Coddington on the sexism in the Brown affair

It is no secret that Deborah Coddington hates my guts…she called ma a c**t on Twitter last night. However she has a good piece in the Herald On Sunday about the aphrodisiac of power.

When Henry Kissinger said power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, I doubt he was referring to women politicians.

I’ve had to go back to Catherine the Great to find a woman at the top prepared to risk losing all for the dubious thrill of a roll in the hay.

Len Brown’s no stud muffin and young, sexy Bevan Chuang admitted she only got loved up for two years because he’s Auckland’s boss.

There must have been pulling power swirling around Parliament when I was there, judging by the number of male MPs who had to resign because they’ve been caught – not quite in flagrante delicto but before media could make it messy for their parties. But I never noticed this intoxicating aura which turns boring men into lotharios just because they’ve garnered more votes than their rivals.

Here’s the mystery. Why men? Why don’t elected women leaders risk all for a quick naughty? 

Oh they do…perhaps that is why Penny Hulse is supporting Len Brown so strongly.

Can you imagine Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, Julia Gillard, Jenny Shipley, Helen Clark, Cath Tizard, Celia Wade-Brown, Lianne Dalziel, having got to the top, succumbing to the temptations of an illicit sexual liaison and risking all their hard work? I can hear the sexism already: “Who would want to go to bed with them?”

Such hypocrisy. Many of these women are very attractive

Thos women emasculate men that’s why…to get where they got they had to endure all sorts of outrageous sexism and hurdles. So they simply crushed all opposition.

Now some home truths for Bevan Chuang:

Poor misguided Bevan Chuang was seeking power by association. And she made two dreadful mistakes: thinking she’d get it, then going public. To paraphrase, those whom the gods wish to destroy, first they make famous.

Not that she’s the victim she says she is, and as some women who should know better are claiming. Women like this let the side down. And women who take her side and call her a victim – by implication, the defenceless, exploited female of the species – take feminism back a few decades.

Chuang is 32, hardly a teenager. Chuang chose to stand in the local elections – she wanted to represent and be paid by voters. She can’t have it both ways. She either wants to tell people what to do, or be told what to do.

Little did she know that the man she had the relationship with, that told her he loved her, doesn’t and aided and abetted the media in throwing her under the bus. The huge joke…is that in claiming she felt manipulated politically she has now recruited Hamish Price to further manipulate her.

If Brown flirted with Chuang as she alleges, she had the oldest weapon in the book to defend herself – just say no. But then having said yes, and yes for two years, she could have said no when approached to tell her story to the public. But she chose not only to kiss and tell but to denigrate her former lover’s sexual prowess, the ultimate betrayal.

She said she felt like a prostitute and got nothing, but professional sex workers don’t betray clients.

Precisely…I tell politicians if you are going to root to go see a hooker.

Perhaps I’m wrong. Maybe men do get turned on by women in positions of extreme power. But they’d be special men – not your Len Browns, boosting their egos with women nearly half their age. Men like Brown are threatened by powerful women. They have opinions. They’re stroppy. They’d buy their own lingerie and perfume. They certainly wouldn’t take being called racist names.

Powerful women make mistakes too, but when that occurs real men stand beside them. They don’t go to ground like Brown.

Touche Mrs Carruthers QC…they also don’t send out the nasties to silence those who speak the truth.


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  • Luke D

    “Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, Julia Gillard, Jenny Shipley, Helen Clark, Cath Tizard, Celia Wade-Brown, Lianne Dalziel”

    How is it sexist to say that you wouldn’t go to bed with them?

    • blokeintakapuna

      These woman aren’t exactly the prime examples a red blooded male would find in a FHM or Penthouse magazine… So no wonder not many would want to scruff them in a wild romp.

      Not saying I’m sexist either… And as an example, if my dinner isn’t cooked, ready and presented on the dinner table sharply at 7pm by the misses… I’ll wait.

      • Col

        But woman on woman?

        • blokeintakapuna

          Dear Santa,

          This year I have 2 stockings hanging…

      • Annie218

        Oh please!!!! There aren’t many men in power positions an intelligent woman would want wished on them. I mean really, two minute Len! Now George Clooney, he’d be another matter.

        On a more serious note how can people be sucked in with the PR spin as Len runs for cover that “the woman is to blame, not poor defenseless Len”. Is Auckland really so gullible? The man continued an affair over two years and only got worried when he thought it might be made public. If there’s nothing wrong with an affair why not be open about it from the start – tell your wife – let her make a choice!

    • blairmulholland

      If you’ve ever seen photos of Margaret Thatcher from the 1950s, she is drop-dead gorgeous. Even when she was PM she exuded a certain sexuality. I would have hit it :-P

      Even Hillary in her younger years was not too bad looking in a kind of bookish hippie sort of way. Unfortunately, she hasn’t aged well. Maybe after a few beers.

      The rest of them I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

      • Col

        Yes that is very true she was a bloody good looking chick, she must have broken a few hearts in her time, plus shattered some balls in the House.

      • Yes but we know that you’d hit anything Blair…

        • blairmulholland

          To my shame, I’ve developed standards remarkably late in life. I’m a kept man these days, but even if I wasn’t, you couldn’t tempt me with any of those women.

      • OhopeBeachBugger

        Margaret Thatcher. What a woman.

