Campbell Live takes bullying to new levels

Lindsay Mitchell correctly points out that Campbell Live can never again credibly cover any story about bullying after their scurrilous attack piece last night.

Rebecca Wright acted like a shrieking harpy as she pursued John Palino…shouting over him, not letting him speak and shoving a camera in his face designed from the angles and approach to frame the story her way.

You have to ask why Campbell Live hasn’t done the same to Len Brown, instead of their incredibly soft hug piece two weeks ago.

It was shameful television.

The John Campbell Show made a rare appearance on my TV screen tonight. His hectoring, biased style turned me off long since. But trailers during the TV3 News persuaded me to stay tuned. Another chance wasn’t warranted though. 

His protege went stalking John Palino with some “serious questions, SERIOUS QUESTIONS.” One actually. Why had he spent so long in the car with Bevan Chuang? Now, I can imagine many plausible answers to this. Some good, some not so good. But Palino maintains he talked about the threatening texts at her request. He engaged with the shouty she-Campbell to the best of his ability referring her back to a comprehensive statement he’d released earlier and continuing to hold that he didn’t know about the Chuang/Brown affair. All the time she over-talked, interrupted, and ear-bashed Palino. He did well to stay as calm as he did.

Then we flick back to the studio where Campbell oh so reasonably and humbly insists that the invitation was open to Mr Palino to go on the show and tell his side of the story. Give me a break. He would have been subjected to even worse thuggery than he met in the carpark.

Once again the left wing media in New Zealand are creating victims of innocent people and ignoring the real story, that of Len Brown and his shameful behaviour.

I doubt either John Campbell or Rebecca Wright would try such a stunt on me…pathetic cowardly bullies.


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  • Allyson

    Dont forget Cambell’s is the Mazda show. Never buy a Mazda

    • Team ENZ

      Mazda’s off my buy list.

      • OT Richter

        Mazdabater Brown.

      • XM16E1

        Don’t forget to write to them & say why.

    • Cowgirl

      Never would have anyway, and certainly won’t now!

    • James

      Already haven’t – and told the sales guy it was one of the factors too.

    • Chancey

      Fisher and Paykel

    • tinshed

      I wrote to Mazda via their website ( saying that their continued sponsorship of John Campbell Live made me less likely to buy Mazda.

  • Pete Jones

    Not related to Campbell, but the Whaleoil blog, part of this wonderful media landscape itself can not be accused of bullying at any point?

    I really don’t give a toss about any of this, it is quite irrelevant to me and now getting boring. But glass houses and all.

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      You gave enough of a toss to log on and post a complete non-sequitur, of course.

    • OT Richter

      Feel free to scurry off then.

    • Peej

      Exactly. And the beauty of personal opinion. If Rebecca Wright acted like a shrieking harpy pursuing Len Brown …shouting over him, not letting him speak and shoving a camera in his face designed from the angles and approach to frame the story her way, on here she would have been voted journalist of the year.

      • Chancey

        With good reason – there are questions Len Brown needs to answer

        • Peej

          Back to the personal opinion bit; The woman on Campbell may have chased him “with good reason – there are questions John Palino (according to her) needs to answer.”

          • Chancey

            Palino is not currently troughing off our rates, he didn’t shag any of his employees in our public buildings, he hasn’t made a laughing stock of this City, he is not bound by any codes of Conduct the list goes on……………..

            (her) is presstitute bully her opinions are not credible

          • Cowgirl

            He already answered them in his statement of 2 weeks back – do try to keep up. I read it back then and was ok with the answers he gave – why isn’t Ms Wright? Could it be that she’s trying in manufacture a ‘story’ without any material? I think so! Also I reiterate that John Campbell’s offers of an interview are disingenuous at best – Palino couldn’t get them to cover his campaign for love nor money back then (part of the reason his profile wasn’t high enough to win), so why should Palino get a stuff about giving them an interview now? Especially when we now see the quality of the ‘journalism’ he would be subjected to! Palino is a private citizen and therefore not accountable to any of us – especially not the press – and the sooner they realise that, the better.

          • Peej

            In trying to keep up I realise it’s just the media. Manufacturing a ‘story’ without any material? It’s the media. Journalism? Anything goes – it’s the media. A private citizen not accountable? Most of the media’s not accountable it’s just business. I have no illusions about the media, thinking that it’s sacrosanct or has some higher moral and ethical standards or responsibility. A patina of respectability has travelled with the media in its evolution that it doesn’t deserve. Maybe those who haven’t kept up see that surface and have expectations which don’t match the reality of what it has become.

