Here they come…

Australia has clamped down on boat people, turning them away by force…now they appear to b coming for us.

Audrey Young reports from the NZ Herald.

People-smugglers in Indonesia are promoting a passage to New Zealand in shipping containers for up to $17,000 a person and are describing it to would-be customers as “the cruise ship option”, an Australian news investigation has found.

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse warns anyone contemplating the trip: “Don’t come.”

He says a law passed in June for mass arrivals means New Zealand is prepared if any do.  

Sydney Morning Herald investigation involving secret recordings of people-smugglers reveals that New Zealand is being promoted as a better option than Australia. The smugglers tell asylum seekers they can get permanent residency here after 45 days, and bring their family.

Mr Woodhouse said the report showed “not only are these smugglers heinous criminals, they are also liars”.

Australia has stepped up its crackdown on boats attempting the journey and all asylum seekers are sent to Papua New Guinea or Nauru.

The SMH reported sources in West Java, Indonesia, as saying people-smugglers were increasingly desperate for customers. About a dozen remained active.

It will be difficult to get here…and through some of the nastiest waters in the world. But people smugglers don’t care, they have already got their money.

The sad thing is people are going to die.


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  • Toryboy

    Although knowing SOME people I always vote for as well as I do – don’t be surprised if, after a load of boat people arriving on a Far North beach get here, the following happens;

    1. A certain Prime Minister wanders around the Beehive saying “eeekkk I don’t want everyone to think I am an a***hole and never get invited back to one of Obama’s cocktail parties”

    Which leads to –

    1. Residency after 45 days
    2. Their families are brought here within 3 months
    3. They are given state houses
    4. They are given benefits for life
    5. Guess who pays for it all?
    6. Those who object to paying for it all are attacked as cruel and heartless

    • Dave

      NZ does not need boat people, they already have a lot of people who came by boat but are now incorrectly known as indigenous, and continue to suck the country dry as ALL your points above ToryBoy!

      • blairmulholland

        We should initiate a Maoris for migrants scheme where for every Indonesian that wants to come here and work hard, we swap them out with one of the Hokianga’s finest….

        • Dave

          Brilliant scheme, return them to close from their ancestral lands, temperate, fresh seafood and coconuts are abundant. Best of all, no National Government or state housing for them to moan about.

        • unitedtribes

          Cant do that its not PC. Should exchange for Picko’s instead

    • Peej

      If they arrive in the far north maybe they’ll think that Hone is their MP. Would it be irreverent to think that in that case they’d be leaping in the water and swimming back home again?

  • philbest

    All the boat people need to do is reasonably arm themselves and the NZ defence forces, such as they are, would be incapable of stopping them…….

  • Patrick

    But, but, Gillard, Rudd & Aussie’s commie Green’s said Abbotts plan wouldn’t work.
    Looks pretty successful if the smugglers next strategy is lock the economic migrants in shipping containers & send them to NZ.
    So all we have to do is ship them back like Abbott is doing. Only take the first few boatloads arriving back at their point of departure for the message to get through.
    But the hand wringers, the do gooders & all those morally bankrupt lefties will fight tooth & nail to keep them in NZ because they can see the votes for the lefties. Never mind the probability people will die at sea, as long as enough get through & vote Labour.
    Longer term the country will be beset with a group claiming discrimination, demanding “their rights” campaigning to change laws to suit them. Campbell will love it, “pimping the poor” Simon Collins will love it, a whole tranche of new material to work with.
    Take a look at the results of Blair’s immigration strategies in the UK, take a look at places like Luton, Bradford, even Hastings which now records high incidences of male on male rapes by Kosovan migrants & then decide whether accepting people that don’t want to come to NZ is really the right thing to do.
    These people don’t want to become Kiwis, they just want to go somewhere better than where they are now.

    • thor42

      Agreed, Patrick. Spot-on.

      I would also point to Sweden where the rape rate has gone sky-high with the massive Muslim immigration there.

      • thehawkreturns

        too right! The incidence of rape in Sweden EXACTLY matches the number of Muslims.

  • peterwn

    Perhaps there could be merit in supporting Greenpeace’s shark fin campaign – more sharks to deter them.

