Chop, chop, man not feeling cocky no more

A Chinese bloke who hacked off his own penis isn’t feeling so cocky anymore.

A Chinese man frustrated at being single cut off his own penis then, in agony, decided to cycle to a hospital for treatment.

When he arrived doctors told him they couldn’t help save his manhood and ordered him to cycle back home to get the penis before he could be treated.

When Yang Hu, 26, eventually arrived back at the hospital with the severed member, doctors told him that it had been without blood for too long, and it was impossible to reattach it.

Yang’s friends said that he had been increasingly depressed about the fact that since moving to the city he could not find a girlfriend.  

What was worse, they said, was that he was doing such long hours in a clothing factory in Jiaxing, in Zhejiang province in east China, that he doubted he would ever have a chance to meet a woman.

His depression grew so bad that after returning home after work at 9pm on October 27 to his rented room he had suddenly decided to cut off his member as there was no use for it anyway, and believing it would stop him thinking about getting a girlfriend.

Incredibly he managed to cycle to the hospital, then cycled home again to collect the severed member and then back to the hospital.

His friends criticised doctors saying that had they provided the man with an ambulance he might have managed to get home quicker and his private parts could have been saved.

He isn’t going to have much luck finding a woman now that is for sure.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    What a Dick!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    He should have applied to Len Brown….

  • John Q Public

    He FORGOT to take it with him on the first trip to the hospital? Best such idiots are so prevented from contributing to the gene pool.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      He can be a good Labour list MP…..

    • Greg Davis

      He may have seen the Hong Kong movie where the guy gets a horse’s cock transplant-Sex and Zen

  • rrroberto

    Also, a spin off consequence of the one child policy, gross gender imbalance in the population at large, with parents aborting if they suspected the child was female

  • Dick Brown

    Paging Dr. Wang, Dr. Wang to Emergency please

    • Dr Wang

      Move back please, I have this in hand.

  • Garbageman

    last seen buying 12″ strap-on

  • Orange

    Depression can lead to self harming behaviour. Having friends is not an innoculation. The China one child policy is going to stuff up a lot of men.

  • john Doe

    Len, Bev, wang spin, labour, dick, cunny, ….im so confused. CUT THEM ALL OFF!

  • Col

    What dick of a story.
    Much better if it read Lenny Mayor cuts dick off.

  • Col

    No cock no lay.
    Man who have no cock , not cocky.
    Man who have no cock, have no rooster.
    After his sex change, his mates were very happy.