      • Eiselmann

        What I’m looking for is a bit of consistency , if Campbell Live had treated Len Brown like they treated Palino it would at least be consistent(uninformative but consistent)…. advocacy journalist like Campbell and Wright are a massive danger to this country when they cover politics because they impose their politics on the masses rather than allow people to form their own opinion based on all the information to hand. Think I’m wrong ?what if New Zealand’s MSM was straight out of Fox news fair and balanced…bet the lefties would be in the streets over that.

    • Can’t you read…I said so at the start.

    • Wine Man

      ‘dont give a toss’ ‘irrelevant to you’ so can I ask why are reading this? Obviously you are here for self abuse. Be careful the Mayor doesnt like competition… (damn did I just mention his family?)

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Yes it is bullying, but LBIAFC is bullying Auckland and don’t you fucking forget it

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    I was railing against that to my poor long suffering wife, also asking ‘why was Len not grilled like this. How is John Palino the bad guy because Len stuck his cock in some Asian?’ etc.

    EDIT oh, and yeah, I also pointed out to dear Mrs that Palino has no obligation to ‘front up’ to anything. He is not an elected official, after all.

  • Tom

    Wonder how much Campbell gets paid for this line of approach?

    • blokeintakapuna

      Probably plenty – him being the 1% type in all – but it won’t be enough when he wakes at 3am searching his soul for his professional journalistic integrity, his independence and his honour.

      • Bunswalla

        Well that’s what a normal person would do Bloke, but when you’re a narcissistic ego-maniacal sociopath that believes they’re fighting the good fight against the evil right-wingers, single-handedly defeating the VRWC, you probably just have a little evil chuckle (bwahahahahaha-haaaa) before lights out, and sleep like a log.

      • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

        He’s a reporter. Honour is not one of the things you associate with reporters

      • Time For Accountability

        I would love to be at the pearly gates when Campbell arrives and St Peter asks him – what good deeds have you done John, that would justify entry? Bugger me, John would say. St Peter would reply no thanks, your reply is unrelated to the original question. John would just sit there puzzled because it never occurred to him questions and answers were supposed to relate to each other.

        John was always under the belief that questions were just a way of getting a subject in front of the camera to make a string of statements framed as questions to which replies were just an opportunity to interrupt and make the next statement framed as a question.

        Apparently he says to his partner – honey, would you like to make love – after he has already done it.

        • Wine Man

          Partner? more likely his own imagine in the mirror as he does the Len Brown Dance

    • Chancey

      blank cheque funded by our rates no doubt

    • OneTrack

      He probably gets extra funding from the Greens.

  • mike

    I lodged a complaint with TV3 about this as I considered it a completely unfair and biases piece of journalism, I expect a response to day… but if one fails to materialise then I will escalate to the BSA. If you feel the same way then make a complaint as well… more the merrier.

    • Cowgirl

      Did you email or post? I can only find postal address for the Chief Executive

      • mike

        TV3 website right down the bottom (in very small print) there is a complaint link, fill it out online.

        BSA also has online form to fill out.

        • Cowgirl

          Cool thanks – yeah funny how the complaints link is the smallest print on there!

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      Done the same.

      • SJ00

        Same. First time I have complained about a show, it was a disgrace.

    • Cowgirl

      done as well

    • Mr_Blobby

      Me to, done, waiting for the puff piece reply.

    • captainnotsosensible

      yep me too. Suggested they (a) apologise to Mr Palino (b) ask viewers to email in some hard questions that they want Len Brown to answer…then get him on and pin him.

      • mike

        Yeah a public apology to Mr Palino is what I asked for as well.

        • Cowgirl

          Me three!

  • Phar Lap

    Not sure who gets the vomit vote of the week ,for such a sick trio of pathetic figures.The bimbo known as Rebecca Shite reporter , John,Campbell Len Browns arse licking sycophant, or “snake eyes” Cun*liffe for his under the belt comment saying John Key would sell his mum.Seems the comments and actions of all three need a lot more sunlight.

    • OneTrack

      Arent lefties wonderful people. But, anything for the cause as they say.

  • Pete George

    The bias and bullying (Wright has a habit of trying to punish people who won’t agree to doing an interview) is reflected in the TV ratings, where Campbell Live struggles to compete with an insipid Seven Sharp.