  • Chancey

    I know this is going to be unpopular BUT everybody has to be somewhere

    if by chance we were born into conditions that heinous we would risk such a voyage for ourselves and our family we may think very differently

    • thor42

      Yes, everybody has to be somewhere, but if we take these people in, ALL we are doing is keeping the *bastard* people-smugglers afloat. The last thing they need is encouragement.

      • Chancey

        agreed, but if it happens I hope we can manage the situation with a bit more humanity than Australia

        • Dick Brown

          I like you Chancey

        • williamabong

          Send them back as deck cargo on a submarine, and Brown Dick can go with so he can sing them a lullaby and all hold hands.

          • Bunswalla

            I didn’t know Kumbaya was a lullaby, but yeah, I guess it could be.

    • Patrick

      The answer is for the likes of the UN to get off their arses, stop back slapping each other for solving world hunger, climate change etc etc & actually start improving the lives of the people in the countries they are so hell bent on escaping. Get rid of the despot dictators, the corrupt regimes, start getting the citizens of these countries into work, growing the necessary food, making the necessary products, building the necessary houses.
      But the corrupt pricks that gorge themselves at the UN trough don’t really want to solve the problems do they?

      • cows4me

        Why would the UN wish to do that Patrick? They don’t give a fat rats arse about despot dictators or corrupt regimes. They want the west swamped with hungry, lawless immigrants. The grand plan is of course to bring on the downfall of the western world and introduce a communist one world government ( agenda 21). Just look at what one of their sock puppets is planning for the USA. Immigration reform is the next great problem the messiah is going to tackle. Reform my arse, open the borders to all comers and hopefully they will topple the whole system.

        • Chancey

          and the master stroke is of course the TPP, that is the end of our sovereignty in the same way that european nations lost their sovereignty to the EU. I hope Abbot is going to tell Obama to fuck his military off out of OZ because the US definitely has its eye on occupying the pacific next

          • Bunswalla

            Um, I think you may have read one too many Tom Clancy novels. End of our sovereignty? Explain.

          • Chancey

            i dont have much time for non fiction Zeb Brezinszki (advisor to the last 5 US presidents is informing, however i always try to read many opposing views)

            well heres a local example from a couple of years ago, you can find the comments on collins – regarding lowering alcohol rates in RTDs. She says can’t because it will contravene our trade agreements – to me that was a chilling statement – that is the mechanism of control. TPP is this on steroids it is designed for control of our government disguised as trade agreement (exactly the same as the EU – hows that working for them?)

            of course it is hard to validate this as nobody is allowed to read the docs – let the sun shine in

          • cows4me

            Many of these agreements give huge powers to large corporates and these corporates will have the ability to overrule NZ sovereign law. An example. NZ may not want to plant GM seeds, Monsanto would basically have the law on it’s side and could force farmers to use GM seed.

          • Chancey

            they can also sue our government for objecting

            “Confessions of an economic hitman”

            worse than that under food laws it wont be labelled – we will all be eating the shite the americans love so much – how about no honey in your honey

          • cows4me

            Why kick in the front door when you can get the damn fools to sign away their souls. No this TPP is dodgy and like many of the agreements signed up in secret you can be pretty sure there’s some bad shit in there. Fuck if the average Joe has to sign any official government papers these days it’s usually in blood and you could have a three course meal while doing it, would be nice if they extended us the same honour but i shan’t hold my breath.

          • cows4me

            I fear you may well be right concerning the TPP Chancey. Like Nancy says “you have to sign it to see what’s in it”. There are to many of these type of agreements that we have no say in whatsoever, it’s not right. Of course those pushing TPP cite commercial sensitivity and other such horseshit. Yeah we’ve be sold a dog again.

          • Chancey

            its the big dog

          • cows4me

            Oh yeah.

        • Chancey

          UN; Agenda 21; Codex Alimentarius; TPP

          I have verified talk against documentation on UN websites; and of course we are seeing it start to happen though our food standards partnership with aus. TPP brings Codex Alimentarius home to good old Kiwi land. 5 minutes of your time to hear this lady.

    • Dick Brown

      Chancey you legend; no shame in thinking that way at all, the world needs more empathy and open-mindedness to new, exciting economic opportunities.

      My feelings on this appalling policy are well known around here and I have the downvotes to prove it.

      All refugees need to be accepted; it matters not the method of arrival; desperation calls for desperate measures and I doubt anyone here has had to go through what they have in their home country.

      Governments need to safely facilitate arrivals end of story; it is both a moral and arguably legal obligation.

