP. His programme is simply DRAMA, with NO substance. My advice to Simon is don’t lower yourself to his pathetic show.

  • brian

    john Campbell is a little prick with an overinflated ego. took me watching about 3 episodes of the “Campbell Live Soap Opera” to realize that. Big fish, small pond syndrome.

    • Harroputza

      Not even a big fish… Sprat in a puddle.

      • blokeintakapuna

        smarmy worm in a slippery eel pond of baby oil

  • steve and monique

    Campbell has become a cock. His show seems more and more like a soapbox to make him feel important,and think he is a top notch journo.

  • DLNZ

    JC and Wussel are now one and the same. Both have whiny voices, focus on irrelevant issues, ask one-sided questions only to ignore the answers or accuse them of lying regardless of the facts.

  • Goldie

    Simon Bridges is becoming my favourite politician (after Judith Collins and Paula Bennett).
    Then again, any MP giving a jumped up weasley journo a slap in the chops is always going to go down well with most people….

  • Phill

    “He is a Cabinet minister who is accountable to the people of New Zealand,” she said.

    That’s right! To the people of NZ. He has no accountability to Campbell Live, TV3 or any other brain dead churnalist with an over inflated view of themselves. Why these people think they are the high court of the land is beyond me.
    I have not watched Campbell Live for some years. It is not news, just propaganda.

  • Justsayn

    What arrogance! If you don’t come on my show and help me get ratings then you are not doing your job as a minister of the government because my show is just so important!

    Fuck off you pompous little shit.

    Journalists as a whole massively overstate their importance to society. The large part of the fourth estate is now more like a circus side show screaming look at me look at me while touting superficial entertainment.

  • Random66

    “If Mr Bridges continues to make himself unavailable, perhaps he needs to reconsider his role as a Cabinet Minister.”

    Just who the hell does this Pip think she is that she can state a cabinet minister is not up to the job unless he finds his way clear to speak to her or her well trained puppet? Whether Mr Bridges decides to speak to Campbell Lie, or not, is inconsequential to his employment. In fact it doesn’t even rank on his top ten to do’s list. This woman’s sense of self entitlement and self importance is a joke, as is the show she produces.

  • Perhaps the way to get some satisfaction is to give Mazda (as his show sponsor) some feedback on how the Campbell Live brand might affect Mazda’s brand.

    • Whanga_Cynic

      Good idea. Just done that and asked them how they feel about their sponsored programme running a campaign against the fuel that runs their products.

      • Roland

        Mitsubishi and Paul Holmes ring a bell anyone?

  • Rodger T

    Campbell has resorted to “advocacy churnalism” because it does not need to be researched,does not need anything resembling a fact to be presented .
    His histrionics only impress himself and maybe a couple of Nanas in Eketehuna,anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size turned this egotesticle twat off years ago.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    John Campbell sucks his own cock. Why?
    Because he can

  • Mr_Blobby

    With all these comments one might think that somebody actually watches campbell live?

    Have I been missing something.

    • benniedawg

      We used to watch it as once there was some discretion and reporting of the facts. Recent shows are simply pathetic and, from a slightly intelligent pov, cringe making. Who the hell does TV3 think they are appealing to by broadcasting this idiots rubbish? Presumably it must sell but I wonder at the intelligence of those that lap it up, or maybe they are like us and watch it to see the silly little turd make a fool of himself again, and again, and again———.

  • Callum

    I have to agree with you all. Campbell Live did a magnificient job at exposing Mr Bridges short comings.
    Wasn’t it classic? All that little Bridges muppet could do was shout, “but we have regulations that stop all that”, like that was the answer to everything. Very unprofessional. And like the regulations helped in the gulf of Mexico.