    Campbell Live versus Seven Sharp

  • Cowgirl

    The whole thing was bizarre – Rebecca Wright did come off as a shrieking harpy and as far as I could tell, didn’t get ask any questions that hadn’t already been asked before, and answered by Mr Palino. What did she expect? This approach would hardly inspire anyone to do anything other than walk quickly in the other direction.
    I wish John Palino would point out to them that they didn’t give a stuff about him when he was campaigning, so why should he give two shits about any of them now?
    Also aren’t there laws against harassing private citizens as they go about their lives?

    • Roland

      No problem, ask Bob Jones :)

  • JeffDaRef

    “Never again credibly cover any story…”
    Thats making the incorrect assumption they may have been credibly covered to begin with…

  • Bunswalla

    What an appalling piece of television that was. Refused to watch it but caught it just now on demand. A shrieking harpie with no journalistic ability or integrity. it was funny when the bitch got the arse card for the post Shop.

    Whilst in the sewer I also took in the Silent T interview, the one where John Key would “sell his mother”. Pretty sure the “interviewer” was giving Silent T a hand-job under the table throughout.

  • dilligaf2013

    Yet another example of biassed, headline seeking style of journalism – where have we seen it before? – of that’s right, the NZ Herald….!
    Where the truth never gets in the road of a good story…!
    Time to switch both off and vote with our feet.

    • Rimutaka

      Unlike Whaleoil of course, just highlighting the point of, where in NZ are you going to go for free quality journalism, it’s all about the $$$ (the Mazda show), I thought you guys loved that. Make up your minds will ya, $$$’s or quality journalism.

  • terrynaki

    I emailed the AAC last week to express my complete disgust at Browns sick behavior and sexual encounters whilst dealing with the day to day work of the Mayors position,also informing them of the poor form of all others on the council with the way they have responded.
    I was told to expect contact from a representitive of the council in 3 working days.


    • Chancey

      same – mine was fowarded to the Mayor’s office for a response – waiting

    • Bafacu

      And me. Also asked some questions under the OIA and await with anticipation for answers.

      Questions were:
      1. What role (if any) did any of the Auckland Council’s PR team, Council employees, or Mayoral Office have in discussing these allegations and formulating any responses to these revelations on behalf of Mr Len Brown?
      2. If any assistance was supplied by Council officers as above, what was the cost incurred, including salaries for the time spent of these activities?
      3. As Mr Brown stated in a television interview that he had no knowledge of the position that Ms Chuang held within the Auckland Council, who appointed her to the role on the Ethnic Committee?
      4. Was any weight put on the reference supplied by Mr Brown when the appointment of Ms Chuang was made at the Auckland Art Galley?
      5. Were they any telephone conversations between the Mayor and the person appointing Ms Chuang to the above position?
      6. Is it within the behavioural guidelines of the Auckland Council for persons employed by the Council, including Mayors and Councillors, to have sexual relationships on Council premises, including during or outside of normal work hours?
      7. What, if anything, has been done by the Council to ascertain the identity of the security guard who allegedly discovered the Mayor and Ms Chuang having sex in the Ngati Whatua Room?
      8 What is the Auckland Council’s stance on dealing with people involved in activity outlined in 6 above?

      • Chancey

        great mind if we use this to barrage [email protected]

        if they go through enquiries they are logged and tracked and response times reported to the elected reps – i always copy the elected reps in as well

        also no need to go through LGOIMA process the enquiries team make that determination pretty quickly when they don’t want to answer the question so a simple email is easy to do

        • Bafacu

          While I agree with your additional question, that can’t be responded to by ACC – needs to be SkyCity.
          Did it through the OIA as I must receive a formal response and can’t be fobbed off.

          Help yourself if you want to use it to get some traction.

        • captainnotsosensible

          hi – who are the elected reps you are referring to? Sorry dumb question but I’d like to replicate the questions and OIA request.

      • Clemgeopin

        Another important question that you should add is regarding Brown staying nights at City hotels, Sky City rooms etc for his sex activities with Bevan and others if any. Whether he personally paid the room charges or whether it was all given free? Either way, the Mayor has compromised himself and his position very badly as well as made himself open to blackmail. I think these are important questions. Cheers!

      • Chancey


    • captainnotsosensible

      yep same. Still waiting for answers to (a) who has authority to fire the mayor (b) what is the process by which I and others can express a vote of no confidence in the current mayor. More than 3 days now..

  • Compare and contrast the Palino interview with the kid gloves treatment given to Brown. The lack of balance between the two should be the subject of multiple complaints to the Broadcasting Standards Authority, as well as a letter-writing campaign to the sponsors of Campbell Live, and those who place advertisements during the programme. A BSA complaint being upheld would bruise Campbell’s not-inconsiderable ego, but the way to really hurt is to hit them in the revenue stream.

