Chiropractor are real doctors too!


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  • Sponge

    No. No they are not.

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    I’ve never actually been to a chiro (the tiniest bit of research tells you all you need to know) so it is a constant source of amazement that gullible fools fall for this nonsense. Mind you, people still believe in various gods, en masse, too. What a primitive place the world still is!

  • Cremster

    Glorified knuckle-cracking.

  • Col

    43 years ago my lower back stuffed, had to lay low and not move, I have tried the lot pills massage, on the rack, sometimes been down for a month. Thought I would try Chiro, 20 years ago and never looked back, ( get the pun) works for me some others it may not. I have had the same Chiro for 20 years,and I do understand some are not that good. Just saying.

  • Allan

    looks like an excuse for a good grope (in the name of professional medicine of course)

    • Col

      Good ones make up for the fat ones.

  • Jman

    One day, a long time ago I woke up with an extremely stiff neck. I literally could not turn it more than a few centimeters in any direction. This was particularly bad timing as I was about to go on a 16 hours overseas flight the next day. In desperation I went to a chiropracter who was recommended to me. He twisted me this way and that and at the end of it I was just about as good as new. I couldn’t believe it. I suspect I probably would have got the same result if I had gone to a good physio but I’ll never know. Yes they’re not real doctors but they can help.