      There are opportunities abound in welcoming in refugees; both economic and cultural.

      • thor42

        “All refugees need to be accepted.”

        Tell that to the residents of Malmo (Sweden), or indeed to the rest of Sweden, where the rape rate has gone up massively due to the huge influx of immigrants – almost all Muslims.

        Tell it to anyone anywhere in Europe that has had massive immigration.

        Tell it to Australia (which now has bikie gangs made up of recent immigrants there).

        • Dick Brown

          Sorry thor42 but I debunked that myth already today. It’s in my history.

          There is no rape crisis in Sweden.

          • thor42

            Your proof?

          • Dick Brown

            Well, first things first; Sweden’s murder rate in 2012 was lower than all 50 states in the US and most other countries in the world and is the lowest in Swedish history.

            Hardly the den of Islamic violence some media outlets portray it to be.

            No onto the rapes. Sweden changed its sexual violence laws in 2005; primarily in the way they are reported. For example; in all other western democracies if you rape your spouse over a year you will receive one representative charge of rape.

            In Sweden it has been changed; every rape is considered an individual event so that means if you have been raped by your spouse over a year you will be charged with 365 individual counts of rape.

            As you can imagine this has skewered statistics out the ass and has been noticed by the BBC. source:

            there are other reasons as well; – The rate of reporting rapes in Sweden is very high and many reported rapes in Sweden are false reports caused by the extreme racism there.

            So I’ve debunked the myth of increased rapes in Sweden so I don’t even need to address the Islamic aspect of it.


          • thor42

            I’m well aware of that law change.
            We agree to disagree.

          • Bunswalla

            The “rape”case brought against Julian Assange is a good case in point. He had consensual sex with two women, a couple of days apart. Neither knew of the other, but when the first one discovered Assange had made the beast with two backs with another hanger-on, she laid a case of rape.

            Her own account said they had consensual sex and fell asleep in bed. In the morning he’d woken up with a morning glory and slipped her a Lenny Brown special. Her “rape” case is for that encounter when she said he didn’t actually ask her if he could root her again in the morning. I wouldn’t call that rape, but it counts in their statistics.

        • Chancey

          the ill conceived communist european union; the elite of the nations who lined their pockets by joining; NATO for freeing the shit out of the self contained non petro dollar muslim countries; the US corporate facist regime who should just stay home – these are the trouble makers, without such an unconscionable imperalism the followers of islam may have been able to live in their own countries.

          • thor42

            Oh gawd…. so “it’s all the West’s fault”.

            Cry me a river…..
            There must be some nice left-wing university that’ll take you on (if you’re not already there).

            That kind of self-loathing of one’s own cultural background is the kind of attitude that has got Europe and the U.K. into the poo that they’re now in.

          • Chancey

            i dont subscribe to bi partisan politics, its a ruse, nor do i see the worlds as an east west divide, or for that matter divided by religion, i have no use for university, it took me a long time to unlearn what they taught me

            i know it is easier to say i am right, or i am left, then any gap in your knowledge can be conveniently covered by simply toeing the party line, i prefer to believe nothing, read widely and be ready to change my opinions when presented with a higher truth – your last comment has not moved me at all

          • thor42

            “…your last comment has not moved me at all.”

            And yours have not moved me either.

            Did you read that case-study I posted, or would that be too much of a jolt to your sensibilities….?

          • Chancey

            yes you too – if you ever get bored in your bubble try reading a book

          • thor42

            Oh, I’ve read *many* books – the Koran included. Have *you* read the Koran?

            It’s the most violent (and yet the most tedious) book in the world.

            Here you go –

            Keep in mind that all of the so-called “good” verses that you will come across have been abrogated by later (violent) verses, as explained here –

          • Chancey

            I confess I have not, however the torah and the bible have some pretty violent stuff in them too. The fact is most people are if they are living in a peaceful nation are happy to worship the symbolism of their religions, and respect their own families and community.

          • Roland

            Islam is not a Religion

          • Chancey

            then what might it be pray tell???

          • Roland
          • Chancey

            opps i misposted my response to you – above

          • Chancey

            i accept that, just as i accept zionism is not judaism, and catholicism is not christianity, and christianity is not what it seems either. This is a deep and metaphysical subject which cannot be treated at surface level.