    • Magoo

      Does Helen Clark count as a woman? That’s taking things a bit far in my opinion.

      • Hazards001

        She was fucking someone but it sure as hell wasn’t her husband.

        • Dave

          Now Hazards, I have always enjoyed your posts, but an error perhaps. Surely not “Someone” rather Something. “It, or the object” must have been mindless.

      • cows4me

        Hush, have you no feelings, sir Cullen will be heartbroken, you’re talking about the love of his life.

  • Toryboy

    I think Mrs Coddington’s article is hilarious, especially some of the women she mentions.
    Far from it being “who would want to go to bed with them” it is more a case of “how little you know, Deborah” haha!
    I wonder what MR Dalziel is up to these days? and who can forget Vince Foster?

  • Any woman in Bevans’ position would be faced with one simple question …
    “Will this affect my job/career”

    Regardless of how she responded, it’s that question which highlights Browns’ misuse of his power/position.

  • I think debcod had a few too many wines last night, that seemed to become more evident as the night went on. If it’s in you to call someone a cunt in public, why spell it “c**t”?

    Is it not rather hypocritical to call someone a cunt but sensor it because ‘oh I’m far too decent to say words of that nature in public’ despite the fact you’ve just called someone that?

    Silly drunk bint.

    • James Howlett

      “If it’s in you to call someone a cunt in public, why spell it “c**t” – Too drunk, forgot correct spelling? Much like Aussies spelling beer: XXXX?

      • Dave

        Now James, a little education. Its known as, and spelt XXXX so those from the southern isles (Tassie) can pronounce and spell it, it also helps the Kiwis to spell it as well.

        • Nonsense, we can spell it. *SHIT*

          • Dave

            Travis, its not drunk much by the locals, we have good brews for that. Its mostly sold interstate and to visitors!

  • Pita

    Christine Lagarde…woof!

  • Cowgirl

    This is really interesting that all of a sudden I’ve seen Hamish Price’s name 3 times in connection with this story today. He’s made no secret of his seemingly personal vendetta against Wewege and all things Palino in the past. The thot plickens.

    • Exactly…and his claims of not knowing all the telephones numbers of those concerned…but now miraculously turns up beside Bevan Chuang…well…

      • Bad__Cat

        Another question arises: If Bevan Chuang is talking exclusively to the Herald, how much are they paying her?

        • Dave

          To keep her from talking to WO, or to try to discredit WO, they would pay millions. They know they are seriously behind here, and will stop at nothing to succeed in their grubby little campaign.

          Probably time to write to all major shareholders and tell them how their investment is being treated by their senior team. I just cant find the unions and labour party ownership listed.

      • Cowgirl

        Man I’d so love that guy get busted for something.

  • Col

    Well if you think that’s good reading I find it about a week late, Deborah seems to have a lack of knowledge of the real world, she knows very little. Next please!!!

  • timemagazine

    Both are adults and both did wrong. Nevertheless Bevan never parroted of being a person of deep family and religious values like LB. Further more she will never represent the people of Auckland in an official capacity. I wonder how on earth will LB be capable of looking in the eyes foreign dignitaries and shake hands with them.
    Talking about insulting Cam, there is nothing new under the sun with left wing activists, that are hiding their activism under the cloak of journalism. They just can’t stand it, when their people are exposed. Just weaklings.

  • Patrick

    Any man that admitted he could get a boner over most on Coddington’s list should be subjected to scientific examination, it is just not physically or physiologically possible, an ingrown would be the more likely outcome.

    • Phar Lap

      I agree.I wouldn’t even use Len Brown’s two incher on them.

  • Antony

    If this article the lady wrote was so good then why are you being all cunty about it then? Everything you put in open ended quotation marks seems very real and honest and lays blame at both parties feet and certainly doesn’t seem the thing to be be-headed over so why the snark?

  • LesleyNZ

    How low of Deborah Coddington to say that in tweet. It is impossible to be one in any case. From what I saw last, Cameron is a male. What has happened to decent and respectable journalists? Can say the same about some politicians too!

    It is Sunday today……………. so…………….
    “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” Matthew 12:34

  • Phar Lap

    Seems Deborah Coddington in another life was known as an alleged “anybodies”.

    • Cadwallader

      Mmmmhh! She is certainly deep within the infatuation of herself. This is not a feminist issue not is it a beauty contest, it is an ugly contest. How ugly can a Mayor and his loyalists (how many there?) behave to distract the msm from the lack of judgment he has displayed?

  • Whafe

    Have to say, at least Deb Coddington is not out there openly defending No Shame Len Brown like the vast majority of twisted inside out lefty media peeps….

  • botti

    ***Here’s the mystery. Why men? Why don’t elected women leaders risk all for a quick naughty? ***

    Deborah Coddington needs to read some basic evolutionary psychology. There is a greater reproductive pay-off for men to seek multiple partners. Women there is greater reproductive pay-off in having a reliable partner with resources for her and her offspring.

  • metalnwood

    Does Len brown pass the ironman test?

    When captain America asked ironman what he was without his suit he said just a billionaire playboy philanthropist.

    What is Len brown without being mayor?? Of course she was attracted to the power, he ain’t no playboy without it. He fails the ironman test.

  • Peej

    Which person (or people) sent out which nasties to silence whom?