How to carve a pumpkin / Blast-O-Lantern


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  • Hazards001

    I don’t actually approve of Halloween and neither does my ex…so my kids don’t get to dress up and go bludging.
    In saying that the kids around here’s parents are a bit more open minded than me so as I do each year I stock up FROM my kids lolly jar to the Halloween one…I’m pleased to say this year I have managed to get rid of all of last Easters eggs that my brat’s never eat…a bunch of Filipino Jellies that someone gave them and a pretty good hole in the manky lolly jar with willie wonkers and snakes and Allens party packs that have been there since Xmas.

    Time for a re stock!

    • Chancey

      see this is what kiwis don’t get, its not about bludging its about extortion

      • Hazards001

        No…that’s an American thing..and the actual reason I’m against Halloween.
        In the USA it is (supposedly) a trick(threat ergo extortion) or a treat (No punishment)
        Here it is simply an excuse to dress up the kids and get lollies. I’ve never met a single kid that knows what to do if you say “TRICK!”

        The funny thing is my own kids actually want to have a go but neither can handle rejection. I should take them just as a life lesson maybe?

    • John1234

      I can’t stand it, but the kids absolutely love getting dressed up and roaming the neighbourhood in their outfits. Why would I deny them this simple childhood pleasure?

      However there is a seedy side growing that I am concerned about: parents *driving* their kids around and stopping outside houses that look likely, so their little shits can pile out and try their luck. Now *that* is pathetic.

  • GregM

    I’m not normally into it, but I’m getting soft in my old age so got some wee bags of lollies in for the little kids in my apartment building.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Where does the ‘trick’ bit come in?
    Just give away treats, and they shoot through to the next house for more treats.
    Must be a socialist thing

  • Chancey

    I asked them for a trick tonight they didn’t know what i was talking about, so i told them about carrying rolls of toilet paper and TPing the yard – now stuck with $15 bucks worth of chocolate bars and no toilet paper

    • Hazards001