            However my point in this discussion is that i no more think that muslims are bad people any more than i think that jews are bad people, or christians are bad people.

            As i said earlier most want simply to live their life harmoniously with their family and community, worshipping the symbols of their belief if they choose so to do.

            For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

        • Dick Brown

          Nice edit, ok; let’s look at the Islamic bikie threat.

          There is none; no crimes were outlined supposedly committed by this group featured in the headline. Lawyers, family, businesses; they all deal with the Bandidos bikie gang on a daily basis and no one cries about that.

          I bet some WO members are Ulysses club members as well; they have some pretty colourful members; mostly white; some have serious criminal convictions, some are current criminals.

          Hardly the stuff to rush to the Bible and lament how the Presbyterians are roaring around on Harleys usurping the lives of New Zealanders.

          While we are discussing ‘disgusting foreign influence’, let’s look at the National Action Party of Australia; a hive of neo-nazi’s that embraces the ‘European way’ to the letter.


        • WABloke
      • Toryboy

        They need to be accepted?
        These Muslim people advocate – enforced by violence and murder – the following;

        1. No booze
        2. No dogs
        3. Islam being the State
        4. No women drivers
        5. Amputation of hands
        6. No books
        7. No music
        8. No dancing
        9. No fun of any sort
        10. No women in the workforce
        11. No movies
        12. No theatre
        13. No art
        14. You see the trend emerging here?

        So please tell us Dick Brown which of these need to be ‘accepted’? which of those should be first on the agenda?

        • Toryboy

          It has been 13 minutes – deafening silence from Dick Brown.

          Ever notice how that happens when people are challenged to “put up or shut up” and have to justify the nonsense they spout? haha!

          • thor42


            There is a lot of talk about “empathy” from D.B., but “empathy” is a *two-way street*. The thing is – Muslims don’t give a toss about our laws because they are “man-made” laws – not shari’a (which they believe is the only valid law, since they think it is from Allah). It’s *true*. That is also the same reason that they view democracy as un-Islamic – because it is a man-made (and worse, an infidel-made) thing.

          • Toryboy

            If he believed a single word of the rubbish he spouts he would be able to justify what he said. He doesn’t (of course) so he can’t (of course) – but by god he is quick to name call, quick to claim he is better than everyone else.

          • Ronnie Chow

            Then make NZ secular and ban hate speech .Their are kiwi muslims going around collecting funds to go fight in Afganistan and Syria right now . Their patriotism lies with their home country , as it dies with first generation Chinese from the mainland , Somalis can only marry Somalis .
            We started in bringing In unqualified dummies from the PACIFIC and now it’s dummies from all over the world

            We need to bring in highly skilled workers with capital. , with sponsored jobs and basic accommodation . Let’s get the country rolling , English courses first up , into a trade that produces first world exports based on processed wood , iron ore , processed meet and vegetables . Ban factory farming and export the best we can produce . Kiwi boats for Kiwifishing ground backed by a hefty coastguard to boot , School leaving age fro 17 at the earliest , with a 1to 29 student teacher ratio , trades training for all .

            teaching ration ,

          • Dick Brown

            Hello Toryboy, I have explained previously that I have third world internet and there are gaps when I cannot respond.

            In 13 minutes you could have achieved a lot of housework or even inquired into making a donation to some third world charity.

            Either way; keeping track of my posting performance kind of says more about you than me.

            Just settle down and chill brother; I’ll get there eventually.

        • Dick Brown

          Crazy question here Toryboy..

          But the fact they are fleeing those things just MAY be one of the reasons they are here?

          • Toryboy

            Oh stop trying to weasel out of it; I gave you more than a dozen basic things about day to day Muslim life and asked you to tell me which we should adopt first – so please do so..

          • Dick Brown

            You can adopt any one you like Toryboy; I won’t be adopting any of them.

          • Toryboy

            Aha! I knew you would weasel out of it; the moment socialists are brought face to face with the nonsense they spout they chicken out – no strength of convictions; spineless.

          • Dick Brown

            How am I chickening out?

            What evidence have you got that wholesale immigration of a different religion in any European country has resulted in the implication of Islamic laws that cover the entire community.

            I’ll answer it for you; none.

            What sort of thought processes are there that gives people the impression that these people are going to affect the way you, me or anyone else is going to worship or use religious laws to dictate life; besides murder and thieving.

