A ‘city of night-mayors’

Martin Crowe doesn’t mince words, and particularly relevant with the refusal of Len Brown to do the right thing, repeatedly refusing to answer questions about whether or not there are any others on Firstline this morning.

I would have thought such a question required only a yes or no answer…not “its a private matter”…that means yes. No wonder we think our mayors are night-mayors.

He said Marlborough had a “cool” mayor after an introduction by Mayor Alistair Sowman. ?

“We Aucklanders aren’t used to that,” he said.

“We come from a city of night-mayors.”

Mr Crowe read a passage from his autobiography, Raw, released in June. He blamed his cancer on a life of stress, anger and fear.

By the age of 32 he was wiped out mentally, emotionally and physically, and by the age of 50 he was on death’s door, he said.

We certainly have a night-mayor in the Town Hall at the moment.