    • blokeintakapuna

      agree – except they have no revenue stream – that’s why the Receivers are in there…

      • tspoon

        Rather bizarre. There is obviously a market for media attuned somewhat less to the left, as evidenced by the existence of this and other blogs. In a normal market someone would spot that gap and attempt to build something in that gap. Why is the field of media so conspicuously different?

    • 4077th

      Agreed..I would put my name to a letter.

  • James Stephenson

    Honestly, if you want serious hard-hitting journalism at 7pm, you’ll have a better chance of finding it on Prime.

    • Dick Brown

      If you want serious hard-hitting TV journalism full stop you’ll have a better chance of finding it on Maori Television.

      • James Stephenson


        It ruins a joke when you have to explain it – Prime TV, 7pm is Crowd Goes Wild.

        • Dick Brown

          Oh I got that James.

          I was going for the high brow crowd.

          But now we both look foolish.


  • Chancey

    So is Mr Palino’s comprehensive statement going to be released? I couldnt watch the whole thing because I need my tv in one piece!

    • Cowgirl

      It was released over a week ago – that’s what made the whole thing so stupid

      • Chancey

        oh FFS

        • Cowgirl

          Was released a couple of weekends ago on Herald I think from Australia – all Ms Wrights SERIOUS questions were addressed I believe but TV3 are still trying to manufacture a story out of nothing. I have complained on their site several times because some of the ‘journalism’ has a serious judgemental tone and criticism reserved for Palino et al instead of just reporting what happened.

          • Whanga_Cynic

            …. and their response has been?????

          • Cowgirl

            Nada of course – all you get are trolls on there

  • Col

    Interesting, if you want the story, you should go too the source (WO) or be chasing up Lenny Dorklander, I assume when Lenny tells you to F*& off you do so, no one has the balls to chase up Lenny apart from WO, if you keep knocking on Lennys door he will soon say something?

    • Wine Man

      ‘dont mention his Family please”

  • Micky

    I would have king hit the bitch.

  • GazzW

    I’ waiting for the day when Campbell has the balls to invite JK back on to the programme for a full half hour.

    • john Doe

      Will freeze over in hell before that happens.

  • Day Day

    I haven’t watched “Campbell” or TV3 in twenty years.

  • Mrbadger

    Just watched the clip, what a rude bitch. Palino was an also ran, why isn’t that bimbo asking Len a few pertenant questions about his behaviour.

  • Chancey

    Mr Palino’s unanswered question – why is she (bevvy of beauties) having an affair with the Mayor while she is being a volunteer on my campaign?

    Another question for Mr Brown to answer.

    Mayor Brown (you hideous little man) you want this story to go away – it will disappear very quickly when you do. The bodies are mounting – man up and fuck off

    Pigpen Len

  • John Campbell sets the scene at the very beginning of his story, “to those of you who are confused….”

    • Chancey

      ohh wasn’t that painful

      standing their with his pointy little stick, i was very confused before he told me what to think, now i can go back to my knitting

  • LionKing

    Mazda are being dragged down being associated with Campbell Live. Agree with comments that as long as they sponsor Campbell Live and this pathetic reporter I will not be buying a mazda and will be telling others not to as well.

    • Chancey

      also Fisher & Paykel advertising their great product all over the online report

    • Jimbob

      Already emailed Mazda pointing out that their likely demographic for new vehicle purchasers may hold similar views to mine re Campbell Live.

  • Chancey

    Its all right Auckland I have just had a chat with the Mayor – he said we all want to move on – thank god its over

    consume obey believe

  • hunk4hire .

    Oh c’mon Cam……just shut up and drink the Kool Aid. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.

    Repeat after me…….”Len Brown is a victim”……”Len Brown is a victim”……..

    There….don’t you feel better already?

    • Wine Man

      Please dont mention his family

  • Bob

    Rebecca Wright, at the pinical of her ‘career’, pathetic performance. TV3 is in trouble, their money problems haven’t gone away and the ongoing shit they poor out and laughingly call news and current affairs isnt going to help. If ipredict we’re running a ‘Campbell live canceled on or before Dec 2014’ I’d be in.

    • Chancey

      ipredict has len brown at .17 very sound investment

  • Time For Accountability

    For all his puffery he has no substance.

    Key showed him up as having no defence against facts.

    He is a twat or in his case a twot.