            I’ll answer that for you; close-mindedness.

            The trouble with you Toryboy is that you have no capacity for reasoned and intelligent discussion because you don’t accept new ideas.

            Then you resort to making non sequiter points then pronounce victory because I don’t recognise them as such.

            That’s fine; you make that notch in your imaginary bedpost; another win for Toryboy YEAAAHHH!

          • Roland

            Bullshit, my partner of 9 years is Balinese, the Muslim imports, mostly from Malysia are currently trying to ban Bikinis on the beaches from Kuta and North thru to Gilimanuk. Dont get me wrong, I have a lot of Muslim friends there who are very moderate but it seems like the imports are really stirring the ‘pot’, the same ones involved in the bombings that tried to cripple the peace loving Hindus economy. A very fragile balance between ‘imports’ I would say

          • Dick Brown

            Have they succeeded?

            And also Indonesia is the largest muslim country in the world

          • Ronnie Chow

            They are missionaries nonetheless . Time-honored trading in the west for influence .Know that we know all religion is propaganda to gain power (LOOK HOW THE SAUDI ELITE LIVE) , propaganda has become the modus-operandi of all movements . Psychology is analyzed to the death to suck in the weak .

          • WABloke

            So why, if they are keen to escape those things, do they bring so much ‘baggage’?

          • Dick Brown

            I don’t know what you are referring to when you say baggage.

            If it’s their religious beliefs then I don’t view that as baggage; NZ accepts all faiths and always has in its history.

            If it’s the trauma of war then that’s hardly their fault, indeed, it’s a major reason why refugee status is what it is.

            If it’s the crime some of them commit then in fact they are setting a shining example; asian immigration has been huge and most of them aren’t Christians nor Islamic but they are under-represented in crime statistics and I’d wager refugees of Islamic nations are just the same.

          • WABloke

            I could be referring to their wives and children…..however I was thinking more along the lines of their insistence to do things ‘the old way’ or ‘the way we do it at home’ etc etc ad infinitum. If they want to have a new life they should embrace the way things are done in their new home and stfu.

          • Dick Brown

            I am of the belief that we must allow them to make themselves comfortable in their new country within reason of course; this extends to total religious freedom and that includes building mosques and living the way their religion tells them too.

            This is NO different to when the British landed her and began building churches, roads, railways.

            The first europeans here and the 10 pound poms did not ’embrace’ the Maori way upon arrival so why on earth should we shift the goalposts now?

          • WABloke

            They can worship whatever/whoever they like, no problems, but when they get all up-tight and carry placards proclaiming that people who do not worship what/who they do are ‘infidels’ and should be put to death (the favourite method appears to be beheading) then they can suck my knob.

            The first Europeans might not have embraced ‘the Maori way’ but the reverse is certainly true. Maori took to drinking, smoking, pimping whores and so on rather well. Early days in Russell, for example, weren’t all beer and skittles. Also, while we’re on the subject of embracing the ways of others…what did the Maori do to the Moriori way? Or indeed, according to the book entitled “This Horrid Practice” what did they do to their own people?

            We could roll back the pages of time for hours but I was thinking in the ‘now’ and a lot of these (so-called) ‘boat people’ are not refugees but queue jumpers and/or criminals in their homelands. Fact.

            Australian authorities have outed some of those who are guilty of murder and rape hiding under the guise of ‘refugee’. Refugee from the law perhaps. I don’t blame the vast majority for wanting a better life in another country but there are proper channels to go through. Also, a recent survey showed that something like 89%of Afghan immigrants were still unemployed and over 90% of some other group who I can’t recall were in the same crate. Why should they look for work when they are handed a benefit, clothing and a house? Try being a kiwi in Oz, you get handed nothing.

            I can see why Ozzie workers get upset at all this, you only have to spend five minutes on Google to see that thousands of jobs are being nabbed by these people because they roll into town on the sob story bandwagon. People feel sorry for them, which is fine, but charity begins at home.

          • Dick Brown

            You certainly take a selective view on history WAbloke and I don’t agree with your rather more fundamentalist views on what the present situation is.

            For every story about the dreaded wogs or the deadly islamic hordes I can find one for sneaky whitey and evil catholicism.

            One thing you can’t deny is the near genocide of Maori from smallpox brought here by the filthy Euros.

            Hardly a basis for a proud indigenous race to flock to colonialism is it?

          • WABloke

            Perhaps the “filthy Euros” as you put it should have let Maori destroy themselves through in-fighting and cannibalism. And let’s not forget that it was Maori who invited the “filthy Euros” to head to NZ and install some law and order. Fact.

          • Dick Brown

            Except they weren’t killing themselves and eating themselves to destruction.

            From the Encyclopedia of NZ link:

            “Evidence suggests that Māori life expectancy at the time of Captain James Cook’s visits to New Zealand (between 1769 and 1777) was higher than that in Britain, and similar to some of the most privileged 18th-century societies. Māori may have had a life expectancy at birth of more than 30, compared with less than 30 for people in Britain. After European contact, however, there was a major decline in Māori life expectancy. By 1891 the estimated life expectancy of Māori men was 25 and that of women was just 23.”

            So you are talking nonsense.

          • WABloke

            I think you need to read some history old bean.

          • WABloke

            In October 1771, Marion du Fresne set out from France to explore the South Pacific with two ships, the Mascarin and the Marquis de Castries, a 16-gun war ship. After leaving Tasmania, he sighted Mount Egmont/Taranaki on the 25 March 1772. While trying to locate fresh water he found the natives were hostile and with a storm approaching, decided to travel North to the Bay of Islands. In an encounter with the natives, one of his crew was pieced in the leg by a spear.
            He landed at Kororareka (now Russell) in the Bay of Islands and became friendly with the Ngare Raumati tribe. Here he stayed for five weeks repairing his ships, gathering spars and trading with the natives. All went well until du Fresne broke tapu by fishing in a bay that a group of Ngare Raumati had been drowned a few years earlier. While he was warned of the tapu, he took no notice and the natives killed him and his party of 24.
            As the ships had not been fully repaired and there were still spars to be collected, a party went ashore and drove off the tribe, killing 250 of them in the process and torching their village. A few years later Ngare Raumati was overrun by Napuhi and no longer exists.
            In 1831, it was rumoured that the French naval vessel La Favourite intended to annex New Zealand to France in retaliation for the killings of Marion du Fresne and 24 of his crew. The natives decided to place a British flag on the mission flagstaff, reasoning if the French torn it down, the Missionaries would appeal to Britain for protection.
            There was also a threat from a Baron du Theiry to declare French Sovereignty over New Zealand. He had purchased a large area of land at Hokianga and it was rumoured he had summonsed a French war ship to enforce his sovereignty as well as body guards of Tahitian trained natives to sustain it. The French government had also expressed interest to appoint du Theiry to the Office of French Consul to New Zealand.
            It also became known, Ngati Toa of Kapiti had conspired with the Captain of the Elizabeth to raid and kill members of Ngai Tahu tribe of the South Island. They avoided punishment due to the uncertainties regarding British subjects in New Zealand. Northern Maoris were disturbed by the alliance of the Maoris and the British forces, fearing it could set a precedence for the now armed southern tribes Ngapuhi had slaughtered over the last ten years, killing an estimated 60,000 of their fellow country men for the fun of it and an easy meal.
            After this, 13 powerful northern chiefs sent a letter to the King in Britain asking him to become their friend and protector of these islands.

          • Dick Brown

            Er, yes?

            I’m confused. What?

        • cows4me

          Don’t forget you have to wipe your arse with you left hand, that’s a good one.

      • Ronnie Chow

        “I doubt anyone here has had to go through what they have in their home country.”
        Are you kidding me ? There’s bums all over the place in NZ , dirty smelly useless , unemployable butt pickers . What they are going through is hell , with no way out . It’s either booze or white bread .
        The welfare system here is easily gamed by refugees , with money to start businesses , subsidized housing , subsidized staff , subsidized taxis , nothing of which our own bums get a penny .
        Not to mention a raft of other benefits and support groups abound. Be a christian and it’s even better . At one stage refugees were even paid in US$ equivalents .

    • tspoon

      A point to ask about is why things are that way in those places. Unless there’s something in the water or food, those places are that way because those people are that way.
      Most people are not contemplating emigrating to Indonesia, why then should we countenance importing Indonesia (as an example) here? Examined closely, the failure of multi-culturalist proponents to move to Somalia and get their fill of ‘vibrancy’, should tell you everything you need to know. There really is the most unbelievable failure to recognise simple cause and effect when people ponder why places are the way they are, and what would occur if enough of those people came here.
      In contrast, even cherry picking the best of people from other countries to live here denies those countries a valuable resource that could over time improve things for every one there.