  • redeye

    Isn’t about time Whale Oil stated doing their own door stops? Catching Ms Wright without her make up while she’s collecting her mail and asking some very serious questions about her journalistic qualities (or lack thereof).

    • lofty

      I am shocked that you would even suggest such a thing…that would be calculated harassment and against a whole lot of moral and legal codes…..oh hang on…

  • timemagazine

    Mr. Palino was to polite. He should have told her to stop harassing him or face the consequences. As of comrade Campbell, one feels annoyed only for looking at his body language.

  • Monique Angel

    It’s fairly obvious it’s not journalism. What a pair of dumbassess Wright and Campbell are. Someone who parades her affair with the mayor all over town is crying crocodile tears over those photos being released.
    The current crop of female anchors are awful. Pale over-botoxed fluffers.

  • John Campbell – Wendy to Len Brown’s Peter Pan!

  • Team ENZ

    If you can call that Wright piece a piece of journalism, is gutter journalism with no substance. Instead of chasing the real culprit of the “affair” she is chasing the non issue person,i.e JPalino, well RW you are unworthy to call yourself a journalist other than lying lenny/TV3 useless’s lapdog . why are you not barking and chasing cars????

  • Stuart

    Right from the word “go”, I thought John Campbell was an arrogant prick. I’m glad I’m not alone in this belief.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Sorry Guys but you have it all wrong.Dead wrong.

    Lenny wanted to have an affair with Bevan and lavished her with favors and gifts. The problem is that Palino got there first and had her in the Ngati Fuckua room, sneaked into the Mayoral office and jizzed all over the sofa and the Mayoral desk and his private bathroom. Booked Hotel rooms all round town in Browns name. Sneaked into his house, whilst Brown and his wife were in the bedroom and wanked off in his en suite.

    The Whale boy knows all of this and is assisting in the cover up.

    • Grizz30

      Thanks for that. I thought I had missed something. Maybe this is what Campbell live are trying to get out of Palino. I feel for Palino. It must be difficult being caught up in someone else’s sex scandal and by a loose association is made to look worse than the guilty party.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Yes being single it would be no big deal if it was Palino was fucking her.

        The real story was what was the mayor of our city doing on company time.

        • Grizz30

          Well according to TV3 standard morals, as he was not in elected office and that the event would have taken place in his own private car, then it is OK. Irrespective of if he was married or not.

  • stella

    Shame on Rebecca Wright! It is harrassment!

    • I can’t imagine she will get any ‘real’ journalist job offers anytime soon. Silly girl.

      • Time For Accountability

        I suspect she is a properly trained and skilled journalist from a university course and that she is a registered member of the EPMU.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Given her enthusiasm I was wondering if she was Bevans replacement

  • patrickstarr

    After watching this I can fully understand Bob Jones reaction to Rod Vaughan

  • Honcho

    I have submitted a comment to Mazda, I do hope they heed my concern at the damage their association with this show can potentially do to their brand image, especially seeing as in this instance it has come from someone who has always had a strong brand allegiance to their products, from learning to drive in a 323, through to carting the tools around as a self employed contractor in a bounty, which brings me to what will be of concern to them, my ute is at the bottom of its depreciation cycle and is due for replacement, the business will be buying a brand new ute either before this year is out of very early into next year, at this stage its looking a lot more like a Ranger or Hilux than a new BT50.

  • out2lunch

    John Campbell is just another piss weak pinko. He really couldn’t have been softer on len brown if he had tried. He must still be smarting from that whipping John Key gave him on his live show.

  • Bruno 32

    breaking news.Len has a new puppy called campbell

  • Steve (North Shore)

    How well does his Worship Len Brown know Rebecca Wright?
    Another one of the clan?

    • Time For Accountability

      Remember there may be three others of which one is probably known, leaving two mystery ladies who in turn will have connections.

      My point is that without the truth others may be incorrectly roped into suspicion.

  • James Stokes

    I have a simple question on this. If Campbell live accepts that this affair is a private matter, which they seem to do as they have not questioned Mayor Brown on the matter, Why do they think it is ok to ambush and bully somebody who is going about their daily private business without ejaculating on anybody on the cities time?

    • James Stokes

      i emailed a similar question to campbell live and i note no answer has been offered.

  • Rhys Williams

    One only has to look at the stolen war medal thief interview Camble ran a few years back to see the credibility his show has, none whatesover. The bias he shows
    to anything which suits his agenda is beyond fair journalism and quite frankly he is far beyong his use by date