      • Chancey

        imho things are like that because their resources are coveted and those that covet just lurve to destabilise the population by means of control. in third world countries this is done by covert means, wars and bribing the leaders, in europe it has been done by off the scale theft of wealth and sovereignty by the EU and corporate banks, in the US by similar means and NAFTA, and moving their manufacturing base to china and feeding the population HFCS and game shows, and down here we are looking forward to trade sanctions under the TPP- its a plan that has been declared and operated over hundreds of years – piracy, nazism and imperialism never stopped – it just changed its hat – therefore I see no reason to despise the victims, just as we would have been victims in the same circumstances

        there but for the grace of god go i

        • tspoon

          The fact that those people can amass 17k each should be enough to tip you off that these people are not victims of very much. In fact that level of wealth in those countries probably qualifies them as being part of the class perpetuating such conditions, if you’re inclined to that mode of thought, which it appears you are. If so, their style of entrepreneurial activity is not one I want to see in this country, assuming they intend to support themselves.
          My own view is that letting those people settle here doesn’t materially reduce suffering in their country of origin, and in addition will also cause problems here, of the exact nature of the problems in said country of origin. The only ‘winners’ would be some people who would probably successfully manage to work their way into the long list of people already mooching off the tax payer.

          • Chancey

            perhaps you’re right a very well researched argument free from prejudice and assumption always gets me thinking

            would you like to join me in lobbying to get rid of all “those people” who are already here

            that is sarcasm btw

      • Ronnie Chow

        Like the shortage of doctors in Sri Lanka , for example .

    • Ronnie Chow

      Trouble is there’s billions .

    • Bad__Cat

      Good argument! For more details Google “lebensraum”.

    • Bad__Cat

      It’s ideal for immigrants to go to countries that have a high standard of living, similar language and similar culture.

      So we can help most of these migrants by forwarding them, free of charge, to the country of their choice such as:
      Saudi Arabia
      United Arab Emirates

      Quite logical.

  • thor42

    How on EARTH can someone who can pony up **17 grand** be called an “asylum-seeker”? That is utter *bullshit*.

    The bastards are illegal immigrants – nothing more.

    I’ll BET we turn out to be a “soft touch”. All they have to do is to make it here. The time taken to do the bureaucratic BS will take care of the rest, and then they will bring their families. I’ll bet you will see lots of “families” with “20 brothers” and “20 sisters” .

    • Patrick

      The answer to that is easy, make the shipping company responsible in much the same way that airlines are supposed to be. If they turn up in NZ on a boat then they remain the responsibility of the shipping company to move them on when the ship leaves.

      • thor42

        Very good idea, Patrick!

        Simple, easy to understand and fair.

      • williamabong

        And in the same container they travelled here in, after all they had no issues riding here in it.

      • Ronnie Chow

        Only a few containers get x-rayed on arrival . To x-ray every container on departure is logistically impossible at present .

        • Patrick

          Ronnie, the fact that the shipping companies do not scan the containers should not become the problem of the NZ taxpayer, like I said if a ship arrives in NZ waters with illegal passengers then the responsibility lies with the shipping company to repatriate the economic migrants. No way should it become the responsibility of the NZ taxpayer to house, feed, clothe, educate, support & put up with the social upheaval.
          From what I read my understanding is these people will stay inside the containers from the time of departure until the ship enters international waters, they will then either be allowed out by seamen that have been paid off or will have enough tools to set themselves free. They would die otherwise probably from dehydration. Therefore the captain would be aware of the presence & would be responsible for alerting the country of destination. By the time his ship docks an aircraft can be fuelled ready & waiting (at the shipping company’s expense) to repatriate, or the migrants are locked below deck until the ship departs. Have a look at Dover plenty of container & truck scanning facilities there & if the UN, shipping companies & governments are serious it would not take long to put a stop to these queue jumpers. But they are not serious, far easier to push everyone else’s problems off onto the likes of the NZ & Australian taxpayers, in much the same way the whole of Europe pushes their immigrants onto the UK.

  • Shoreboy57

    Remembering when the PM was ridiculed by MSM and the Left for suggesting the possibility that boat people could try and reach NZ.

    • Roland

      Maybe they have been ridiculed but they haven’t been sitting back, there has been much work in the last 2 or 3 years preparing for this very eventuality

      • Ronnie Chow

        Do you mean the 15 new fast patrol boats on order ? Or have they purchased a campground and some tents ? Either way we ain’t ready .

  • Phar Lap

    The NZ Green Taleban love illegal immigrants.Where or how they arrive either in Australia or potentially NZ.The largest supporters in Australia?One guess, Commie Green Party.

  • thor42

    What really concerns me is that I emailed Woodhouse on exactly this issue, and in his reply he *didn’t mention* turning back people coming here.

    His reply was all about “mass arrivals”. Well, what about the “ones and twos” or the groups of 9 or 10? *They* will get a free pass here because they’re not in a “mass arrival”.

  • James Growley

    What we need here is to set up a covert operation at the point of departure and arrange for these containers to be loaded on a ship bound for China or Russia. FFS, we have enough mongrels in this country already without this.

  • thor42

    John Key would be “PM for life” if he stepped up and said that *anyone* arriving here illegally would be sent back to where they came from (just as Australia does).

    That is *all* he has to do to get a big lift in the polls.

    Just *do it*, John.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Pitcairn Island for the processing ?

  • thor42

    We can only hope that the Aussies are “onto it” with their crackdown on the people-smugglers. The more Aussies who are in Indonesia doing that work, the better (as the Indonesians will be easier to bribe).

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    How on earth do people live, breathe, eat, shit etc for ten days or so, locked in a shipping container?

    When you find the answers , get a couple of hundred of these containers stacked five high next to Jacinda’s place so all her poor bastard Labour mates can buy affordable housing in inner city Auckland.

  • mark14

    It cost my wife and I less than that and that was doing it legally!perhaps these asylum seekers can approach immigrationnz with their qualifications and apply legally oh hang on

    • steve and monique

      Totally agree mark14, if you have 17 grand, then you can afford a plane ticket, do it legally. I know people are talking about how all refugees should be accepted or welcomed and to think of the economics and while I appreciate everyone’s point of view, the reality is that many of them come over and end up in state housing and on welfare benefits and I am failing to see how that can be economically beneficial to us. We already have a so called housing shortage and they are cutting back welfare where they can and the last thing we need is more recipients to this already overstretched welfare system. A few years back in Hamilton, around 800 bank accounts were opened for a group of refugees complete with money in them, not to judge all refugees the same however as I do see a lot of them working, but in all honesty, we are having a hard enough time taking care of our own, and you do have to say enough is enough and we shouldn’t be made to feel like a group of heartless bastards, it’s just basic math, we don’t have the money and that’s that, and don’t get me started on the astronomical cost to our health system if and when they need to receive medical treatment either as a result of travelling conditions or just when they need to go to the hospital for anything, because it all costs unless you fit the criteria. The money has to come from somewhere and it will be the hard working taxpayer yet again,

      • Ronnie Chow

        Europe is turning , Italy is fucked off at being the closest dumping ground , and the socialist agenda is running aground . Put a stop to refugee movements based on a UN quota , and only let in quality people . And strong pretty women .

  • thor42

    These boat-people are *not* as desperate or as badly-off as the MSM would have you believe.

    1 – They have 10K or 17K or so to throw around. Wherever that money comes from – themselves or the Saudis – that is a *shitload* of money in any of the poor countries of the world.

    2 – If they have *that much money*, they could easily go through the usual immigration process. They could easily fly here. The very fact that they don’t says to me that they *know* very well that they would *fail* an immigration assessment – hence them doing things this way.

    As mentioned above, I strongly suspect that the Saudis (and maybe the Taliban) have a hand in all this. It is well known that the Saudis are funding hundreds of mosques in the West. What is a few tens of millions more to them, to hand out to illegal immigrants who will then *further* infest the West with Islam? Such an amount is pocket money to the Saudis.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Not to mention the strong desire of the Saudis to run a gas pipeline through Syria to feed Europe , hence their strong interest in toppling Assad .
      Time to tap our own oil .

  • drummerboy

    Comrade Russel Norman is probably going to lock himself in a container on the grounds of parliament protesting that we let his future voters in….

  • Col

    Won’t work we have heat sensors. The containers will never get on the boat, waste of $9000.00us.